Monday, August 23, 2010

Save the dates

No, not for my wedding, not yet at least. But those dates that I circled in purple, those are the days that will determine my being a qualified Medical Bachelor, Bachelor of Surgery, in short, a Doctor.

We finally got the dates and it seems all so real now. I am anxiously anticipating for those days to come. It's like I love to hate those days, and at the same time, I hate to love them too.

Let me put some details:
-24th Jan 2010: Medicine, Psychology, Paediatric theory paper
-28th Jan 2o1o: Surgery, OBGYN, Orthopedics theory paper
-7th Feb 2010: OSCE
-9th Feb 2010: Bedside examination (3 short cases)
-10th Feb 2010: Bedside examination (1 long case)

Pray for me :)

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