Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wishes to all

the 30 days of pure bliss has come. may all of us endure this blessed month with sincerity, patience, and awareness for the less fortunate.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

i am a plastic bag

we use plastic everyday in almost every single aspect of our lives. and most of us never took the effort to recycle them. the earth is dying due to lack of resources and pollution that is getting more severe day by day. since plastic is the most abundant material that people are just throwing them away without recycling them, i want to educate you guys on how to recycle plastic.

see, take any of your plastic materials, and most of the time you'd see the recycle symbol with a number inside. this indicates that the material is recyclable. it is better if you could separate the plastics according to the number that they are categorized in so that we'll save more time in the recycling process, therefore, there is no need to make new plastics when we can make them from the previous material right?

please, help me save the Earth.

Number 1 Plastics
PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate)
Found in: Soft drink, water and beer bottles; mouthwash bottles; peanut butter containers; salad dressing and vegetable oil containers; ovenable food trays.
Recycling: Picked up through most curbside recycling programs.
Recycled into: Polar fleece, fiber, tote bags, furniture, carpet, paneling, straps, (occasionally) new containers

PET plastic is the most common for single-use bottled beverages, because it is inexpensive, lightweight and easy to recycle. It poses low risk of leaching breakdown products. Recycling rates remain relatively low (around 20%), though the material is in high demand by remanufacturers.

Number 2 Plastics
(high density polyethylene)
Found in: Milk jugs, juice bottles; bleach, detergent and household cleaner bottles; shampoo bottles; some trash and shopping bags; motor oil bottles; butter and yogurt tubs; cereal box liners
Recycling: Picked up through most curbside recycling programs, although some allow only those containers with necks.
Recycled into: Laundry detergent bottles, oil bottles, pens, recycling containers, floor tile, drainage pipe, lumber, benches, doghouses, picnic tables, fencing

HDPE is a versatile plastic with many uses, especially for packaging. It carries low risk of leaching and is readily recyclable into many goods.

Number 3 Plastics
(Vinyl) or PVC
Found in: Window cleaner and detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging, wire jacketing, medical equipment, siding, windows, piping
Recycling: Rarely recycled; accepted by some plastic lumber makers.
Recycled into: Decks, paneling, mudflaps, roadway gutters, flooring, cables, speed bumps, mats

PVC is tough and weathers well, so it is commonly used for piping, siding and similar applications. PVC contains chlorine, so its manufacture can release highly dangerous dioxins. If you must cook with PVC, don't let the plastic touch food. Also never burn PVC, because it releases toxins.

Number 4 Plastics
(low density polyethylene)
Found in: Squeezable bottles; bread, frozen food, dry cleaning and shopping bags; tote bags; clothing; furniture; carpet
Recycling: LDPE is not often recycled through curbside programs, but some communities will accept it. Plastic shopping bags can be returned to many stores for recycling.
Recycled into: Trash can liners and cans, compost bins, shipping envelopes, paneling, lumber, landscaping ties, floor tile

LDPE is a flexible plastic with many applications. Historically it has not been accepted through most American curbside recycling programs, but more and more communities are starting to accept it.

Number 5 Plastics
Found in: Some yogurt containers, syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, caps, straws, medicine bottles
Recycling: Number 5 plastics can be recycled through some curbside programs.
Recycled into: Signal lights, battery cables, brooms, brushes, auto battery cases, ice scrapers, landscape borders, bicycle racks, rakes, bins, pallets, trays

Polypropylene has a high melting point, and so is often chosen for containers that must accept hot liquid. It is gradually becoming more accepted by recyclers.

Number 6 Plastics
Found in: Disposable plates and cups, meat trays, egg cartons, carry-out containers, aspirin bottles, compact disc cases
Recycling: Number 6 plastics can be recycled through some curbside programs.
Recycled into: Insulation, light switch plates, egg cartons, vents, rulers, foam packing, carry-out containers

Polystyrene can be made into rigid or foam products -- in the latter case it is popularly known as the trademark Styrofoam. Evidence suggests polystyrene can leach potential toxins into foods. The material was long on environmentalists' hit lists for dispersing widely across the landscape, and for being notoriously difficult to recycle. Most places still don't accept it, though it is gradually gaining traction.

Number 7 Plastics
Found in
: Three- and five-gallon water bottles, 'bullet-proof' materials, sunglasses, DVDs, iPod and computer cases, signs and displays, certain food containers, nylon
Recycling: Number 7 plastics have traditionally not been recycled, though some curbside programs now take them.
Recycled into: Plastic lumber, custom-made products

A wide variety of plastic resins that don't fit into the previous categories are lumped into number 7. A few are even made from plants (polyactide) and are compostable. Polycarbonate is number 7, and is the hard plastic that has parents worried these days, after studies have shown it can leach potential hormone disruptors.

Friday, August 29, 2008

coach (not the brand)

so, i am back in KL for the merdeka weekend. mama and nana came over to pick me up as well as settle some stuffs in the campus.

this time around, we chartered the coach in the train for our way back home. it was my first time riding in a coach in malaysia. i used to ride in coaches when i was in russia.

the coach was ok. not too spacey. i am sort of claustrophobic, felt rather uncomfy in the coach. i always travel in the open-cabin when i take the train. so, to be in a closed space like this one, it felt rather odd.

the coach came with two berths, one on top of the other, a stowaway table, a stowaway wash basin, a detachable ladder to climb to the top berth, a wall fan, and a tv.

i was uber excited when i saw the tv. well, as you all know, i totally do not watch any tv when i am in campus. this is mainly due to the fact that most of the time, the tv in the common area is conquered by them, and they'll watch those programmes that i have no idea what they are talking, about as they are speaking that language that i don't understand (you know what i mean).

but to my dismay (and my wonder), the tv was not working. there was a sign beneath it. upon closer reading, the tv is not working because of some technical difficulties. hurmmmm....

when the conductor came in, we asked him, what was actually going on with the tv. the answer was that they haven't installed the whole system properly yet as they only had enough to put the sets in but not the main system player that will be playing the programmes that are supposed to be aired on those monitors.

weird.... if you can't afford, don't give false hope to the passengers la.

mama and nana got the bottom berth as they were sharing.

REd monyeting around. actually spider-ing around, more like. that is the detachable ladder that i was talking about. just doing a durability test to them ladder-hangers on the wall. boy! there are attached to the wall like steel!! they could hold me up!!

i got the top berth, but i climbed it without the assistance of the ladder. saje je nak test, masih tere ke tak dalam acara panjat memanjat ni. nampak gayanya mmg tere pun. ececececece.....heheheh

applause to KTM for the NOT working TV set, the NOT working ceiling light as well as the individual reading light, and best of all the damp and musty environment of the coach as opposed to being warm and crisp.

hope you'll get more passengers!!

soon to be home

finally, after much searching and determination (and of course a hint of patience), we finally got a house for rent. the house is situated exactly where we wanted it to. our lane is mostly occupied by families, so no worries there. and our landlord, he is such a dear (for now) and one of his daughter's name is also ALIA. is this a coincidence?
the kitchen cum dining area
the day the deposit was paid, which was 2 days after we actually saw the house, we decided to go and clear and clean the house off dust and those creepy crawlies (spideys and roaches). although it was left for quite some time, the house was not THAT dusty.

the hall

as we entered the house, we ber our salams. and while we were cleaning the house, i put the recitation of surah AL-BAQARA on, from my lappy.

my soon to be room

mama came and saw the house and she approved of it (thank GOD!!). i gave her the liberty to decorate the house as how she would like it to be, especially my room. we are planning for a japanese-themed home. so, we'll save on buying to much unnecessary furniture.

my soon to be bathroom

she even bought for us "garam mentah" to "ikat" the house. this is just a precaution so that we will not be disturbed by those unwanted entities.

jo-ee's room.

hopefully, i can move in by syawal as i am still bounded to the hostel's contract. so, do pray for me that everything will run smoothly for me.

and, oh yeah, we are planning to have a house warming party once everything is settled. so, if you guys are around sungai petani, come dropby X)~ ...seriously....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

which one is it now?

ENGLISH is a very interesting (Read: weird) language. trust me, it really is.

common: something that occurs oftenly.

uncommon: something that occurs seldomly.

NOT uncommon???
this is a double negative. according to the english language rule, a double negative makes a positive. therefore, "not uncommon" should equate to "common". but no.

not uncommon: it is an intermediate situation between common and uncommon. something that occurs seldomly, but not too seldom, and may also be seen oftenly, but not too frequent.

crazy ain't it?

told you it is WEIRD.

Monday, August 25, 2008

mega CULTURAL nite

disclaimer: i am NOT a racist.

it was early this year that the hoo-haa of the AIMST mega cultural nite had begun. there were interviews held just to be in the commitee that is organizing this major event. to perform, you'll have to go thru a series of audition, just to get a spot in its agenda.

gawsh, to my mind, this must be real fun to attend as we can see the various cultures that are in AIMST, be it local or international. really, i was actually looking forward to it.

boy, was i TOTALLY wrong!!

i was browsing thru the notice board in the TV area this morn and i spotted this poster:

i was reading thru it and wondering: what happened to "mega CULTURAL"? ain't it supposed to feature OTHER cultures as well?

i also tried to decipher this line here: "unity thru culture"

what culture and unity for what actually? ermm, sorry to say la kan, but i don't think ALL the students/staffs here are INDIAN. there are, although still very minor, an increasing rate of influx of people from races other than indian that are enrolling or working in aimst.

as you can CLEARLY see, ALL the invited performers are INDIAN. some of them are from astro, or so they boast. if they could invite astro's personalities to perform here, why can't they invite other races from astro as well?

i mean, the chinese need to see their culture too, and since it will be held in ramadhan, it would be nice to hear some marhaban being recited. what about the bumis from west malaysia? they should see their culture being displayed as well right?

i am sure of the MAJORness (got arr such word??) of this event as the tickets are sold even to outsiders as far as in IPOH and of course PENANG.

so, you tell me, is it CULTURAL or INDIAN?

jo-ee says that instead of wasting money and paper for the posters, they could have saved the money and used the paper for other better purposes.

my friend, Arancione

hey everyone, meet my friend, Arancione. he has been with me for almost a good 3 years. ma brought him back from singapore to meet me. he came along with his sister, Anaranjado, that was later given to Pott. since i am staying with ma, i got first dibs on which one to keep. at first, i was really keen to take Anaranjado, but after getting to know both of them better, i felt that Arancione sort of whispered to me, wanting me to keep him. so, i did.

Arancione has travelled to many places and has done a great deal of favour for me. he's been around most of the time, be it for leisure, or for hiking, or for sports. he never complained. sometimes, i overwork him, but he just kept up. he is really loyal to me, no matter what i am up to at that time.

but after 3 years, like any other matter, Arancione became older. he became more comfortable, but at the same time, more fragile. i can't stop using him. even if i travel just for the weekend, Arancione was to follow me. i never left him behind, or alone.

good things somehow will wear and tear. this is what that is happening to Arancione. his soles are ripped apart.

if i am not careful, sooner or later, something is gonna stab thru his soles and leave a gaping heart for all to see.

his insides are falling off.

Arancione used to be identical. but now, one side of him is missing some parts.

although he is in a bad condition, he still persists. but i am saddened by his condition. no matter how much i care for him, i know one fine day he'll just go dead on me.

thank you Arancione, for being my most loyal friend who never done anything to hurt me and always thrive to make me happy.

PP/S: bila la aku nak dapat kasut sport baru ni?? (T_T)

Friday, August 22, 2008

U.B.O (unidentifide baking objects)

although the weather here is rather erratic (thanks to all who have contibuted endlessly in global warming by polluting the earth), the fruit season was not affected severely. which means, we are still able to enjoy the rambutans, langsats, durians (not me leyy....), a whole lot more types of fruit, and of course, CEMPEDAK.

as you pass the jetty or any road in that matter, you'll see the vendors selling, goreng pisang la, keropok lekor la, goreng sengkuang la, goreng cempedak la. out of all these, i managed to substitute the keropok lekor by buying the raw ones and either boiling them or baking them, just to satisfy my craving.

and nowadays, my craving for the very very fragrant goreng cempedak is in full gear. i can't push away the seducing smell of it and i want the feel of the crunch factor in my mouth. what must i do? well, IMPROVISE of course!!

so here goes, my BAKED, not fried GORENG CEMPEDAK (what an irony eh?)

first, you need to get the raw cempedak and of course, if this is your first time to do this (like me), get the small ones. make sure the vendor shows you the flesh before he sells it to you k. lemme tell you, the one that i got just now (while walking in the rain, as it was raining since morning till now) was worth it!!

then, get the tepung goreng mix that you can get from the supermarket. make sure that the one that you are getting is not the savoury type. get the plain tepung goreng mixture. to that, add some all purpose flour (i used tepung attar, as this is a healthier choice), some salt, and water. make sure that the consistency is not too runny and not to thick so that it'll stick perfecty to the darling little balls of cempedaks.

coat them one by one and put them in a case of your choice. as you can see here, i put the cempedaks in mini aluminium pie cases. therefore they look like UFOs hehehh!! you can try putting them in muffin cases, muffin trays, it is up to you really.

since we are using a toaster oven, not the normal oven, i just put it on high and baked it for about 20mins. if you are using other ovens, just go ahead and try for the best temperature and time ok.

voila! this is how they look like when they are done. i can't wait for them to cool down slightly, so, i had them while there were still piping hot! fresh from the oven!! it was hontoni umaii (very delish) and of course very fragrant, that my houzmates were like asking me what was i concocting in the room. so, jo-ee let sharon from next room tried it and she was happy that her craving was satisfied too. jo-ee simply loved it, and i think i finally got my fix of goreng cempedak.

there is always room for improvement. i think the outcome would be better if i were to bake it in the convectional oven. which reminds me, i have to try this at home and let la familia have a go at it.

next project, goreng pisang, baked, not fried.

waiting for nothing

i was awake at 0513hours this morning due to 2 reasons:
  1. i can never sleep longer than 3 hours at a stretch and yeah, i autowake at this time every single day.
  2. i was supposed to go to Baling for a medical camp with the seniors.

last nite, i was contemplating wether or not i should go for the medical campaign as there were only 2 people that were taken from my batch, myself and GCM. i was actually rather tired and i wanted to take my sleeping supplements so that i can sleep in and feel all refreshed the next day. but then again, i thought to myself:

i want to go in the name of education. i can sleep in anytime in my life, but to go to Baling and join the seniors for the health campaign, that is something that does not come too often. so, with my being tired aside, i decided that i shall go.

i was more than psyched to go.

as usual, i woke up, had my breakfast, got ready and walked out to catch the bus. i was kind of in a rush because i had a little wardrobe malfunction. i was really worried that i might be late. see, they told me initially that ihad to be there at 0800 hours to be picked up. but last nite, i got an sms saying that i should be there by 0740 hours. so, kelam kabut la jadinya.

i managed to reach the pick up point at exactly 0745 hours. but no one was there. i was thinking that i was late and i super hate to make people wait for me. i don't mind waiting for people, but of course i have a cut-off time where i just don't want to wait anymore. so, i decided to sms the person and he said, ok, wait there, his classmates are on the way and they will pick me up in awhile.

the time was already 0800 hours.

i even called GCM to find out where she was but she didn't pick up my calls. fine, i'll wait a little more.

the time was already 0815 hours.

still, no sign of the seniors, neither GCM. i didn't call them or sms them anymore as it was nearing my cut-off time for waiting already. i mean, if you told me to be early, you should be early also right? is this how soon-to-be doctors should behave? what happened to time management? you tell me to be there at this this time, you should also abide to that time given. the casualty rate could rocket sky-high if the future doctors are like this. they don't respect others and they think that their time is more important.

what is more embarassing is that they are SENIORS, shouldn't they be giving good examples??

the time was already 0830 hours.

no calls, no sms, no signs of and from them. i decided to go back.

so, with my patience still intact although my anger was starting to seep in, i took the ride back to campus. i reached campus, changed, and started cleaning my room and the pantry area just to vent out my anger. talked to jo-ee and she was sharing the same disappointment with me.

at 0855 hours, one of the seniors called me. this was how the conversation went:

senior: hello, this is bla bla bla from 4th batch. aren't you supposed to go to the medical campaign?

RED: yeah, i was there, waiting for you guys for 45mins. no one called me and no one bothered to tell me what was going on. so i came back.

senior: oh really arr? ok thanks. so sorry. bye.

RED: mmm.... *click - put down the phone*

if you don't have principles to hold on to, don't take me away from mine. i wish those seniors good luck in being doctors sometime in the near future.

i don't feel like it was a waste of time for me to get up and go there so early in the morn and jeopardize my sleep. at least, i learned that they are idiots and i already took the effort to be there because i want to be educated. maybe medically, i didn't learn anything. but in life i now understand that you can never go far when you don't stick to your grounds.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

a habit hard to kill

everybody lies. no one can actually run away from it. it is a bad habit that is really hard to get rid of. be it from plain white lies, down to hardcore lies, one will tell it somehow in one's life.

i used to lie alot when i was a very rebellious teenager. i did this simply to get away from the scolding that i know i will get. it is not that i am a naughty child, it is just that i like to do things at the spur of the moment and i don't have enough patience in me then, to wait for an approval to what i wanted to do. so, to me, the best way out was to lie.

and then, it hit me. as the lying gets more frequent, the cover-ups has to be more believable. but i seem to have run out of the skill to do so. i can't seem to keep track of the lies that i have told to get out of a situation. they (the lies) seem to come creeping up to me behind my back, and believe me, once the truth comes out, i am totally under house arrest, or worst, scolding....

nowadays, i believe that telling the truth IS actually the EASY WAY OUT. i know, the truth hurts, but the lies kill. which i'd rather do? the former of course.

i find it much more easier to just come out with the truth from the beginning of the story so that i don't have to device a cover-up. but sometimes, it is hard to tell the truth because some people just choose not to accept them. to them, the truth is like a poison, that they'd rather i tell lies just to satisfy them.

therefore, i have come up with a way to tell them. a way that will benefit me, as well as the person that i am telling it to.

when the situation mandates it, i prefer to tell half truths. it is easier that way, i am sure. i don't have to feel guilty, they don't have to hate me for telling the whole bloody truth. but it is really up to them to accept it or not. you can bring the horse to the waterhole, but you can never make it drink.

if the truth really hurts that bad, at least, half truths won't be half as bad, eh?

but sometimes, just sometimes.... i have to tell those plain little white lies. hehehehe (-.~)

when the SCHOOL holz starts.....

.....the wedding invitations start pouring in too!!! it is ALWAYS lidat. just be prepared months earlier by going under a strict diet cause you know that you can never control yourselves when it comes to eating lauk kenduri. thank GOD, i CAN \(^_^)/

last tuesday (19.09.08), pakcik halim (of kampung hilir), had a wedding reception for his daughter. he has been inviting us over again and again since one month back and it would be disrespectful if we did not attend the wedding. therefore, even we had clinics in the morning, we somehow managed to spend some time to attend the wedding that started in the afternoon.

i really don't know why is the JALUR GEMILANG hanging there. i guess it is a part of the celebration coinciding with MERDEKA?

the very few of us that attended the wedding. the boys were somewhere out of this frame.

the kompang people that followed the entrance of the bride and groom.can't imagine how they could stand the heat that was almost scorching!!

the groom's family bringing some tokens for the bride.

the bride and groom. she is really beautiful and sweet looking but the makeup that she had on was a little too heavy. he is from kelantan, she is from kedah. if i am not mistaken, one of them is actually a teacher somewhere. no wonder they want to have reception during school holz!! or is it a trend?

the lunch spread for the bride and groom and their immediate family members.

i have been to many weddings before but i find the weddings that are held in this kampung rather weird. this is because the ladies are separated from the men in terms of is not that they are not allowed to mingle, it is just that they are seated separately. i have been to weddings in hardcore kelantan, but we were not seated separately. is it because it is a tradition here in kedah?

anyway, it does not matter actually because we were seated with the men. the kampung people treated AIMST student like royalties!! seriously!!. whatever that we want, they will accomodate. somethings that we didn't ask for, they just give us. they really pamper us!! they totally treat us differently from the other guests that were there and we feel so honoured to be given such treatment.

usually, we are supposed to be giving some gifts for the bride and groom. but instead, when we went home, we were the one that were bringing gifts from them! local fruits!! seriously, they won't let you go unless you take some home with you and eventhough you have eaten more than enough at the wedding, and they insist that you dropby at their houses, they still want to serve you some refreshments. aiyaaa.... where to fit all that leyy?? so damn bloated already.

moral of the story: when going to weddings in kampungs, come with a REALLY empty stomach. they will want to feed you as if you just came from a place suffering from famine.

but then again, if you are forced to eat JAYA CATERERS food every single day, famine is the nicest way to say about it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

play stop REPEAT shuffle

one thing that you should know about me is that, i HATE REPEATING myself or being REPEATED to. it is like as if i am talking to a stonewall that needs to be reminded of the same thing again and again. or don't they get it that i understand the first time you tell me and no repetition is necessary, unless, i forgot and i ask just ONCE more.

see, they are some ppl in my life that has a problem with handling their own inferiority complexes and they need constant reassurances that their lives are not gonna go down the monsoon drain anytime soon. so, they need to tell me the same thing again and again so that i won't forget them, and they need me to tell them that they are ok, AGAIN and AGAIN.

to me, it is fairly irritating. VERY irritating actually. if everyday (or every hour), you keep on telling me or asking me the same thing, wouldn't you think the answer, in some way, will remain the same?

i assume that you are a reliable person as i am pretty sure that we are all adults. we are not kids that need
constant consolling or need to be told repetitively, right? telling you once or TWICE is still acceptable, but telling you a GAZILLION times??? too much right?

ok, blame it on being forgetful. but you don't have to degrade yourself about it. just brush up your memory capacity and try again. you don't have to say sorry so many times for being forgetful. because at some point, your apology just does not mean anything because it is said too often.

they are also people that were told of the same thing repeatedly but they choose not to comply with the condition, and instead do the things that they are told not to.

ermm... are you dumb or what?

dah cakap secara lembut pun tak faham, cakap secara kasar pun tak faham. susah la macam ni.

if you want to become an idiot, go ahead, be my guest. but please just don't include me in your quest to become one.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

it's coming....

e eh... macam dah nak dekat aja kan? korang sedar tak?

apa ekk?
SEBULAN aja lagi (19.09.08)

apa lagi?!?!?!? BIRTHDAY red le... \(^_^)/

kau memang lawa. tapi.......

hari tu, RED baru keluar dari library. bergegas nak ke mana ntah, RED lupa la pulak. then, masa turun tangga library tu, ternampak la pulak ada satu student ni tengah naik tangga.

body: boleh tahan. muka: boleh tahan. gaya: memang dah ada. stylo juga la bak kata zizan raja lawak. sarat kendong buku and beg and jacket (sebab library tu sebenarnya adalah satu meat freezer yang sangat besar). jalan pun lenggang lenggok. cukup ayu la kata orang.

sekali, RED pun selisih la ngan minah ni.

hampir pengsan RED dibuatnya. mesti korang nak tahu kenapa kan? adakah kerana dia ini terlalu LAWA? atau terlalu HOT? atau terlalu AYU?

tidak sama sekali (atau dua tiga kali).

lengkapkan ayat ini: badan yang hot, muka yang lawa tak guna jika........

.....bau badan macam LONGKANG TERSUMBAT.

sekian, terima kasih.

makes me wonder: jika dia ada masa nak gaya macam tu punya anggun la, dia takde masa ke nak jaga kebersihan diri supaya takde bau badan?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


about a week back, after i came back here from KL, i saw this sign all over the campus. i thought this was just a small event. but boy was i wrong.....

a week later, the event REALLY DID take place today. and it was a HUGE one.

this was how the GREAT hall
looked like. all the guests were waiting for PAK LAH and the GANG (samyvelly, lim leong sek) to arrive. the VIPs consists of professors and doctors from, let me name some, OXFORD, SOUTH HAMPTON, BRISTOL unis (just to name a few), who helped in designing the curriculum of the SCHOOL OF MEDICINE of AIMST.

as an active student, eventhough i am in my clinical years, i decided to help out in this auspicious event by volunteering to be an usher. but in the end, i wasn't actually ushering per se, i was practically doing other jobs as well. and of course hand-picked a few times for the jobs.

i was not supposed to welcome PAK LAH and the
GANG. but jo-ee and i were picked to stand in the frontline and lucky for us, we got to salam tangan with PAK LAH. students weren't allowed in the GREAT HALL, lucky us, we got in!

of course le the boring speeches have to take place. and i am amused at how, dato' seri samyvellu, after so long being a minister, his BM is still so teruks!! haiz.....

some performances from TEMPLE OF
FINE ARTS. bukan nak cakap apa la... kata MULTIRACIAL, tapi semuanya nampak macam "GELAP" aja.. no comment....

have you ever seen a fireworks display in the MIDDLE of THE AFTERNOON? i don't think so. but in aimst, anything is possible (including wasting money doing something stupid like burning things like this and you can't even see anything).

there were flame throwers as well. and the display was done near the flags. kalau terkena flag tu lepas tu terbakar how leyy? never think is it?

they also had the confetti thing.another waste of money.

this is how the aftermath of the display looked like.
taken from the 3rd floor f the CONE, where the press conference was supposed to take place.

the press conference room. i don't believe that aimst even had this super cool place!! the sound system was flawless!!

we were supposed to assist the bigshots
in taking their seats for the press conference.

obviously, camwhorring has to take place. heheheh sementara menuggu kan, takkan nak buang masa begitu aja tak? mesti buat something yang productive. :P

main sama mic. maklum la, jakun kan
ada benda canggih macam ni kat aimst. ni bukan adengan lucah ye, harap maklum.

sebab PAK LAH nak datang, haaa.... amik kau! the meal was done by EDEN catering. gawsh!! after so long, finally, REAL food is actually served on campus grounds.

students who are not allowed in the hall are placed in the makeshift marquees that were AIR-CONDITIONED (ni dah mmg all out event la ni) and equipped with screens and flat screens, where the event inside the GREAT HALL was projected on.

CONGRATULATIONS aimst for the GRAND OPENING!! (finally la... haizzz....)