Friday, August 29, 2008

coach (not the brand)

so, i am back in KL for the merdeka weekend. mama and nana came over to pick me up as well as settle some stuffs in the campus.

this time around, we chartered the coach in the train for our way back home. it was my first time riding in a coach in malaysia. i used to ride in coaches when i was in russia.

the coach was ok. not too spacey. i am sort of claustrophobic, felt rather uncomfy in the coach. i always travel in the open-cabin when i take the train. so, to be in a closed space like this one, it felt rather odd.

the coach came with two berths, one on top of the other, a stowaway table, a stowaway wash basin, a detachable ladder to climb to the top berth, a wall fan, and a tv.

i was uber excited when i saw the tv. well, as you all know, i totally do not watch any tv when i am in campus. this is mainly due to the fact that most of the time, the tv in the common area is conquered by them, and they'll watch those programmes that i have no idea what they are talking, about as they are speaking that language that i don't understand (you know what i mean).

but to my dismay (and my wonder), the tv was not working. there was a sign beneath it. upon closer reading, the tv is not working because of some technical difficulties. hurmmmm....

when the conductor came in, we asked him, what was actually going on with the tv. the answer was that they haven't installed the whole system properly yet as they only had enough to put the sets in but not the main system player that will be playing the programmes that are supposed to be aired on those monitors.

weird.... if you can't afford, don't give false hope to the passengers la.

mama and nana got the bottom berth as they were sharing.

REd monyeting around. actually spider-ing around, more like. that is the detachable ladder that i was talking about. just doing a durability test to them ladder-hangers on the wall. boy! there are attached to the wall like steel!! they could hold me up!!

i got the top berth, but i climbed it without the assistance of the ladder. saje je nak test, masih tere ke tak dalam acara panjat memanjat ni. nampak gayanya mmg tere pun. ececececece.....heheheh

applause to KTM for the NOT working TV set, the NOT working ceiling light as well as the individual reading light, and best of all the damp and musty environment of the coach as opposed to being warm and crisp.

hope you'll get more passengers!!


Mas said...

biase dgr org naik bus jerk... nmpk cam menarik pulak naik coach-coach nih... KTM should thanks to you, for promoting them =p

Lang Legar said...

owh me xpenah nie pi jauh2 nek train..
mo try r nnt nie..
mari2 pi jalan2 semalaysia berkereta api hehe..

redSeptember said...

jom mas and lang!!!

kita g sing ka, g hatyai ka.

tapi kena guna open coach la. ku tak tahan ngan closed space ni :P

djambu said...

come hari raya...tiket keretapi akan habis will be selling like hot baked cempedak :P

Mas said...

bley jer... sing or hatyai i ok jer... =) tapi rasenyer klu gi sing lagi senang dpt green light kot drpd gi hatyai =p

klu nak gi, gi time sem break lah... u sem break bile? ;)