Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what does it want?

it was one of those many nights that my insomnia decided
to play around again. i was still up at 0037 hours in the morning despite the fact that i was really tired the whole day. jo-ee went to bed earlier than me and i was just killing time, watching something on the dell and walking in and out of the room. as i was walking out, jo-ee called me and asked me to put on my surahs on the dell. she said that while i was outside initially, she felt like something was grabbing her by the ankles and was holding on tight. she struggled hard, and it finally let go after awhile.

so, i put on the surahs. after some time, i too went off to bed.

i had the weirdest dream. it was scary, that i am certain off. most part of the dream, i can't quite recall. but there was this particular part that i remembered clearly and it makes my hair stand on ends when i talk about it.

in the dream, i was walking past jo-ee's cupboard that was slightly ajar. and then, i saw a pair of hands coming out from the closet. i was curious and scared at the same time, but i still went near it. it grabbed me and tried to pull me in. i struggled. then, jo-ee woke up from her bed and helped me. suddenly, the pair of hands grabbed jo-ee and again, tried to pull her in.

another part of my dream, the Tok that we went to the other day, came to our room that very night when we saw the hands from the closet. we told her the story and asked her what was it. she said that this thing is a person who happened to be someone's son. the mother is still alive, he on the other hand, had died in an accident. Tok didn't know that this thing was still around after so many years.

as i said before, this thing will come to me in my sleep-wake state or in my dreams.

so, is this another indication that this thing has become more angry after we seek help from the Tok? i have no idea.

do you think we should go and see Tok again and ask her to cleanse the room? what is coming tonight, will be another mistery for us.

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