Friday, August 29, 2008

soon to be home

finally, after much searching and determination (and of course a hint of patience), we finally got a house for rent. the house is situated exactly where we wanted it to. our lane is mostly occupied by families, so no worries there. and our landlord, he is such a dear (for now) and one of his daughter's name is also ALIA. is this a coincidence?
the kitchen cum dining area
the day the deposit was paid, which was 2 days after we actually saw the house, we decided to go and clear and clean the house off dust and those creepy crawlies (spideys and roaches). although it was left for quite some time, the house was not THAT dusty.

the hall

as we entered the house, we ber our salams. and while we were cleaning the house, i put the recitation of surah AL-BAQARA on, from my lappy.

my soon to be room

mama came and saw the house and she approved of it (thank GOD!!). i gave her the liberty to decorate the house as how she would like it to be, especially my room. we are planning for a japanese-themed home. so, we'll save on buying to much unnecessary furniture.

my soon to be bathroom

she even bought for us "garam mentah" to "ikat" the house. this is just a precaution so that we will not be disturbed by those unwanted entities.

jo-ee's room.

hopefully, i can move in by syawal as i am still bounded to the hostel's contract. so, do pray for me that everything will run smoothly for me.

and, oh yeah, we are planning to have a house warming party once everything is settled. so, if you guys are around sungai petani, come dropby X)~ ...seriously....

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