Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diagnosis: laziness.

sometimes, it really makes me wonder how can people live by being idle (this is just another fancy schmancy word for LAZY). really, don't they feel bored not doing anything productive in their lives? yeah, there are times when i get lazy too. i give myself some time off. i do deserve these time offs as most of the time i am on my feet, going about through the day.

when i say LAZY, i don't mean physically lazy only. being mentally lazy also just drives me through the roof!

i don't know how to categorize this type of attitude where people just sometimes don't know how to manage their list of things to do.

see, a home is where you live, right? of course you want to keep it neat and tidy. but to some people, that is a MAJOR task that they can't do. they just choose to push away that responsibility of keeping the house feasible enough to stay in.

i mean, you guys are already considered as young adults, you shud be able to distinguish between a pigsty and a place to live in. dirty dishes in the sink, spillages on the countertop, laundry that has been hanging for weeks, shoes all over the floor, and i don't even dare to mention the bathroom. when the house has not been vacuumed for, dare i say, months, why don't you do it? we live together under one roof, so bear the responsibilities equally.

see, they'd rather spend the time in their rooms, sleeping, surfing, studying, hanging out with their friends, talk about others, gymming, dressing up, than spending less than an hour to keep things neat and clean. where are their priorities? not that i am JEALOUS that they are doing things that they like. it is just that i am angry they don't know how to be responsible. i also do other things that i want to do for myself, but i never forget what are my responsibilities. being idle/lazy does not make me a better person, nor does it make you a better person, right?

how do you assess this situation?

you get a task before hand (like 3 days before) and you are supposed to read up and be prepared for questioning. for the past 3 days, you didn't do anything and you wait till the nite before to read up. but something comes up: you HAVE to go and have fun with your friends. now, the time comes for the questions, you don't have the answers. what do you do? easy way out: get the informations from your colleagues that have been preparing for the past few days. so, how do you justify yourself? can we call you LAZY?

ok, so it is non of my business if some people chooses laziness as their new way of life. but the problem is, if your laziness affects me in some way or the other, i think i have the right to be pissed about it right?

i don't know if there is a cure for laziness. i am pretty sure we can mark it as a new epidemic disease that is plaging the modern world. what with all the technos and inventions, everything that is crude is taken for granted. everyone wants the easy way out. taking a challenge seems like a horrific thing to do. and the challenge is: being hardworking

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