Monday, August 25, 2008

my friend, Arancione

hey everyone, meet my friend, Arancione. he has been with me for almost a good 3 years. ma brought him back from singapore to meet me. he came along with his sister, Anaranjado, that was later given to Pott. since i am staying with ma, i got first dibs on which one to keep. at first, i was really keen to take Anaranjado, but after getting to know both of them better, i felt that Arancione sort of whispered to me, wanting me to keep him. so, i did.

Arancione has travelled to many places and has done a great deal of favour for me. he's been around most of the time, be it for leisure, or for hiking, or for sports. he never complained. sometimes, i overwork him, but he just kept up. he is really loyal to me, no matter what i am up to at that time.

but after 3 years, like any other matter, Arancione became older. he became more comfortable, but at the same time, more fragile. i can't stop using him. even if i travel just for the weekend, Arancione was to follow me. i never left him behind, or alone.

good things somehow will wear and tear. this is what that is happening to Arancione. his soles are ripped apart.

if i am not careful, sooner or later, something is gonna stab thru his soles and leave a gaping heart for all to see.

his insides are falling off.

Arancione used to be identical. but now, one side of him is missing some parts.

although he is in a bad condition, he still persists. but i am saddened by his condition. no matter how much i care for him, i know one fine day he'll just go dead on me.

thank you Arancione, for being my most loyal friend who never done anything to hurt me and always thrive to make me happy.

PP/S: bila la aku nak dapat kasut sport baru ni?? (T_T)

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