Friday, August 22, 2008

waiting for nothing

i was awake at 0513hours this morning due to 2 reasons:
  1. i can never sleep longer than 3 hours at a stretch and yeah, i autowake at this time every single day.
  2. i was supposed to go to Baling for a medical camp with the seniors.

last nite, i was contemplating wether or not i should go for the medical campaign as there were only 2 people that were taken from my batch, myself and GCM. i was actually rather tired and i wanted to take my sleeping supplements so that i can sleep in and feel all refreshed the next day. but then again, i thought to myself:

i want to go in the name of education. i can sleep in anytime in my life, but to go to Baling and join the seniors for the health campaign, that is something that does not come too often. so, with my being tired aside, i decided that i shall go.

i was more than psyched to go.

as usual, i woke up, had my breakfast, got ready and walked out to catch the bus. i was kind of in a rush because i had a little wardrobe malfunction. i was really worried that i might be late. see, they told me initially that ihad to be there at 0800 hours to be picked up. but last nite, i got an sms saying that i should be there by 0740 hours. so, kelam kabut la jadinya.

i managed to reach the pick up point at exactly 0745 hours. but no one was there. i was thinking that i was late and i super hate to make people wait for me. i don't mind waiting for people, but of course i have a cut-off time where i just don't want to wait anymore. so, i decided to sms the person and he said, ok, wait there, his classmates are on the way and they will pick me up in awhile.

the time was already 0800 hours.

i even called GCM to find out where she was but she didn't pick up my calls. fine, i'll wait a little more.

the time was already 0815 hours.

still, no sign of the seniors, neither GCM. i didn't call them or sms them anymore as it was nearing my cut-off time for waiting already. i mean, if you told me to be early, you should be early also right? is this how soon-to-be doctors should behave? what happened to time management? you tell me to be there at this this time, you should also abide to that time given. the casualty rate could rocket sky-high if the future doctors are like this. they don't respect others and they think that their time is more important.

what is more embarassing is that they are SENIORS, shouldn't they be giving good examples??

the time was already 0830 hours.

no calls, no sms, no signs of and from them. i decided to go back.

so, with my patience still intact although my anger was starting to seep in, i took the ride back to campus. i reached campus, changed, and started cleaning my room and the pantry area just to vent out my anger. talked to jo-ee and she was sharing the same disappointment with me.

at 0855 hours, one of the seniors called me. this was how the conversation went:

senior: hello, this is bla bla bla from 4th batch. aren't you supposed to go to the medical campaign?

RED: yeah, i was there, waiting for you guys for 45mins. no one called me and no one bothered to tell me what was going on. so i came back.

senior: oh really arr? ok thanks. so sorry. bye.

RED: mmm.... *click - put down the phone*

if you don't have principles to hold on to, don't take me away from mine. i wish those seniors good luck in being doctors sometime in the near future.

i don't feel like it was a waste of time for me to get up and go there so early in the morn and jeopardize my sleep. at least, i learned that they are idiots and i already took the effort to be there because i want to be educated. maybe medically, i didn't learn anything. but in life i now understand that you can never go far when you don't stick to your grounds.


Mas said...

you're totally right. it's the attitude -- the difference between a good and not so good person =)

btw, sori leyy... lamer tak singgah ur blog... my pc and laptop rosak... i saved ur blog under fav in those pc and lappy yg rosak tuh... =)

redSeptember said...

no worries babe.

singgah la selalu :P