Wednesday, August 27, 2008

which one is it now?

ENGLISH is a very interesting (Read: weird) language. trust me, it really is.

common: something that occurs oftenly.

uncommon: something that occurs seldomly.

NOT uncommon???
this is a double negative. according to the english language rule, a double negative makes a positive. therefore, "not uncommon" should equate to "common". but no.

not uncommon: it is an intermediate situation between common and uncommon. something that occurs seldomly, but not too seldom, and may also be seen oftenly, but not too frequent.

crazy ain't it?

told you it is WEIRD.


Firdauz takes five said...

aah la, aah la

wait, what about not undressed then?

the people, i can imagine la if they are partially clothed

but i ain't talking about the people

about salad

salad dressing, yang buat makan tu

13may said...


hahha hahha

redSeptember said...

red rasa la kan, it is not to do with verbs. dressing is a verb kan.

kalau not undressed salad, then maksudnya salad itu mmg ada dressing la.


Firdauz takes five said...

ok la, ok la

adjective then

not universal VS universal VS iversal?


redSeptember said...


lidis kenot le....

UNIversal: UNI = collectively as one

you can't take is as UNi. tak logik leyy