Tuesday, August 12, 2008

surat CHENTA.

i was oncall just now. and then i noticed this love letter from the director of HSAH. go ahead.... READ it CAREFULLY......

caught the flaw or shall i say the "finger pointing"? see clause 4. "....walaubagaimanapun pihak pengurusan hospital kekurangan BUKTI untuk mengaitkan pelajar-pelajar AIMST dalam kehilangan di wad kepada pelajar AIMST."


there are many other students there also, why point them fingers at us ONLY? our school paid them, shut the EFF up and let us use the equipments la. bangang sial.

just because we are PRIVATE, kau nak tuduh macam biol.


Poligar said...

Hello Friend,

If one is training to become a doctor, one should be proud to possess one's own "exam kit" with steth, knee hammer, tuning forks etc. We all have done it when we were medicos.

For the private medicos reading this blog: Get out of the "Consumer is King" attitude and get Professional!

A 'Senior Doctor'

redSeptember said...

yes, it is true that we need to have ur own exam kit. the problem is, most of us are not adequate enough to have it. see, we are not as well-off as you might think we are or as well-off as you, i might say.

and frankly speaking, there are many other medic students there as well, but why point out the not obvious?

you want to talk about being professional? try to read my entries tagged under mr.pelik and s/n batuapi. maybe that is professional to some?

have it not ever crossed your mind, the statement: "customers are always right", at least even once in your lifetime? i guess you are perfect.

thanks for the constructive comment. hope to hear from you soon!