Saturday, August 2, 2008

i am no Isaac Mendez

i don't know why the image of the entity that has been residing in our room is very evident in my mind for the past week. i want to get it out.

i was in class yesterday, and suddenly, i started drawing. the image is clear in my head but as i am not good at drawing, this was the best that i came out with.

i would describe it as very big, it is a male entity, is has a very evil look, it had the feeling of being happy to finally getting into the room. initially, it only stood outside the window.

now that i drew the image already, i hope it will get out of my head.

please, just leave me alone.

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redSeptember said...

after so long tak kena kacau, semalam kena lagi. i was shocked and then cepat2 pasang ayat quran.

alhamdulillah.... i went thru the nite peacefully.