Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it's all in the blood (and i tot i was clean)

yesterday, i wanted to be a nobleman (or woman, in my case), and decided to donate my blood for the benefit of individuals that i don't even know. since the classes in campus were cancelled yesterday (yet again. and then they will want to replace those classes on the most obscene days that i am about to go back to KL. EFF!!), i went to the blood drive that was held in the students' area. i was so psyched to do it. took a form and stated filling it, and answering the questionaires...

same old questions, same old details, except for the weight part where i have severely put on. EFF!!

to the doctor's station, where my pressure was measured and some more questions to be answered, feel like i was going through a recognition line down in the station.

to the blood grouping station (i know i am B+) and also blood hemoglobin level checking station. waiting.... waiting... waiting.... and then, he burst my bubble.

"awak tak boleh derma hari ni ye."


"because your hemoglobin level is not enough. our requirement is 12.5, yours is only 12.3. but this does not mean that your level is not enough. it is just that it is not enough for our requirement"

*normal Hb level in male = 13 - 18

normal Hb level in female = 12 - 16

this is not the first time this is happening. my Hb level is sometimes low even though i eat alot of iron-containing food.

i tried to decipher what is the actual problem here. then it came to me: 2 of my family members have thalassemia minor. i may be a carrier and somehow, it might have affected my blood condition as well.

haiiyaaa.... now have to wait for my Hb to be high enough .... berapa lama lagi la...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i EFFING hate myself

...yes i do.....


cause i have put on weight and i am ashamed of myself. i am not too sure if it is the fat or the muscles that have settled in my body. i have been lifting weights and done alot of moving around (i.e walking, running, stair climbing). i can't fit in my fav kebaya that i last wore early this year.

what am i to do?


Monday, July 28, 2008

aku tak tipu

hari tu lepas balik from hiking kat jerai, we had an appointment to seek help and advise from a bomoh. see, if you guys recall my previous entry tagged under "scary", you will find the entry regarding the sleepless nights that i get sometimes due to this entity that has been disturbing me. all these happened at my sleep-wake state and i always question myself, is this for real or is this just my imagination. but come to think of it again, if it were my imagination, how come it always bothers me in different scenarios?

jo-ee is back in campus. currently, she is staying with me now in a 3-beds room. but there are only the 2 of us. she knows that i have been disturbed by this entity. since i can handle the situation rather well, i just let the moment pass and accept the fact that this is its place and let whatever want to happen, just happen. but it is different in jo-ee's case as she gets disturbed even more severely than i do. it sort of controls her emotions and invites her to danger. initially, we did not see it as this way, we thought that she was just a little stressed out with the workload in campus. but when we piece the occurances together, something sort of tally. so, apa lagi, apa much thought and planning, we decided to seek a bomoh.

bomoh yang kami pergi tu, is an old lady. i wanted so much to take pictures while she was doing her rituals but i wasn't allowed. jadi gambar di atas adalah sekadah hiasan aja ok... hehehe... it was our first time ever to go see a bomoh. we didn't know what to expect and obviously both of us are really afraid and nervous. to explain to the tok abt our situation and problems is really hard as we do not want to mess with the details. eventually, we got the msg thru and she understood what we are going thru. she recited some verses from the Qur'an, she cut some pinang, prepared daun sireh, and the scary part was, she was talking to something that none of us could hear or see, like her penolong or something.

when we told her the story, we didn't expose much of the details, just to test if this is for real or she is a scam. and guess what, she ain't a scam. she told us things that did happen but we didn't reveal to her just yet.

it seems that this is the place for the entity. it actually came from kaki gunung jerai. my room is its pathway to our world. come to think of it, after abt a year and a half here, i am the only one that never moved out from this room. all my other roomies subsequesntly moved out or either that, they will sleep in another room. i have been living in this room most of the time alone and i have experienced many situations with this entity. but i am not to move out because i am comfortable here.

so mmg confirm la, bilik RED ada penunggu dia.

tok bomoh suruh jo-ee ubah her sleeping position. so, semalam with a little huff and puff, we moved the steel cupboards to make room so that we can position her bed in an oblique manner so that her head will be mengarah ke kiblat.

alhamdulilla, after we changed her bed position, she can sleep better without any disturbance. tok cakap, kalau lepas 3 hari benda ni jadi balik, we will have to take other measures. malam ni adalah malam ke-3. hopefully, nothing bad will happen....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

hike! hike! hike!

saturday morning: what shall we do today?? haiiyaaa.... ok la, ok la. lets go and do something out of the moment, lets go hiking in GUNUNG JERAI. so, off we went. no plans, no idea of how it's gonna be, no care..... just go.

to get to gunung jerai, we took a cab because we weren't sure if there are any bus that goes there. as it is, the pakcik taxi was telling us some stories abt the jerai. just recently, some girls were disturb while they were hiking and they were left to suffer after that. lucky for them, they are some good samaritans that helped them. pakcik also said if they were anyone (man or woman) that wants to help you, please just don't follow them, because they may have really bad intentions.

haiiiyaaa... when he told us all these, we were already in jerai and so pumped up to start our hiking. at the same time, we were scared. but our determination got the best of us and we were adamant to start our hike.

ok la, whatever la.... we're here right, lets just start our journey.
i tot we were gonna walk in the trails in the jungle. instead, we walked on the tar road which is much more safer as they were cars passing us by.
as we went higher and higher, the air got colder and the forest around us becomes less thick. some parts of the road, we could see openings, where the scenery below is just breathtakingly gorgeous.

and also because of the high altitude, one of us got a bit cuckoo as the oxygen concentration has dropped a few notches. so naturally, acting all weird and laughing all the way up is something to do to make the journey much more fun than just plain old blah.

we hiked up super inclined roads and was hoping that it will become a level road soon. but to our dismay, the road did not become level at all!! it was at inclination 6 and sometimes 8 all the way thru!! haaiiiyaaa....

eventually, we came across this rock formation where mineral water was actually flowing from it. jo-ee was courageous enough to put some in her mouth while i just looked on. she's still ok today, so i guess that is really mineral water. pure and unbottled.

as the hiking take place, my bladder was screaming for life! i couldn't just pee anywhere along the roadside as i am afraid (jo-ee asked me to ask permission but i don't dare). so after about 1hr and 20mins of hiking, we decided to hike down. we have no idea as to how far more up shall we go to reach the top. so, we took some pictures as our roadmarks for the next trip there.

the number 3 power house.

the roadmark.

for our next trip, we're gonna take the feeder car up to this mark, then we are gonna hike all the way up!! can't wait!! hhehe

Friday, July 25, 2008

labour of love

today happens to be my oncall day. now that we are in OBGYN, the natural thing that i would like to do is hang around the labour room instead of being in the wards, clerking the patients. so, off we went there and being new in this hosp, esp this department, we were not familiar as how to go about posting ourselves there. well, as all of you are aware, the local doctors here are mostly very "SENSITIVE", which means, you have to be exactly the way they want you to be. talk, walk, work, think, breath, hell....even live the way they want us to live.

i was eager to see an SVD (spontaneous vaginal delivery), therefore, being the courageous one, i wanted to introduce us to the medical officer,dr. juliana, in charge. i walked beside her while she was passing me and i said "good morning doctor". she didn't even look at me, walked straight as if i wasn't there, but managed to mouth, "good morning". if she was normal, mentally stable, she would stop and look at me and wonder what i wanted to say to her. well, i am not a door opener or a welcomer to greet her without a reason, right? so, fine with me, if she wanted to be an ass, let it be.

thank GOD there was dr. rohaya (H.O), we asked her instead if we were allowed into the labour rooms. we were, so i chose one patient who was already in labour and waited with her for her to deliver. the to-be-mother, salima, was screaming her head off, crying for help, and hoping that everything could end ASAP. the weird part is, how come no one gives her an epidural for the pain? i guess in malaysia, ppl are not educated abt this. they were not told that they had the option to request for an epidural if the pain is too unbearable.

after 2 hours of labour, salima still wasn't ready. her opening was only 9cm and the required length is 10cm. the staffs were worried mad. they called dr. juliana to check on salima. at this point of time, salima was the only patient there. naturally, all of us wanted to see what was going on for us to learn something. we didn't crowd the place, neither we were in her way at all.

salima was screaming like mad and giving up pushing as she can't stand the pain anymore. obviously, salima wasn't aware of her acts because she was in severe pain. dr. juliana examined her and imagine this, dr. juliana was screaming at her and actually pinched her so that she will listen to her. salima's hand accidently hit the doppler machine, but it did not cause any damage to the machine. guess what dr, juliana did? she hit salima's hand and reprimanded salima for that.

once dr. juliana was done with the examination, she was getting ready to leave, with a very sour face. salima was begging her to not leave and help her to ease the pain. but because salima had already said that she can't do this anymore, dr. juliana simply said "saya dah tak nak tolong awak sebab awak macam ni".

is this how a DOCTOR should act?

now, salima was to be pushed to the OT for emergency c-section. i was estatic!! i wanted to see the procedure. they pushed her in because the were worried that the baby might suffocate in the womb as it has been in labour for a little more than 2 hours.

as i was watching the c-section taking place, i was almost blank. it was like watching a miracle happening right infront of you. the baby being pulled from the womb, the cry of the baby, the mother still awake while all these are happening. blood was everywhere but the important thing is that both baby and mum are ok. it is a healthy and big baby boy. he is gorgeous, but then again, all babies are, aren't they.

after seeing the labour, the pain, the baby, the mother, the experience of it all, i thought to myself, this was what my mama went thru, trying to bring me to this world. but among all of my sibs, i was the easiest one out. i came out by SVD and i was a full term baby.

the pain that i saw salima was suffering from could be what mama felt during my labour. i guess that is why it is called LABOUR, because it is definitely super hard work.

it is not that i don't appreciate mama. but after today, i appreciate her even more. no matter how much trouble and pain that she went thru, she still wanted to bring me to this world, and that is something i don't think i can ever tally up with. it is too priceless to even begin to score it.

ma, i know i have said this like a gazillion times, but it is never enough. i LOVE you and thank you for being my mama.....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

can it!!

sometimes, i just wonder, how actually does the human brain (or whatever that is stuck between those ears) work when it comes to being civilized. actually, there are many occasions that i have seen with my own eyes (but not yet caught on my trustworthy camera) of how and where people litter. let me tell you, they are so creative in this department that i was actually surprised.

so here are some pix that i snapped to day. of course, i will b adding more to show you guys how dumb ppl can be. i really hope that non of you litter. there is actually a use for them trash bins you know.

lookie here: a damn classic. the can is just there and opened but the trash is all around it instead of in it!! is it so blahdy hard to just throw them trash in that can? is it like rocket science or something? there is even a diagram at the side of the can, to be followed. well, i guess some ppl are just too plain dumb to decipher that kind of diagrams, huh?

see this: a perfect basket of plastic flowers that MUST exist in any government based buildings. looks all pretty to be the eye candy of patients or PAPs or visitors.but.....

....see what i found wedged in between those leaves, a candy wrapper!! this i really need some time to think. how could someone not tell the difference between a trash bin and a basket of flowers? or is it cause the arragement of the flowers are too fugly that that person might have mistaken it for trash? or, this i would agree with, the person is just to effing stupiD!!

please... if you can't recycle to keep the earth clean, can you at least please throw your trash at the appropriate places?

it doesn't take a genius to figure this out, ok.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

right labial lipoma (takde kena mengena ngan tajuk)

"selamat pagi. macam mana keadaan puan hari ni?"

"hari ni elok sikit la" *senyum*

"ok. puan, kami nak tanya sikit soalan, boleh tak?"

"boleh, tanyalah"

*alhamdulillah.... not a difficult patient*

*name. age. occupation. address.*

"puan, masuk kelmarin, ikut kecemasan atau masuk biasa?"

"tak, masuk biasa. hari tu dah masuk dah, nak buat pembedahan. tapi darah naik. keluar dulu. ni masuk balik untuk pembedahan la ni"


*write write write*

*sekali, pandangan aku terlekat pada satu menda yang sedang merangkak rangkak manja atas lantai hospital TERCANGGIH tu. tebeliak juga la mata aku tengok nya kerana saiz nya agak luar biasa. agak2 ada la besar setengah tapak kaki baby*

soalan: apa menda yang RED nampak tu kan?

jeng jeng jeng........

ni la dia.... KIPAS LIPAS. RED mana ada takut menda ni, siap leh tarik sesungut dia lagi. tapi yang ni macam evil la. ntah kenapa RED rasa macam ni....

"jadi puan, dah berapa lama sedar ada ketumbuhan ni?"

"agak dalam 7 tahun lepas la"


*patient aku terkejut. aku... lagi la terkejut!!!*

soalan: kenapa RED terkejut.

jawapan: lipas anak haram tu, masuk dalam seluar RED!!! terlompat macam kera kena belacan pun ada.

*ekkekekekke.... patient RED gelak tersipu sipu kat situ*

*dalam hati: aku harap ko mampus cepat la lipas oiii!!! jatuh keprofesionalan aku ni*

...itu lah dia alkisah hari pertama masuk hosp lepas cuti.... (-_-")

Sunday, July 20, 2008

i am a sucker for PARANORMAL activities

PARANORMAL activities has long enticed me since i was in lower primary. i remembered the time when i was 8, my friend, akmal (wahhh.... masih ingat nama ni!!) and i, we made a small club that consists of :P to investigate paranormal activities in our school, SRK Sri Petaling (bangga ni, datang from this school). there were many rumours that said the school was built on a graveyard of the japanese occupation era. how far is this true, i have yet to know till today. but i do not doubt that some part of the school is super eerie, especially te basement area of the school hall, where they store the extra chairs and tables. we investigated many rumours that we heard and we also had a log book to keep the reports of our findings. we made fake blood, we break school rules, all for the love of paranomal activities.

yes, i had a weird interest. infact, i am still having the same interests till now.

my love for paranormal activities made me somewhat fearless (bukan nak berlagak) in some situations and made me super sensitive to their presence in other situations. i have first hand experienced many occurances dealing with these activities. to say that i have seen it, i am not too sure. to say that i have felt it and communicated with it, yes, on many occasions. infact, i have handled cases of possesions single handedly and actually spoke with them.


i want to share this uber cool video that i caught on at first, it gave me the chills, but the second time, my fear was gone (well, almost... hehehe).

if you are weak and get scared easily, please, do not watch this. ok, i know some of you are skeptical of the originality of these findings. but i love to keep my options open and i think some of these findings are rather real.

if anyone at all want to go and investigate paranormal activities, please, please, PLEASE.. lemme know. i wanna come along....

Friday, July 18, 2008

lu pikir la sendiri!!

kalau tak disebabkan oleh papa RED yang paksa RED tgk gelangang raja lawak season II ngan dia kat umah dia masa kami gi lawat dia beberapa bulan yang lalu (waahhh.... panjangnye intro aku ni), RED takkan kenali insan yang telah merampas jiwa sepak raga (ceeewaaahhh) RED ni. insan kanak-kanak istimewa (eh, bergurau aja ni) bernama AHMAD NABIL AHMAD. dia ni jenis yang amatlah selamba, simpleton, takde nak pura-pura. tapi yang paling best nyer, walaupun dia buat lawak sorang2, he is so much more funnier than those yang berdua atau bertiga masa masuk gelanggang raja lawak II tu.

mula-mula tgk dia ni, rasa macam "alah poyo la pulak". tapi bila dah tgk, dalami lawak-lawak (eceh, macam susah je nak faham lawak kan) bengong dia tu, baru la RED faham, "ok, dia ni memang kelakar". iye, masa dia buat lawak ni, rasa macam dia cakap ngan gang2 dia aja. rasa macam kita dah lama kenal dia la pulak. he made us feel very comfortable and he is definitely very approachable.

bukan nak kata apa la kan, walaupun dia orang baru, tapi dia macam dah lama berkecimpung ngan bidang ni. tak nampak kekok, tak sombong macam this WORLD was his walaupun dia tgh malatop ni kan.

kalau RED nak ada teman istimewa, RED nak dia ni funny la macam nabil (kalau nabil himself pun boleh juga heheheh.... no... seriously.... ).

anyway, these are some of his details that i learned while watching him. no, RED tak hunt for his details ok, i am not a stalker.

  • orang nogori
  • dulu kerja despatch
  • mmg tere ngan barang2 kereta and motor
  • suka gila kat mila wassup wassup (jeles!!)
  • he was born on the 26th sept 1983 (same month. what a coincidence!!)
  • dia ada 2 anak sedara
  • dia single
  • his shades are OAKLEY (this shows that he has taste)
  • he speaks a little mandarin (or maybe alot)

tu je la setakat ni yang RED tau. kalau nabil baca ni..... nak berkenalan le ngan awak. ehehhe

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

kejor AYOB, kejor!

we went down memory lane last nite when pott and sha decided to take us somewhere for dins. we were driving along the long stretch of road that links the curve to the sungai buloh exit. while driving, many memories of the old place that we were staying in before came rushing thru our minds.

yeah, we are nomads, we move alot, ALOT! but very near one... hheehhe

we used to live in seksyen 6 kota damansara. back then, no one, i mean NO ONE knew where on earth is kota damansara. but now, everything is almost here and it is linked to so many other places, it is almost literally the center of everything. and back then, it was like a dead town, a cowboy town, like the ones that you see in the western black and whites. last nite, when we passed thru kota damansara, we almost went to asystole!! the place is so UP already and give it some time, i am pretty sure it'll be the next bangsar, minus the clubs.

so, further in we went to the heart of kota damansara to this place that i never knew existed. it is actually in a housing area and it is actually a HOUSE! i tot we were going to a resto or at least some gerai kinda place.

first question: "ni rumah ke tempat makan?"

the entrance was very retro, very kampung. the furnitures are odd pieces and not arranged in any particular manner. there were many old stuffs around and you can see the owner and his family lepaking the lounge area while waiting for patrons. we were the only one there at that time. we decided to sit at the pangkin, which was very welcoming.

there are a few pangkins there, we took the one that was right up front. the other pangkin is built above a small pond. how cool is that!! we couldn't sit there cause it was reserved.

since we were the only patrons then, and the menu consists of mostly sizzling plate food, it took some time for the orders to come. the owner was ahead in thinking about the idle time between order and serving that he came up with an ingenious time filler game, BOTTLE CAPS.

you can find many jars around this eatery that are filled with bottle caps. it serves as a cheap retro decor item as well as a good rush back to the memories of your childhood....

foliage around the area got me into green wonderland. i HEART this bonsai. rasa macam nak sauk aja :P

this is the area front of the TV. like in kampungs, where you sit on the floor and have your meal while watching TV, this is exactly it. there was a no smoking sign somewhere in the eatery but there is also a display of a collection of ashtrays. macam mana tu?

the menu was very very simple. everything on it was the MALAYSIAN western dish (you know what i mean), and if you are dead hungry, just order a double and add RM2.00 to the original price of the dish. i didn't have any cause i don't eat this type of dish in general. so sha bought some tauhu bakar to be shared and a rojak buah for me from SANTAI, dataran sunway, prior going to this eatery.

double sizzling beef patties

double sizzling chicken chop

the chicken breast were not the kind that you'd buy frozen from the supermart. i think it was homemade, where they debone the chicken and prepare the chops themselves. the beef patty should have been prepared the same way.

the sizzlings were served with miniature slices of white bread that came with top notch australian butter as a spread. if you want extra sauce for the sizzling (you would want it cause it is really nice as it was all homemade), you could ask for it. plastic retro plates were used for the bread.

the drinks were simple as well. the usual kopitiam kind of drinks served in odd glasses. so, hope to GOD that you don't get the smallest glass.

this place is really another dimension away from the boring same old eateries that are sprouting up like mushrooms these days. if you just wanna hang out and chill and have a great meal, this is the place to go to.

i would actually go again, just because of the retro kampung feel to it.

AYOB's cafe
52, Jalan Nuri 7/22,
Sek 7, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.

opening hours: 2000hours - 0000hours

019-3910024 (please give a call first!!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

move over already

F.R.I.E.N.D.S : a show that i used to grow up with and almost live on it as if it were oxygen to me. i can never miss an episode and whenever i see the advert, i will mark it in my head that i will stick myself front of the tube to watch it. if it were a marathon, i'll make sure that my schedule was free. if it were just an episode, i'll make sure that the remote is tightly in my grip.

yes, i was crazy over the show.

but after awhile, i sort of grew tired of it. that is the problem with drama series, they just somehow tend to run out of ideas. and the characters become more and more absurd or more and more boring as you can guess their reactions or acts. but i am totally pointing out FRIENDS because, seriously, aku dah MELUAT ngan the characters. and the worst part is that the damn reruns is like a filler for the channel because they don't have anything else better to show. i mean, time and time again, the blahdy channel will show the montage of classics from FRIENDS and then we can see ross at lost for words, rachel with her face covered with her hair most of the time, phoebe being dumb, joey still not done with his "mac and cheese" show, monica being all anal about everything and is a total control freak, and of course chandler, the one who kisses monica's a$$ all the time, and who has no backbones of his own.


gila bosan dah. it was lame about 3 seasons back. now, it is just purely stale. please la, there are so many other better shows to air, please please PLEASE take FRIENDS away from the tube.

i am beginning to think that FRIENDS is not so viewer-friendly anymore.

Monday, July 14, 2008


remember i said nana had the to-go snack plate on the train? yeah, as usual, the takeaway came with packets of napkins, sauces, and tiny spoons to eat the mash and slaw.

i was helping nana to open the packets. they provided 3 for her. as i was trying to pry open the 2nd pack, i noticed something super duper DISGUSTING....

look at the stains that were on this napkin. i noticed this when we were in the train already and of course i couldn't go and complain to the branch manager there and then.

the packet was unopened but the napkin is stained. what does this say? well, to point out the obvious, i am pretty sure to cut cost, they would collect the napkins that appeared to be unused but were taken by the patrons, as well as sauces that are unopened, and i hope and pray that they do not collect the spoons as well, and repack them back to be given to the next patron.

what happened to being all hygienic?

in the food line, they shudn't do this right? they shud at least check and have the liberty to think first before doing this. what if they collect the spoons as well? what if the spoons may look clean but it is highly contaminated with germs?

see, if they can't even keep the frontline clean, i cannot imagine the kitchen. this is just KL Sentral branch. what about the other branches?

ieewwwww..... thank GOD i don't eat KFC.

and yeah, i still have the evidence with me.

i hope some kind of authority come across this entry and do something about it. for my readers, please spread this. we don't want any outbreak caused by unhygienic eateries to take place in our community yeah.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


1) What is the most important thing in your life?

-my happyness

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?

- groceries

3) Where do you wish to get married?

- in a garden

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?

-no one owns me, i belong to GOD

5) Are you in love?

- i don't think so

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?

- tony roma's

7) Name the latest book that you bought?

-tak ingat la. dah lama tak beli buku ni.

8) What is your full name?


9) Do you prefer your mother or father?

-mama. but this does not mean that i dislike my dad ok.

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.

-P. Ramlee

11) Christina or Britney?

-christina obviously. simply because she is sane and she has changed her dirrty image to something more acceptable and decent

12) Do you do your own laundry?

-yeah, hand wash me laundry when i am in campus. i think it is much much more cleaner

13) The most exciting place you want to go?

-bangkok. don't ask me why. aku mmg teringin sangat nak g sana

14) Hugs or kisses?

-hugs, i really need one RIGHT now

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.

-ermmm... i don't really know him

-he is djambu's friend

-he's on a quest to tour around europe

-he has a joint mission with djambu on killing mice

-he likes yellow??

16) 8 things I am passionate about:




-risk taking

-the less fortunate

17) 8 things I say too often:




-hmmm.... *bored*


-if you have nothing nice to say, please don't say it

-i WANT it, i don't NEED it

18) 8 books I've read recently:

-epi text book

-a woman's place

-tu je la kott yang paling recent. cause the last chapter, we were mostly online and programming so tak banyak baca buku.

19) 8 songs I could listen to over and over again:



-pukul 3 pagi

-with you


-my immortal



20) 8 things I learned last year:

-to be more contented with what i have

-viennese do speak english

-i have the ability to overcome my shortcomings if i put my mind to it

-i have great stamina

-jo-ee is not that weak afterall

-quality is much more better than quantity when it comes to friends

-do not trust that easily

-do not rush

very the high tech

kudos to ASTRO for coming up with this ad. i am really amazed and why can't there be more malaysian made adverts of this kind?

kagum sial!

kampung trip

out of impulse, nana and i decided to go balik kampung on wednesday. we didn't prepare much for the trip and we were hoping to get the best out of it. it has been so long since we went back, so this is a treat for us as well as for nenek and abah.

train pukul 1358hours, and at 1300hours, we are still waiting for the LRT in kelana jaya, thanks to yah for being late. i feel like strangling her because she was hanging out in the gym for no reason! i told her to get back ASAP after her session and she decided to hang out with her gym fren that she sees ever single day! i mean come on la... there is a fine line between being consistent and being poyo ok. kalau tak bau gym tu satu hari, boleh kiok ke?

i was already very pissed.

kakalin ni ok ke? hmmm.....

otw, nana sms-ed jo-ee to get her lunch on the go because we were already late and she was hungry. then, the blahdy train delayed la pulak, for farking 30mins ok!!

while we were in the train, our seat was occupied with people from butterworth, so we had to wait for the conductor to rearrange us. and then, they add another cabin to the train, that caused another delay and also a blackout....

ada nampak entiti bukti tak?

richie sampai tutup mata la sebab takut gelap!! hehehe

finally, after nearly an hour of delay, we started moving. apart from the sound made from the chugging train, nana's tummy was also heard, singing out the hunger tune.

nana : enjoying her KFC snack plate. RED : ada kat sebelah dia, salivating. nasib la aku ada bawa my cereal, i was dead hungry oso k.

at some point, we got bored in the train. thanks to nana who brought her deck of cards, we went to the dining cabin and schooled jo-ee on how to play our signature family card game : SPEED (can also be played using UNO deck).

jo-ee thought she was playing with an octopus because nana was SPEEDing like mad.

after about 3 hours, we reached segamat. gila cepat. we thought we were gonna be delayed. thanks GOD we arrived early.

since there is not much form of entertainment in kampung (astro, net), we had fun with gardening at the same time helping the grands to clean up the area since they are only the 2 of them at home and the garden is HUGE!

RED menyabit sampai melecet tangan. lepas tu, menebas bushes pulak. habis botak laman nenek aku kerjakan.... hehehe.....

bila dah cukup peluh and matahari pun dah nak tegak atas kepala, masuk balik umah and start arr main daun terup lagi. macam2 la kita main: SPEED, 21, BLUFF. ntah apa punya game that we created, main aja la kan.

lepas lunch, dalam pukul 1330hours, jo-ee and her parents came all the way from labis to pick us up and to bring us there. so nice of her parents to actually take time off work to fetch us.

her parents let me drive their MyVi since jo-ee is not able to drive at the moment. so, around labis we went, ronda ronda. we made a stop at PDK, labis chapter, just to have a look see. jo-ee was so happy to hang out with her colleagues.

entiti bukti yang nak enroll masuk PDK.

creative items that were made by OKU and mental disabilities. tere kan?

apa? ko ingat fitness first je ada RPM class? please la, orang2 OKU pun ada their own sessions ok.

time to go back to segamat. the clock was ticking and yet, we were not done with labis. haisshh.... MUST come back some other time.

on friday (yes, this was a very SHORT trip), it was time to go home. we tak sempat pun nak g jumpa our cuzs and go to our unc's crib. tapi otw to the train station, sempat la gi amik one of our cuz because gila rindu nak jumpa dia.

RED & enot. she is so talkative and so so smart. teringat pula pada leya, my half sister.

otw home, nana kept on saying: "sekejap sangat la kan?"

yeah, mmg sekejap pun, takpe, they can always and will be a next time.

jangan PENGsan sudah

we were in labis the other day to finally put the imagination i had about this place, to rest. jo-ee has always been telling me that labis is so small and boring but i surely beg to differ! there were plenty of those lookie shops (shops that i like to go in and take a look and spend sometimes upto an hour just browsing thru, but in the end buying nothing because most of the stuffs that are sold are things that i WANT not what i NEED) that nana and i enjoyed. there were some shops that we didn't manage to go to this time round because we were pressing for time as i had to be back before 1830hours in segamat to have dinner with nenek and abah. so, there MUST be a next time for a trip to labis.

towards the end of our uber short trip to labis, we stopped at this really authentic kopitiam: KEDAI KOPI PENG SENG. at first i was doubtful with the name kopitiam itself. i mean, there are so many of them now and all claiming to be ORIGINAL (hence why i used the word "AUTHENTIC" rather than original) but in the end the quality is like shit. PENG SENG however, lives up to its testimonial from its patrons. it is owned and run by a chinese family but whatever is served there, is definitely HALAL.

really, it is a no fuss shop, everything there is very old school and you can see ppl just hanging out having their cuppa with friends in the evening. we decided to sit in a booth since i think it is way cool cause you don't see booths in the "original" kopitiams. as i place my gigantic ass on the booth bench, all the black and whites from those p. ramlee movies that i am addicted to, start making a run thru in my mind.

for evening tea, the menu is just: any hot or cold kopitiam kind of drink, roti bakar, half boiled eggs, and some kuehs. aunty told me that the coffee is to die for, so naturally, i ordered that only. one other unique thing that is on the menu is coffee/milo/teh C. this means that the drink is mixed with evap milk instead of condensed milk, therefore the calorie count is lower and it is much much more nicer. they ordered some roti bakar. as a healthier option, they ordered a set of wheat roti bakar as well. the butter that is used is of high quality and the kaya if i am not mistaken is not the ones that are highly comercialised. so, you guessed it, quality is everything.

a cup was not enough for me. i had this kopi O kosong and added my own sweetener in it. OMG!! the coffee is so thick and fragrant. starbucks, CBTL, gloria jeans, san fran, IT'S OVER! move over and let kopi O PENG SENG take its place on the pedestal.

the coffee is so so nice that i asked if i could buy the beans so that i can indulge myself when i am home. initially, they didn't wanna sell because of the price of things that has gone up. but thanks to some haggling done by uncle, they managed to get me half a kilo of this heaven in a cup. thanks!!

this is the normal roti bakar. nana said it is crunchy and warm and delish!!

the healthier version of roti bakar. looks too tempting but i still managed to refrain. although it is healthier, it is still as nice as the white bread (roti hailam) version.

for coffee addicts out there, you MUST try their coffee. you'll be amazed!

Friday, July 11, 2008

pictures that paint memories

i was fishing thru some old photos while i was in segamat for the last 2 days and i stumbled upon these really GREAT finds. i was so damn excited when i saw these and i want to share them with you guys.....

this picture was taken in singapore. i was like WHOAAA!!! my grandma has a picture with S. SAMSUDIN who is like one of the bujang lapoks and bestest friend of P. RAMLEE, who happens to be my idol since forever. JEALOUS!!

this is a pic of me mama and her mama. i got my hands on one of the copies of the pic on the right and i cut it up and made a collage out of it. i didn't know that there was another copy and this one came with my mum in her mum's arms. sweet!

this is the BEST. this was edited by moi, of course hehehe.... the pic on the right is of my brother. i have no idea where the original copy of this pic has gone, but i took this from mum's www. so, some editing took place and VOILA! what a coincidence eh? almost alike, 23 years apart.....