Saturday, July 12, 2008

kampung trip

out of impulse, nana and i decided to go balik kampung on wednesday. we didn't prepare much for the trip and we were hoping to get the best out of it. it has been so long since we went back, so this is a treat for us as well as for nenek and abah.

train pukul 1358hours, and at 1300hours, we are still waiting for the LRT in kelana jaya, thanks to yah for being late. i feel like strangling her because she was hanging out in the gym for no reason! i told her to get back ASAP after her session and she decided to hang out with her gym fren that she sees ever single day! i mean come on la... there is a fine line between being consistent and being poyo ok. kalau tak bau gym tu satu hari, boleh kiok ke?

i was already very pissed.

kakalin ni ok ke? hmmm.....

otw, nana sms-ed jo-ee to get her lunch on the go because we were already late and she was hungry. then, the blahdy train delayed la pulak, for farking 30mins ok!!

while we were in the train, our seat was occupied with people from butterworth, so we had to wait for the conductor to rearrange us. and then, they add another cabin to the train, that caused another delay and also a blackout....

ada nampak entiti bukti tak?

richie sampai tutup mata la sebab takut gelap!! hehehe

finally, after nearly an hour of delay, we started moving. apart from the sound made from the chugging train, nana's tummy was also heard, singing out the hunger tune.

nana : enjoying her KFC snack plate. RED : ada kat sebelah dia, salivating. nasib la aku ada bawa my cereal, i was dead hungry oso k.

at some point, we got bored in the train. thanks to nana who brought her deck of cards, we went to the dining cabin and schooled jo-ee on how to play our signature family card game : SPEED (can also be played using UNO deck).

jo-ee thought she was playing with an octopus because nana was SPEEDing like mad.

after about 3 hours, we reached segamat. gila cepat. we thought we were gonna be delayed. thanks GOD we arrived early.

since there is not much form of entertainment in kampung (astro, net), we had fun with gardening at the same time helping the grands to clean up the area since they are only the 2 of them at home and the garden is HUGE!

RED menyabit sampai melecet tangan. lepas tu, menebas bushes pulak. habis botak laman nenek aku kerjakan.... hehehe.....

bila dah cukup peluh and matahari pun dah nak tegak atas kepala, masuk balik umah and start arr main daun terup lagi. macam2 la kita main: SPEED, 21, BLUFF. ntah apa punya game that we created, main aja la kan.

lepas lunch, dalam pukul 1330hours, jo-ee and her parents came all the way from labis to pick us up and to bring us there. so nice of her parents to actually take time off work to fetch us.

her parents let me drive their MyVi since jo-ee is not able to drive at the moment. so, around labis we went, ronda ronda. we made a stop at PDK, labis chapter, just to have a look see. jo-ee was so happy to hang out with her colleagues.

entiti bukti yang nak enroll masuk PDK.

creative items that were made by OKU and mental disabilities. tere kan?

apa? ko ingat fitness first je ada RPM class? please la, orang2 OKU pun ada their own sessions ok.

time to go back to segamat. the clock was ticking and yet, we were not done with labis. haisshh.... MUST come back some other time.

on friday (yes, this was a very SHORT trip), it was time to go home. we tak sempat pun nak g jumpa our cuzs and go to our unc's crib. tapi otw to the train station, sempat la gi amik one of our cuz because gila rindu nak jumpa dia.

RED & enot. she is so talkative and so so smart. teringat pula pada leya, my half sister.

otw home, nana kept on saying: "sekejap sangat la kan?"

yeah, mmg sekejap pun, takpe, they can always and will be a next time.


djambu puadovich said...

i alwys use gardening gloves to make sure my palms stay soft. hahaha. nak elak duri semalu dgn elak melecet la...:D

redSeptember said...

mmg dah kena splinter pun hari tu :P