Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it's all in the blood (and i tot i was clean)

yesterday, i wanted to be a nobleman (or woman, in my case), and decided to donate my blood for the benefit of individuals that i don't even know. since the classes in campus were cancelled yesterday (yet again. and then they will want to replace those classes on the most obscene days that i am about to go back to KL. EFF!!), i went to the blood drive that was held in the students' area. i was so psyched to do it. took a form and stated filling it, and answering the questionaires...

same old questions, same old details, except for the weight part where i have severely put on. EFF!!

to the doctor's station, where my pressure was measured and some more questions to be answered, feel like i was going through a recognition line down in the station.

to the blood grouping station (i know i am B+) and also blood hemoglobin level checking station. waiting.... waiting... waiting.... and then, he burst my bubble.

"awak tak boleh derma hari ni ye."


"because your hemoglobin level is not enough. our requirement is 12.5, yours is only 12.3. but this does not mean that your level is not enough. it is just that it is not enough for our requirement"

*normal Hb level in male = 13 - 18

normal Hb level in female = 12 - 16

this is not the first time this is happening. my Hb level is sometimes low even though i eat alot of iron-containing food.

i tried to decipher what is the actual problem here. then it came to me: 2 of my family members have thalassemia minor. i may be a carrier and somehow, it might have affected my blood condition as well.

haiiyaaa.... now have to wait for my Hb to be high enough .... berapa lama lagi la...


love-n-hate said...

wahh!! how nice!!!

too bad you can't donate that day... :) don't worry... hope you'll get the chance in the future... :) winkwink

Zazalicious said...

try this to cheat the Hb test..Eat lotsa sardines the nigt before.. and vioula, I can bet ah the next day you will get to donate your blood. It's an old school trick while I was studying in USM Kelantan

redSeptember said...

oooo....macam tu ekk zaa? thanks... leh aku main tipu ni :P