Saturday, July 12, 2008

jangan PENGsan sudah

we were in labis the other day to finally put the imagination i had about this place, to rest. jo-ee has always been telling me that labis is so small and boring but i surely beg to differ! there were plenty of those lookie shops (shops that i like to go in and take a look and spend sometimes upto an hour just browsing thru, but in the end buying nothing because most of the stuffs that are sold are things that i WANT not what i NEED) that nana and i enjoyed. there were some shops that we didn't manage to go to this time round because we were pressing for time as i had to be back before 1830hours in segamat to have dinner with nenek and abah. so, there MUST be a next time for a trip to labis.

towards the end of our uber short trip to labis, we stopped at this really authentic kopitiam: KEDAI KOPI PENG SENG. at first i was doubtful with the name kopitiam itself. i mean, there are so many of them now and all claiming to be ORIGINAL (hence why i used the word "AUTHENTIC" rather than original) but in the end the quality is like shit. PENG SENG however, lives up to its testimonial from its patrons. it is owned and run by a chinese family but whatever is served there, is definitely HALAL.

really, it is a no fuss shop, everything there is very old school and you can see ppl just hanging out having their cuppa with friends in the evening. we decided to sit in a booth since i think it is way cool cause you don't see booths in the "original" kopitiams. as i place my gigantic ass on the booth bench, all the black and whites from those p. ramlee movies that i am addicted to, start making a run thru in my mind.

for evening tea, the menu is just: any hot or cold kopitiam kind of drink, roti bakar, half boiled eggs, and some kuehs. aunty told me that the coffee is to die for, so naturally, i ordered that only. one other unique thing that is on the menu is coffee/milo/teh C. this means that the drink is mixed with evap milk instead of condensed milk, therefore the calorie count is lower and it is much much more nicer. they ordered some roti bakar. as a healthier option, they ordered a set of wheat roti bakar as well. the butter that is used is of high quality and the kaya if i am not mistaken is not the ones that are highly comercialised. so, you guessed it, quality is everything.

a cup was not enough for me. i had this kopi O kosong and added my own sweetener in it. OMG!! the coffee is so thick and fragrant. starbucks, CBTL, gloria jeans, san fran, IT'S OVER! move over and let kopi O PENG SENG take its place on the pedestal.

the coffee is so so nice that i asked if i could buy the beans so that i can indulge myself when i am home. initially, they didn't wanna sell because of the price of things that has gone up. but thanks to some haggling done by uncle, they managed to get me half a kilo of this heaven in a cup. thanks!!

this is the normal roti bakar. nana said it is crunchy and warm and delish!!

the healthier version of roti bakar. looks too tempting but i still managed to refrain. although it is healthier, it is still as nice as the white bread (roti hailam) version.

for coffee addicts out there, you MUST try their coffee. you'll be amazed!


djambu puadovich said...

weird huh?
old coffee shops...never complained or made a fuss about serving halal food for the people. new shops, nak suruh lekat cop halal, sampai sanggup bohong customers...

redSeptember said...

tu la sebab old skool shops leh tahan lama cause they earn the trusts of their patrons.

zaman la ni, most of the shops sibuk kejar duit aja