Sunday, July 20, 2008

i am a sucker for PARANORMAL activities

PARANORMAL activities has long enticed me since i was in lower primary. i remembered the time when i was 8, my friend, akmal (wahhh.... masih ingat nama ni!!) and i, we made a small club that consists of :P to investigate paranormal activities in our school, SRK Sri Petaling (bangga ni, datang from this school). there were many rumours that said the school was built on a graveyard of the japanese occupation era. how far is this true, i have yet to know till today. but i do not doubt that some part of the school is super eerie, especially te basement area of the school hall, where they store the extra chairs and tables. we investigated many rumours that we heard and we also had a log book to keep the reports of our findings. we made fake blood, we break school rules, all for the love of paranomal activities.

yes, i had a weird interest. infact, i am still having the same interests till now.

my love for paranormal activities made me somewhat fearless (bukan nak berlagak) in some situations and made me super sensitive to their presence in other situations. i have first hand experienced many occurances dealing with these activities. to say that i have seen it, i am not too sure. to say that i have felt it and communicated with it, yes, on many occasions. infact, i have handled cases of possesions single handedly and actually spoke with them.


i want to share this uber cool video that i caught on at first, it gave me the chills, but the second time, my fear was gone (well, almost... hehehe).

if you are weak and get scared easily, please, do not watch this. ok, i know some of you are skeptical of the originality of these findings. but i love to keep my options open and i think some of these findings are rather real.

if anyone at all want to go and investigate paranormal activities, please, please, PLEASE.. lemme know. i wanna come along....


ELiea said... are still the same gurl :-)uncle seekers @ bukit tunku with the gang? hehe

redSeptember said...

alah, seekers tu poyo arr.. takde langsung thing caught on tape. semua kalau i tgk, gelap aja. and then the person yang jadi pak pacak sana, kata dia nampak la, dia terasa la, dia terdengar la. tapi takde benda pun.

balik2 tunjuk gambar orang kena sampuk, orang tgh menurun, real footage.... haram!

kalau tak pun, tunjuk lampu merah la, lampu putih la. pastu kelentong kata menda tu adalah entiti. please la...

seekers tu poyo je lebih. sekarang ni dah ada byk crew baru. siap ada doctor. doctor apa tau, doctor penasihat. buat malu title aja.

axim said...

tah hapa hapa the seekers tuh!!

iNGENiOUS AYU said...


part seekers tu mmg ayu setuju ngan red.

buang masa siaran tv je...

redSeptember said...

hehehe... pandai ayu buat ayat "buang masa siaran tv je..."

i wonder macam mana derang punya rating kan?

pastu kan, mana la derang dapat duit nak gi buat menda ni. i mean, location mestila free kan, tapi equipment? gaji crew2 yang bertambah2 tu.

pastu, red rasa la kan, dia nyer volunteers tu, semua jenis yang kawan2 tu. sebab tak pernah lak red tgk ada iklan ke apa ke untuk masuk seekers tu. red nak juga hangout with the crew, nak tgk sendiri ni auta ke fakta :P

Jahwarhar Nazrin Abdul Rashid said...

haha.. teringat masa kecik2 dulu, ada kain putih terbang..

btw, macam seekers..haha..