Tuesday, July 15, 2008

move over already

F.R.I.E.N.D.S : a show that i used to grow up with and almost live on it as if it were oxygen to me. i can never miss an episode and whenever i see the advert, i will mark it in my head that i will stick myself front of the tube to watch it. if it were a marathon, i'll make sure that my schedule was free. if it were just an episode, i'll make sure that the remote is tightly in my grip.

yes, i was crazy over the show.

but after awhile, i sort of grew tired of it. that is the problem with drama series, they just somehow tend to run out of ideas. and the characters become more and more absurd or more and more boring as you can guess their reactions or acts. but i am totally pointing out FRIENDS because, seriously, aku dah MELUAT ngan the characters. and the worst part is that the damn reruns is like a filler for the channel because they don't have anything else better to show. i mean, time and time again, the blahdy channel will show the montage of classics from FRIENDS and then we can see ross at lost for words, rachel with her face covered with her hair most of the time, phoebe being dumb, joey still not done with his "mac and cheese" show, monica being all anal about everything and is a total control freak, and of course chandler, the one who kisses monica's a$$ all the time, and who has no backbones of his own.


gila bosan dah. it was lame about 3 seasons back. now, it is just purely stale. please la, there are so many other better shows to air, please please PLEASE take FRIENDS away from the tube.

i am beginning to think that FRIENDS is not so viewer-friendly anymore.


axim said...

errrkkkkk I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!


tak pernah bosan tengok....walaupun dah tonton berjuta kali pun.

redSeptember said...

cerita p.ramlee boleh la. ni mmg bowhsan la...