Thursday, July 24, 2008

can it!!

sometimes, i just wonder, how actually does the human brain (or whatever that is stuck between those ears) work when it comes to being civilized. actually, there are many occasions that i have seen with my own eyes (but not yet caught on my trustworthy camera) of how and where people litter. let me tell you, they are so creative in this department that i was actually surprised.

so here are some pix that i snapped to day. of course, i will b adding more to show you guys how dumb ppl can be. i really hope that non of you litter. there is actually a use for them trash bins you know.

lookie here: a damn classic. the can is just there and opened but the trash is all around it instead of in it!! is it so blahdy hard to just throw them trash in that can? is it like rocket science or something? there is even a diagram at the side of the can, to be followed. well, i guess some ppl are just too plain dumb to decipher that kind of diagrams, huh?

see this: a perfect basket of plastic flowers that MUST exist in any government based buildings. looks all pretty to be the eye candy of patients or PAPs or visitors.but.....

....see what i found wedged in between those leaves, a candy wrapper!! this i really need some time to think. how could someone not tell the difference between a trash bin and a basket of flowers? or is it cause the arragement of the flowers are too fugly that that person might have mistaken it for trash? or, this i would agree with, the person is just to effing stupiD!!

please... if you can't recycle to keep the earth clean, can you at least please throw your trash at the appropriate places?

it doesn't take a genius to figure this out, ok.

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iNGENiOUS AYU said...

hi red.

betulla ckp u. some people mmg x taula diaorg tu berfikir ke x berfikir. bodo btl, bkn dan selalu ke nampa "Sila buang sampah ke DALAM tong sampah yang disediakan" bukan ke tepi2 keliling tong sampah. haish...

part selit dlm bunga tu lagila, i think habit. x suka tgk sesuatu benda/tempat tu bersih atau cantik.