Saturday, July 26, 2008

hike! hike! hike!

saturday morning: what shall we do today?? haiiyaaa.... ok la, ok la. lets go and do something out of the moment, lets go hiking in GUNUNG JERAI. so, off we went. no plans, no idea of how it's gonna be, no care..... just go.

to get to gunung jerai, we took a cab because we weren't sure if there are any bus that goes there. as it is, the pakcik taxi was telling us some stories abt the jerai. just recently, some girls were disturb while they were hiking and they were left to suffer after that. lucky for them, they are some good samaritans that helped them. pakcik also said if they were anyone (man or woman) that wants to help you, please just don't follow them, because they may have really bad intentions.

haiiiyaaa... when he told us all these, we were already in jerai and so pumped up to start our hiking. at the same time, we were scared. but our determination got the best of us and we were adamant to start our hike.

ok la, whatever la.... we're here right, lets just start our journey.
i tot we were gonna walk in the trails in the jungle. instead, we walked on the tar road which is much more safer as they were cars passing us by.
as we went higher and higher, the air got colder and the forest around us becomes less thick. some parts of the road, we could see openings, where the scenery below is just breathtakingly gorgeous.

and also because of the high altitude, one of us got a bit cuckoo as the oxygen concentration has dropped a few notches. so naturally, acting all weird and laughing all the way up is something to do to make the journey much more fun than just plain old blah.

we hiked up super inclined roads and was hoping that it will become a level road soon. but to our dismay, the road did not become level at all!! it was at inclination 6 and sometimes 8 all the way thru!! haaiiiyaaa....

eventually, we came across this rock formation where mineral water was actually flowing from it. jo-ee was courageous enough to put some in her mouth while i just looked on. she's still ok today, so i guess that is really mineral water. pure and unbottled.

as the hiking take place, my bladder was screaming for life! i couldn't just pee anywhere along the roadside as i am afraid (jo-ee asked me to ask permission but i don't dare). so after about 1hr and 20mins of hiking, we decided to hike down. we have no idea as to how far more up shall we go to reach the top. so, we took some pictures as our roadmarks for the next trip there.

the number 3 power house.

the roadmark.

for our next trip, we're gonna take the feeder car up to this mark, then we are gonna hike all the way up!! can't wait!! hhehe


Amiene Rev said...


Blog ini macam handset, boleh miss call, miss call.

13may said...

gunung jerai, kedah?

athena said...

waa... very adventurous betul la red and the gang nie.. best best!

redSeptember said...

iye 13may. mana lagi kan :P