Monday, July 28, 2008

aku tak tipu

hari tu lepas balik from hiking kat jerai, we had an appointment to seek help and advise from a bomoh. see, if you guys recall my previous entry tagged under "scary", you will find the entry regarding the sleepless nights that i get sometimes due to this entity that has been disturbing me. all these happened at my sleep-wake state and i always question myself, is this for real or is this just my imagination. but come to think of it again, if it were my imagination, how come it always bothers me in different scenarios?

jo-ee is back in campus. currently, she is staying with me now in a 3-beds room. but there are only the 2 of us. she knows that i have been disturbed by this entity. since i can handle the situation rather well, i just let the moment pass and accept the fact that this is its place and let whatever want to happen, just happen. but it is different in jo-ee's case as she gets disturbed even more severely than i do. it sort of controls her emotions and invites her to danger. initially, we did not see it as this way, we thought that she was just a little stressed out with the workload in campus. but when we piece the occurances together, something sort of tally. so, apa lagi, apa much thought and planning, we decided to seek a bomoh.

bomoh yang kami pergi tu, is an old lady. i wanted so much to take pictures while she was doing her rituals but i wasn't allowed. jadi gambar di atas adalah sekadah hiasan aja ok... hehehe... it was our first time ever to go see a bomoh. we didn't know what to expect and obviously both of us are really afraid and nervous. to explain to the tok abt our situation and problems is really hard as we do not want to mess with the details. eventually, we got the msg thru and she understood what we are going thru. she recited some verses from the Qur'an, she cut some pinang, prepared daun sireh, and the scary part was, she was talking to something that none of us could hear or see, like her penolong or something.

when we told her the story, we didn't expose much of the details, just to test if this is for real or she is a scam. and guess what, she ain't a scam. she told us things that did happen but we didn't reveal to her just yet.

it seems that this is the place for the entity. it actually came from kaki gunung jerai. my room is its pathway to our world. come to think of it, after abt a year and a half here, i am the only one that never moved out from this room. all my other roomies subsequesntly moved out or either that, they will sleep in another room. i have been living in this room most of the time alone and i have experienced many situations with this entity. but i am not to move out because i am comfortable here.

so mmg confirm la, bilik RED ada penunggu dia.

tok bomoh suruh jo-ee ubah her sleeping position. so, semalam with a little huff and puff, we moved the steel cupboards to make room so that we can position her bed in an oblique manner so that her head will be mengarah ke kiblat.

alhamdulilla, after we changed her bed position, she can sleep better without any disturbance. tok cakap, kalau lepas 3 hari benda ni jadi balik, we will have to take other measures. malam ni adalah malam ke-3. hopefully, nothing bad will happen....


Peeps said...

damn...double damn...triple damn..kalau peeps..dah lama pindah dah...hahahah..YE..saya penakut. hahahahahahahah...seperti biasa..peeps quote do re mi.

"jangan takut! kalau kau takut, aku lagi takut!!"

redSeptember said...

tok tu kata sambil menunjuk ke arah RED:

"cek ni tak payah risau. cek ni kuat semangat"

they can't harm us kan.

Peeps said...

ye betul!