Wednesday, July 16, 2008

kejor AYOB, kejor!

we went down memory lane last nite when pott and sha decided to take us somewhere for dins. we were driving along the long stretch of road that links the curve to the sungai buloh exit. while driving, many memories of the old place that we were staying in before came rushing thru our minds.

yeah, we are nomads, we move alot, ALOT! but very near one... hheehhe

we used to live in seksyen 6 kota damansara. back then, no one, i mean NO ONE knew where on earth is kota damansara. but now, everything is almost here and it is linked to so many other places, it is almost literally the center of everything. and back then, it was like a dead town, a cowboy town, like the ones that you see in the western black and whites. last nite, when we passed thru kota damansara, we almost went to asystole!! the place is so UP already and give it some time, i am pretty sure it'll be the next bangsar, minus the clubs.

so, further in we went to the heart of kota damansara to this place that i never knew existed. it is actually in a housing area and it is actually a HOUSE! i tot we were going to a resto or at least some gerai kinda place.

first question: "ni rumah ke tempat makan?"

the entrance was very retro, very kampung. the furnitures are odd pieces and not arranged in any particular manner. there were many old stuffs around and you can see the owner and his family lepaking the lounge area while waiting for patrons. we were the only one there at that time. we decided to sit at the pangkin, which was very welcoming.

there are a few pangkins there, we took the one that was right up front. the other pangkin is built above a small pond. how cool is that!! we couldn't sit there cause it was reserved.

since we were the only patrons then, and the menu consists of mostly sizzling plate food, it took some time for the orders to come. the owner was ahead in thinking about the idle time between order and serving that he came up with an ingenious time filler game, BOTTLE CAPS.

you can find many jars around this eatery that are filled with bottle caps. it serves as a cheap retro decor item as well as a good rush back to the memories of your childhood....

foliage around the area got me into green wonderland. i HEART this bonsai. rasa macam nak sauk aja :P

this is the area front of the TV. like in kampungs, where you sit on the floor and have your meal while watching TV, this is exactly it. there was a no smoking sign somewhere in the eatery but there is also a display of a collection of ashtrays. macam mana tu?

the menu was very very simple. everything on it was the MALAYSIAN western dish (you know what i mean), and if you are dead hungry, just order a double and add RM2.00 to the original price of the dish. i didn't have any cause i don't eat this type of dish in general. so sha bought some tauhu bakar to be shared and a rojak buah for me from SANTAI, dataran sunway, prior going to this eatery.

double sizzling beef patties

double sizzling chicken chop

the chicken breast were not the kind that you'd buy frozen from the supermart. i think it was homemade, where they debone the chicken and prepare the chops themselves. the beef patty should have been prepared the same way.

the sizzlings were served with miniature slices of white bread that came with top notch australian butter as a spread. if you want extra sauce for the sizzling (you would want it cause it is really nice as it was all homemade), you could ask for it. plastic retro plates were used for the bread.

the drinks were simple as well. the usual kopitiam kind of drinks served in odd glasses. so, hope to GOD that you don't get the smallest glass.

this place is really another dimension away from the boring same old eateries that are sprouting up like mushrooms these days. if you just wanna hang out and chill and have a great meal, this is the place to go to.

i would actually go again, just because of the retro kampung feel to it.

AYOB's cafe
52, Jalan Nuri 7/22,
Sek 7, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.

opening hours: 2000hours - 0000hours

019-3910024 (please give a call first!!)


13may said...

nampak best sgt tempat tuh..

redSeptember said...

uisshh... mmg best untuk melepak. nak gi ke? hehehe

m s v l a d said...

beshnye..really aa in sek 7 kota damnsara?
where eh,i thot houses aje situ

redSeptember said...

dia mmg kawasan rumah pun. it is a house really, ermm.. the corner house. try la g

you dok mana vlad?

Anonymous said...

Mmg la sedap... Tp aku nk complain kat sini..aku category regular cust lah.. Dah 4thun makan kat sana... Dulu ok frendly... Tp, baru2 ni 2x aku dtg... Tgu amik order bkn main lama.. Padahal dah nmpk aku tgu untuk di order, tp......buat bodo.. Perut dah kebuluran.. Apa lagi gua blah je.. Sakit hati... Plz jaga hati cust lah wei