Friday, July 11, 2008

pictures that paint memories

i was fishing thru some old photos while i was in segamat for the last 2 days and i stumbled upon these really GREAT finds. i was so damn excited when i saw these and i want to share them with you guys.....

this picture was taken in singapore. i was like WHOAAA!!! my grandma has a picture with S. SAMSUDIN who is like one of the bujang lapoks and bestest friend of P. RAMLEE, who happens to be my idol since forever. JEALOUS!!

this is a pic of me mama and her mama. i got my hands on one of the copies of the pic on the right and i cut it up and made a collage out of it. i didn't know that there was another copy and this one came with my mum in her mum's arms. sweet!

this is the BEST. this was edited by moi, of course hehehe.... the pic on the right is of my brother. i have no idea where the original copy of this pic has gone, but i took this from mum's www. so, some editing took place and VOILA! what a coincidence eh? almost alike, 23 years apart.....

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m s v l a d said...

red dearie
jom p bijou tomorrow
strudels bangsar
11 am to nite
heheh =)