Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sah sah menyuSAHkan betul! (how HSAH works)

i arrived at the hosp today at 0742 hours because i was told to come early for my ortho appointment today. the registration counter opens its doors at 0730 hours, unlike what is stated on my ticket here. see, i was just 12mins late and my tkt is number 087!! CRAZY!! what time does the first person come to get tkt number 001? maybe he/she camped outside the hosp like how ppl camped on the streets to go for american idol audition?

i tot my eyes were deceiving me when i saw that they were only serving number 029! haiisshh... what to do, might as well sit down and wait kan? good thing that i brought along my notes to read for friday's continuous assesment. haisshh... stupid arr, why can't they have it today or next week or on sunday?? because of this blahdy CA, we can't go back for a long weekend in regards to labour day. siott betul arr....

*read read read*

*wait like tunggul kayu*

then, finally, my number was called. went to the counter and was given a personal data booklet for all my hospital affairs. i tot i no need to pay cause i am a student and i was seen by the ortho in that same hospital, see see, they say must pay. aiyaaahhh... whatev la. so long that i get my knees checked, i don't care leyy...

*walked upstairs to the ortho outpatient clinic*

*gave my booklet to the counter and in exchange to that, i was given another number*

"haaa....adik dok sana dulu na. tunggu dr. hensem mai. dia mungkin lambat sikit kot sebab dia oncall hari ni, dia tgh buat round"

haiyaaa.... must wait some more. aku dah la ada discussion hari ni and i don't want to miss that.

-after some minutes of waiting, the nurse called me to see another doc so that he could order an x-ray for me. agaknya, the nurse kesian tgk me lidat, waiting like batu lesung sambil reading my notes. nasib la she observant-

i went to see the other doc and he asked me of my complaints. so i said the same damn thing that i said to 2 other docs that i have seen earlier. entah macam mana, dr. hensem has written in the reference letter that i complained of both knees instability, padahal only my left knee is bothering me. so, this doc cancelled the complain and wrote there that he is ordering for only one knee x-ray.

*went downstairs, walked round the lobby to go to the x-ray dept*

*gave my booklet to the counter, i was given another number*

aiyaahhh.... ni kalau kumpul kumpul, boleh cuba beli nombor lottery ni. mana tau sekali kena, terus baik kott lutut aku. hehehehehe

see, my number was 017, and there were only serving number 004. another episode of waiting. dah kematu (corny la bak diajar djambu) dah my ass. i sat and read my notes again until about 20mins later that i decided to ask the ppl at the counter how long was it gonna take to be my turn. he said, about 20 more mins. hmmmm.... malas la i want to wait. i know that for sure mesti terlajak punya. biasa la government institution, mana pernah on time. eh kejap kejap, ada masa they mmg really on time: masa makan, masa balik, masa amik gaji. konpem!

so, to fill my time with productive things this was what i did:

*run run run..... gi masuk ward nak tengok kalau ada interesting case*

*sampai ward: "alia, did you just ran from the campus to here?". soalan bodo yang aku malas nak jawap sebab jawapan dia takde dalam skema semakan jawapan SPM 2020*

*cari saras, nak wish dia "happy 58th" birthday hehehehe.... takde arr, dia baru 24 tahun"

*no interesting case, infact, no patient!! this is a hospital kan? the last time i checked, i am in the hospital.... ke aku tersalah ni?? rasanya dalam penjara lagi ramai orang. pelik.... *

*nevermind la... at least boleh cuci mata see the student male nurses.... ahhhhh, eye candies!! ;P*

*alamak! look at the time! run run run.... turun balik to the x-ray lab*

see see.... blom sampai number 010 pun. hampeh sial, tunggu je la lagi. nak buat apa kan. at least boleh study sambil tunggu.

when my number was up, i went to do the x-ray. guess what? the doc ordered for x-ray to be done on my RIGHT KNEE!!! eh, aku sakit KIRI la, KIRI!! kenapa la want to do the right knee? haiishh.... this shows how good they are.

after all have been done, i even met with the ortho HOD, he said that there is nothing wrong with my knee, but he could see that the right knee has some degree of volvulus (lari allignment) when i walk. the x-ray looks good he says. the pain and discomfort that i feel may be due to the fact that i had surgery done on my leg before. he says that i should put on my knee guard whenever possible.

ok, so he says that my knee is ok. but why the hell do i still feel the pain and the disability? hmm... kalau macam ni, baik aku tak check je kan. aku takut DVT je cause i had varicose veins. takde pula they do doppler study on me.

doc ordered to do bandaging of the knee which i didn't go to have it done because it requires more WAITING ( i totally lost my ability to wait already). he also presrcribed some meds which i did not take also because i need to take number la, wait la, this la, that la.... baik takyah. i'd rather be in pain than take the meds. so, lepas doc dah cakap like this, aku terus blah. bye bye bye (tune to n'sync).

ni dua buah lutut yang mmg kawan rapat sejak lahir. derang kena conteng tadi sebab HOD made me (with my consent), the subject for other medical students to learn. i was glad that i could help.

ni KANAN, dia tak sakit. dia lah yang tolong jadi support group selama ni masa kawan baik dia sakit. dia pun cool aja, tak sakit, tak demam. tu sebab dia ada pingat (anklet) kat ankle dia.

ni LEFTY. sian dia. dia tgh sakit. dia pernah kena operation. walau dia sakit, dia tetap menjalankan tugas dia masa red pergi gym ke, jogging ke. dia tahan sakit woo.... very the brave one.

haa... since the doc said nothing is wrong kan, aku malas nak fikir byk. sakit mmg la sakit kan, tapi tahan je la. untuk take my mind of this matter, i went to the gym. lagi happy.

ni dia my nordic reading after 50mins on level 9. tgk the CALORIES i burned :8) . but i don't think i burned that much la. macam illogical gila. prolly i burned like 100 cals je but the mesin want to tipu me and make me feel better kott hehehehe.....

whatever la, as long as i exercised kan?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

can one arr?

i have no idea if this really works or not. i got it off the e-mail. just wanted to share with you guys. saper yang berani tu, haaa... cuba la ekk.. nnt kasi tau apa cerita.

patut la harga beras melambung tinggi. selain dari menjadi makanan ruji masyarakat serumpun, ia juga digunakan sebagai tempat menyorokkan alat2 elektronik yang canggih dan mahal yang dibeli sebab nak menunjuk pada ahli2 keluarga dan jiran tetangga, yang telah bak kata orang, "masuk air". tapi pada hakikatnya, pada zaman la ni, terminology "masuk air" bermaksud ketandusan kredit pada talipon yang walaupun berjenama blackberry ke, dopod ke, iphone ke menda ke, tapi habuk pun tarak sebab takleh menjalankan tugas primarynya iaitu.... membuat panggilan. nama pun talipon kan? kalau takde credit, baik simpan je dalam beras tu buat tapai.

nanti jangan lupa la keluarkan alat2 canggih ni dari beras ekk. karang nak masak, termasak lak benda2 ni, dah jadi satu hal......

renung renung kan lah


"shaites!! i shouldn't have said that."

"shut up already you freak!"

"oh my, did that just came out from my mouth???"

said alia to alia. yes, i do talk to myself, sometimes....

have this ever occured to you? things that you don't mean to say but they magically find their way out from your brains -> vocal cords -> mouth?

don't deny it, we ALL have gone through this, in a way.

there are many things that i have said that i regretted or maybe glad that i actually mustered the courage to let it be heard. it is not something that i plan, it is something that my subconscious mind has, for sometime, kept in its long-term capacity, and has crawled it's way out. ok, if it is in your subconscious mind, this means that whatever it is that you have just said, you have actually thought about it in a long period of time.

somethings that you can't even tell anyone abt it just burst out from your lips like a painful boil that needs emergency drainage. i know that i have hurt many by being so blunt. it is not something that i am proud of actually. but that is just the plain truth. the truth hurts, that is a fact. sometimes, what i said is misintrepreted by the other and it is totally not my fault. well, i do have my share of misunderstanding others' msgs, but i promptly apologize. i guess, if it was meant to be said, then it was not wrong that i have said it, kan? it is just that the other person who hears it either have to accept it, or let it go. either way, at least, i have relieved my mouth diarrhea heheheheh

other times (thank GOD for that!), whatever that i accidentally said, makes others happy. bukan la aku nak simpan my ego or anything, but i am just afraid to say it, you know. but if you give/say something too often, for example, a compliment, a praise, thanks...whatever... people tend to not appreciate it and infact doubt the sincerity of it. well, to heck with THESE kind of people right? hehehehe

i am writing this because i had an episode of WHOOPS! 2 days back. crap embarassing la. aiiyoo... don't know how to reverse it. but then again, as i mentioned before, if it came out without you planning it, then there MUST be a reason for it to be heard.

thinking outloud is my obsessive compulsive disorder. yeah, i wanna be in a group will the OCD yuppies take me in already?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

traditional scientific words

this is specially for medical people that are just about to practice the art of medicine soon. hopefully, this is helpful in some ways.

here are some local terms that are used by patients in order to express themselves.

  • melarat - RADIATE (especially for pain)
  • ketuat - SKIN TAG / PAPILLOMA
  • ketumbit - STYE (inflammation of the sebaceous gland of the eyelid)
  • pedih ulu hati - GASTRIC REGURGITATION
  • tahi pucat - STEATORRHEA
  • nyawa - BREATHING

kalau ada salah, sorry. kalau ada nak tambah, don't shy shy cat, nanti get lost the way.

some ++ by djambu:

  • kematu - CORN (bukan yg makan tu, tp kat tapak kaki)
  • mata ikan - ORAL ULCER (i'm not certain tp org belah2 selatan i.e. melaka/johor yg gune. org perak xgune) <- i have never heard of this one -red-
  • dedar (pronounced as 'dedor') - SUBFEBRILE TEMPERATURE usually wit general malaise (yg ni org perak guna)

it's not too late, it's never too late (to wish you, eh?)

today, my TWIN sister, yes, we are (just) a few years apart, she is the P.H.A.T (pretty hot and tempting) one, while i am the hot B.I.T.C.H (babe in total control of herself), has turned 19!!

~Happy Birthday~

  • 1 y.o. : she is the cutest la... bulu mata lentik, chubby. aku siap tipu mama lagi that i had done my chores just so that i could watch her take a bath. sekali mama find out... jeng...jeng...jeng...
  • 2 y.o. :still as cute as ever.
  • 3 y.o. : playful. she is loved by many!! even her nanny's family adore her like mad!
  • 4 y.o. : being very naughty but yet is the pearl of the family.
  • 5 y.o. : loves to eat .....this is where it all started....
  • 6 y.o. : jatuh longkang sama mama gara2 nak pergi tadika. she also asphyxiated a cat that she konon2nya tgh bawa jalan2 dalam kereta tolak....
  • 7 y.o. : pergi sekolah, dalam kereta, puting masih lekat kat mulut :P
  • 8 y.o. : pakai cermin mata to correct her lazy eye
  • 9 y.o. : nak tido, main kening. i swear i dunno where she got this from.
  • 10 y.o. : kena "kidnap" by her classmate's family. we went BESERK!!
  • 11 y.o. : eventually, we found her back .... haiiissshhh..... heheheheh
  • 12 y.o. : very kancheong for her first major exam. but she pulled through
  • 13 y.o. : went to high school with an afro!! RESPECT!
  • 14 y.o. : started to become very the shy one....
  • 15 y.o. : very selamba to sit for her 2nd MAJOR xm...tere arr!
  • 16 y.o. : felt what it's like to be in private school. culture shocked!
  • 17 y.o. : became very the popular among her peers. loved by all.
  • 18 y.o. : determined to loose those "baby" fat. hehehe .....dah lama dah ko hilang title baby to weii...
  • 19 y.o. : on the way to HOTness (still have a long way to go to reach me :P ). very the VAIN. now not timid and shy like before. becoming THE socialite of the town ( i oso not yet become leyy....)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

what do you think?

i HAD to snap this picture from the papers today and i FEEL STRONGLY that i HAD to post this up.

the headline for this was:

"WINGS to perform in planet hollywood"

after seeing this, do you think....:

  • that this member of the famous rocker band is really living up to his title as a rocker that he has to wear holed-up clothes to look the part?

  • that it is true what they said, artists/celebrities don't actually earn that much, he can't afford to buy a new pair of jeans? it is just us, the lay-people who think that they are living THE life as potrayed by the mass media.

  • that he did not realize there is a hole in his pants, especially there in the groin area?

  • that i am observant to the things that are insignificant?

  • that this hole came to happen while he sat for the picture?

  • that maybe, just maybe, he forgot that needles and threads DO exist?

ieee....malu malu.....*>.<*

Friday, April 25, 2008

LOVE all around us

i just (not really la... almost an hour and 15 mins already) came back from a movie screening right here in the campus. we have an international movie club here in our uni (thank GOD!). if not, ok, i am no racist k, the only movie that they will air here are indian movies. please la, think of the others and widen your horizon. ok i understand that you are proud of your culture and shaites, but there is such thing as BORING. i am pretty sure that they (the indians) also want to watch something else other than indian movies. exposure is the key to knowledge (yes, you can quote me, and keep that in mind!).

so, back to the screening today. LOVE ACTUALLY was on and i was really looking forward to it. i remembered vaguely watching it somewhere before. but as soon as the movie starts, i can't quite remember the scenes. so, i guess it must have been a dejavu for me.

LOVE ACTUALLY is like the english version of CINTA (malaysian movie which i think was very well done and of good standards, could be in the same line with movies from yasmin ahmad -i regard her as good standard movis maker-), which now has an indonesian version entitled LOVE. all these 3 movies revolve around how love may be potrayed in everyday lives. be it among lovers, friends, families, across the nations, gays, straights..... anything at all that reminds you and me of love.

i can't shake the emotional feeling that overcame me while (and still is overcoming me) i was watching the movie just now. i feel sick....really....LOVE SICK. iewwwww...... what is happening to me? i mean, the most cacat part of all, i have all the feeling of love, but i don't have someone to share with (ie i am single). of course, i love my family and friends, but i am sure you understand what category of love i am babbling about here. this feeling seems really odd for me because i have been out of it for 3 years now and i think i totally forgot how to get into one. does it come with a manual?

seriously, after being single, yeah, i tend to be shy with the person who i think i might like. then, i either screw it up or let the moment pass, and then, i am back to square one, being single. i enjoy it actually but sometimes, no matter how much i hate to admit it, it gets a little lonely.

if love is so sweet, i'd be ready with insulin. (by all means, quote me)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

attempted and succeeded mass suicide

22nd April, 2008: C2R, after a heavy downpour that occured late last night that prolonged into this morning, a congregation of light worshippers has decided to commit mass suicide. it was rumoured initially that the occupants of C2R have to be careful of this type of incident to happen, especially now, during the wet season of the northern states.

these flying comrades was a small group of staunch light worshippers that have decided to end their lives due to the lack of anything better to do. they invaded the common area of C2R with the intial pretence to worship their ultimate Idol, the LAMPU KALIMANTANG. according to an unknown and unconfirmed (highly made up) report, LAMPU KALIMANTANG did not provide the light worshippers with adequate illumination for their nightly randevous of agressive mating and partner-hopping. this has lead to the decrease in population growth over the last few months. the head of this group of light worshippers, AkuMenatangBodo, has even sacrificed his whole family in this mass suicide to prove to LAMPU KALIMANTANG that if there are no adequate light, let them all extinct (but still, melambak2 kat sini... haiiisshhhh).

AkuMenatangBodo, his wife, MenatangTerbangDiLampu, and their only son, Flicker.

followers of AkuMenatangBodo that have vowed their lives to his words.

at about 0530 this morning, 1 of the inhabitants of C2R, who cannot stand the site of the mass suicide (only Red, really. the rest, if they saw this, they will just happily step over them as if they are a part of the flooring), has taken the GOD-sent tool, PENYAPU JERAMI, and did a mass burial (sapu ke luar pintu apartment) in hounour of the novel effort of these light worshippers to go on strike.

currently, there are words saying that other groups of junior (smaller sized) light worshippers are planning to do the same. but they will have to find another location as the windows to C2R are shut close because we cannot tahan these blahdy flying MFs.

go die tempat lain la. menyusahkan aku nak sapu je. ada nyawa, tak bersyukur....haaaiiisshhh....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

under the microscope

.....that is where i have been placed (other than being under pressure as well). if any of you have read my post "Professionalism redefined", you would remember that i have mentioned there regarding mr. pelik "passing" a warning to me through my groupmates. he even said that he will be posting a spy in the ward to monitor the way i dress to the hospital.

seriously, i thought that this was a JOKE. i mean, where would he find time to actually recruit a person to spy on me. maybe he thought that by putting a threat like this, i'd be afraid. it does not affect me, really.

the most retarded thing that i just found out today while i was on call is that, there IS actually a SPY especially for me. and the spy is non other than the HO that is under him!!

waaahhhh!!! i am THAT significant to him that he actually has a REAL spy for me? i really can't believe that he thinks of me so much that he has time to go through all these troubles. gawshhh... now i feel so damn IMPORTANT......not......

but seriously, does a specialist, who is holding a job position that i hope to be in one day, really act like this? i don't think the kids nowadays are down to this level of thinking.

although, the HO is very simple. he doesn't even care to monitor me or scan me up and down. he's so into his work and we'll be trailing after him to join in his on call rounds. like a normal cat, he was just curious to know who is this FAMOUS girl that he was supposed to spy on. i could see that he was excited to finally know who is ALIA (gaawwwssshhhh.... mr. pelik KNOWS my name! uisssshhhh..... melampaui batas dah ni!).

whatever la. if mr. pelik wants to be like an idiot, let him be. it IS his right.

next time when mr. pelik is picking out every single detail about me just to make sure that my life is a living hell, i hope he sees this.


my reader, mr. djambu, came over to my blog and has tagged me for the duration of 4 days. i did not notice the tag, until it was apparent when he told me.

these are the management of the tag.

(ceyyy... macam case persentation kat ward jek :P)

-Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented:
1) doraemon bread: where you just place the fat-free, 0-calorie, filling, delicious piece of bread over the pages where you could find informations of the materials that you need to know (webpages or paper pages), then, the info is transferred to the bread, then, you eat the bread and the info are permanently in your head. no more reading required and you need not worry about your waistline! PERFECT!

2) a portal transporter (pintu suka hati mak ko): that could transport you to anywhere and anytime you want. good for emergency situations. as for me, good for going home ALL THE TIME!

3) hologram communicator: this deviced could be used when you want to talk "face-to-face" with the other person. break-ups, marriage proposals, divorces, anything that is personal, can be done over the communication space, and yet, you don't have to be there physically. this could avoid further embarassments for people who are shy or can't except rejection. violence could also be avoided in case of bad news (ie break-ups).

4) personal currency machine: so that you can use the money la, what else!

-Name 4 Things That Should Never Have Been Invented:
1) weapons (i am against violence!)
2) plastic (i can't stand the pollution anymore. how severe does the pollution need to be for you to realize?!?!)
3) weighing machine
4) power (ppl can just loose themselves when they are given even the lowest position...)

-Name 3 Things I do not know about you:
1) i am not THAT emotionless!! i DO have feelings.
2) i suffer from PANIC ATTACKS when the situation is not to my liking (ie turbulance)
3) i am a very flatulent person (kakakakkakak)

-Name 5 Snacks you enjoy:
2) baked, low-fat crackers
3) roasted soy beans (any beans actually, that is why i am flatulent :P)
4) steamboat (kira snacks tak?? kira la... kira la...)
5) any form of low-fat, sugar-free CEREALS!!

now, i wanna tag...hmmmm.....abeming....

Monday, April 21, 2008

No, your eyes DID NOT deceive you.

haaa.... see the SWEAT (i SWEAR that is MY SWEAT!! just cause i took the pic in the loo, does not mean that i splashed myseld with water right before the pic was taken. i SWEAT all that out in the gym today by doing my NORDIC -jo-ee babes, i know kau rindu nak naik menatang ni kan? hehehehe -)?? believe it, cause it is true. i work out this much when i feel like (that means, ONCE in a year :P). anyway, this post is for a certain reader who says that he didn't see my muscles making their debut (finally la my mm nak tumbuh (grow) dan membesar (develope) hehehe). all the effort today, is so that my muscle bulk up today. heheheh

NOW, do you SEE? got or not the muscle?? (aiyaahhhh.... if not convinced oso, at least gimme some face and buat2 nampak la. nak kena heart attack dah red tadi gi work out kat gym....-_-" )
but seriously, ada kan?? kan??

Saturday, April 19, 2008

case of the missing A

i woke up at an unGodly hour today which was at 0400 hours. this was intended, althought actually, i had set the alarm at 0445 hours. i wanted to fast today because the days that i didn't fast way before this, was long overdue for me to replace them. so, i picked today. i waited till about 0445 hours to make my cereal drink (i am a habitual eater. i can eat this cereal drink 3 times a day and i won't complain one bit!). after having my meal, i did a spot of studying (yeah, i actually did!!) and of course surfing (most of the time) till about 0713hours when i decided to sleep back cause i am DEPRIVED of good sleep (simply because i am suffering from insomnia).

this is how a person with insonia sleeps. eyes wide shut (such an irony!)

*sleep sleep sleep*

*drool....(maybe i have VII cranial nerve palsy?)*

i woke up again at 0930 hours but i had to force myself back to sleep because i want to really rest today. finally, at 1130 hours, i woke up. waaahhhhh.... so damn long one i slept! i sooo damn proud of myself leyy. i mean, i can hardly sleep a good 4 hour in a stretch. so, to achieve such heavenly long sleep, i feel like a champ! (haiiisshhh... to sleep oso so hard for me....). as i woke up, the temperature has already long risen before me. so damn hot la!!! habis hangit dah satu badan! immediately, i went to have my brunch shower. after the shower, just out of impulse, i went to the pantry area to put away some dirty dishes. suddenly.... i noticed something. something really weird.....

i "borrowed" someone's apple just for the purpose of taking picture....

*snap snap snap*

*uissshhhhh aku gigit juga karang apple ni.....*

the plastic that was holding my apple that was in the vegie drawer in the fridge, was on the pantry top and it was EMPTY! i did some lookey lookey and i saw that the core was already in the makeshift wastebasket (i did not dig in it ok. it wasn't even full, so i could definitely see the core in there)!!. waaahhhh!!! so berapi already my hati. then, i wrote a note:

buat penat tulis je. bukannya ada siapa nak ngaku.

....and pasted it on the fridge door (yeah, we do not have magnets). i waited.... and waited... and blahdy waited. NOONE.....NOONE (sing to the tune of Alicia Keys' hit single "noone") came to own up! aiisshhh... what the hell is this?? come on la. i won't be angry, i will just be outraged!!! aiiyaaa... no la. i just want you to own up la. i mean, i have WALKED under the hot scorching sun to get this particular APPLE, so, if you want to take oso, ask me first la. currently, in this house, there are only 5 of us. cut me out, there are 4 of them. cut one out cause i asked her, who ate my apple, and she denied it was her. and then there were 3. i have in mind this person who is staying next door. i haven't had the chance to confront her. but if it was her, and she was in her right mind, she would have told me kan? still waiting.......

because i so damn geram (and actually quite thirsty because of the heat), i decided to break fast. i drank like as if i am diabetic (selisih malaikat 44),or in my case, badak air. then, off again for another session of mindless studying. did the blahdy laundry that was piling up and also took out the recycle items that i sorted out yesterday. at about 1700 hours, i was SLEEPY again!!! aiiiyaahhh?? how come?? i concluded that it was because i am so damn pissed about my apple la. all the emotions (yes, i am emo. i may not look the part) that i was going thru, drained me out......

i tot i wanted to nap for 15mins. sekali tgk, 45 mins!! and i was supposed to go to gym. the lazy part of me was overwhelming that i decided not to go to gym. i was taking time, wasting every bit of it to let it pass. but then, the conscious part of me forced me to go. without even thinking twice, i let her dominate me. got ready, got set, WENT!

spent about an hour in the gym and was happy (despite having my bad knee) that i burnt a copious amount of calorie (tapi, macam tak kurus2 je lagi. kenapa la ni?). i didn't do weights today as i was giving face to the lazy me (she needs some attention too). but nvm, there is still tomorrow, aite? i'll do weights tomorrow, PROMISE.

just because of my APPLE, i became disorganized and dislodged from the plans that i had. see, what this situation has made out of me?

moral: do not take my fruits away from me, it'll make me NUTS!

HE can't handle ME

Yeah, I heard about some STUDENT that you beat pretty bad and got in the RUMOURS
Sure, you own a cool JOB and I hear you get far with every NURSES
Yeah, I saw you on the WALL, your WORK is the $H!T but you're outrageous
Sure, I see you’re living' large with your crib and your cars and that's just great, but

Let me tell you how it'd be
You won't get with this you see
Cuz you can't handle me

Yeah, you make your big move and I see
you’re not used to being rejected
Sure, you making that call to your BITCH
and I’m sure you're well connected
Yeah, judging from that line you just passed
you are well known and FEARED
Sure, would me and my girls come participate in something you FORCED

Let me tell you how it'd be
You won't get with this you see
Cuz you can't handle me
It's a simple fact that you can’t seem to handle me
Don’t matter how you act with them
you can’t handle me
I don't really feel you got my back
Cuz you’re a selfish narcissistic psycho Freaking bootlicking Nazi creep and
You can’t handle me

Yeah, I think you’re kinda CRAZY
when you try and act like you ain’t looking
Sure, I think you’re kinda FAT and your ride – Sure is off the hook and
Yeah, bet you could take my mind off of STUDIES for some time and BRING me DOWN
Sure, you writing those CASESHEETS and acts you produce are really REDUNDANT
But, let me tell you how it'd be
You won't get with this you see
Cuz you can't handle me

It’s a simple fact that you can’t seem to handle me
No matter how you act with them you can’t handle me
Its just a simple fact that you can’t seem to handle me
Don’t matter how you act with them
you can’t handle me
I don't really feel you got my back
Cuz you’re a selfish narcissistic psycho Freaking bootlicking Nazi pimp and
You can’t handle me

Yeah, I heard about some STUDENT that you beat pretty bad and got in the RUMOURS
Sure, you own a cool JOB and I hear you get far with every NURSES
Yeah, I saw you on the WALL your song is the $H!T but you're outrageous
Sure, I see you’re living' large with your crib and your cars and that's just great,
but Let me tell you how it'd be
You won't get with this you see
Cuz you can't handle me
It’s a simple fact that
you can’t seem to handle me

No matter how you act with them you can’t handle me
It’s a simple fact that you can’t seem to handle me
Don’t matter how you act with them
you can’t handle me
I don't really feel you got my back
Cuz you’re a selfish narcissistic psycho Freaking bootlicking Nazi creep and


Friday, April 18, 2008

pressure that is not too sweet

Blood Pressure Range

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It is measured in mm Hg(millimetres of mercury).

Blood pressure is always given as two numbers- systolic pressure (when the heart beats) and diastolic pressure (when the heart relaxes). When the measurements are written down, both are written one above or before the other with the systolic being the first number. It is measured using an instrument called the spygnomanometer. It can also be measured digitally.

this criteria is according to the BRITISH HYPERTENSION SOCIETY (i made this table for you guys k....)

High Blood Pressure Range:

210 120 Stage 4
180 110 Stage 3
160 100 Stage 2
140 90 Stage 1

Normal Blood Pressure Range:

130 85 High Normal Blood Pressure
120 80 Normal Blood Pressure
110 75 Low Normal Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure level:

90 60 Borderline Low blood Pressure
60 40 Too Low Blood Pressure
50 33 Dangerously Low Blood Pressure


  • When systolic and diastolic pressure falls into different categories, the higher category should be used to classify the blood pressure level example 160/80 mm Hg would be considered as Stage 2 High Blood Pressure.

  • A blood pressure of 130/80 mmHg would be considered as high blood pressure for people with diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

Normally, your blood glucose levels increase slightly after you eat. This increase causes your pancreas to release insulin so that your blood glucose levels do not get too high. Blood glucose levels that remain high over time can damage your eyes, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels.

Several different types of blood glucose tests are used.

  • Fasting blood sugar (FBS) measures blood glucose after you have not eaten for at least 8 hours. It often is the first test done to check for diabetes.

  • 2-hour postprandial blood sugar measures blood glucose exactly 2 hours after you eat a meal.

  • Random blood sugar (RBS) measures blood glucose regardless of when you last ate. Several random measurements may be taken throughout the day. Random testing is useful because glucose levels in healthy people do not vary widely throughout the day. Blood glucose levels that vary widely may indicate a problem. This test is also called a casual blood glucose test.

  • Oral glucose tolerance test is used to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes. An oral glucose tolerance test is a series of blood glucose measurements taken after you drink a sweet liquid that contains glucose. This test is commonly used to diagnose diabetes that occurs during pregnancy (gestational diabetes). This test is not commonly used to diagnose diabetes in a person who is not pregnant.

Blood glucose

High values
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) criteria for diagnosing diabetes are met when any of the following results have been repeated on at least two different days:

  • A fasting blood glucose level is 126 mg/dL (7.0 mmol/L) or higher.

  • A 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test result is 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L) or higher.

  • Symptoms of diabetes are present and a random blood glucose test is 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L) or higher. Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst and frequent urination (especially at night), unexplained increase in appetite, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, erection problems, blurred vision, and tingling or numbness in the hands or feet.

  • If your fasting blood glucose level measures in the range of 100 mg/dL (5.5 mmol/L) to 125 mg/dL (6.9 mmol/L), you are considered to have prediabetes (impaired fasting glucose), and you have an increased chance of getting diabetes.

Low values
A fasting glucose level below 40 mg/dL (2.2 mmol/L) in women or below 50 mg/dL (2.8 mmol/L) in men that is accompanied by symptoms of hypoglycemia may mean you have an insulinoma, a tumor that produces abnormally high amounts of insulin.

 the end, we all have to have a "balanced diet".....

they are not perfect either.

internationally-renowned physicist STEPHEN HAWKING, who is hailed as one of the most brilliant minds of our time, is disabled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which has progressively caused him to become almost completely paralysed. although doctors told him he would not live beyond his 20s, stephen turned 66 last january.

Action hero, BRUCE WILLIS has had a stuter since he was a child. he had been worried that it would affect his acting career. by practising and working in his craft, however, he managed to overcome his speech disorder.

MICHAEL J. FOX who is famous for his acting in back to the future, was diagnosed with parkinson's disease in 1991. it is a disorder of the central nervous system resulting in the destruction of brain cells, causing trembling limbs and weakness. despite this, michael continued working as an actor until 2000, when he retired from full-time acting.

Film and TV actor RENE KIRBY, who has spina bifida, has used the condition to his advantage in films like SHALLOW HAL and STUCK ON YOU.

ROWAN ATKINSON had a very bad stutter as a young boy and had problems pronouncing the letter B. by over-enunciating his words, which he then turned into comic element inhis performances.

Actress JESSICA ALBA suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as a child, but managed to bring the condition under control as she grew older.

18 year old american surfer BETHANY MEILANI HAMILTON lost her left arm in a shart attack 5 years ago, just 8 weeks after the incident, bethany was back on her board. in 2004, she was given the ESPY award for best comeback athlete of the year and a courage award at the teen choice awards. after teaching herself to surf with one arm, she has returned to competitive surfing.

Elliot Yamin, who was placed 3rd in the 5th AI, is 90% deaf in his right ear, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 16. he wears an insulin pump to help him manage his diabetes.

one of the world's best-selling authors of all time, AGATHA CHRISTIE suffered from dyslexia, a learning difficulty that makes reading and writing a challenge.

ANDREA BOCELLI lost his sight at the age of 12, but this did not stop his passion for music. he plays the piano, saxophone and flute, and is a renowned operatic tenor and classical singer.

the legendary STEVIE WONDER has been blind since infancy. however, he was signed by motown records at the age of 12, and is now one of the most famous singers, songwriters, instrumentalists and record producers in the world

DAVID BECKHAM suffers from OCD which causes him to be obsessed with constant cleanliness and perfection around him. for eg, everything around him has to be in pairs, so if there are 3 items in the table, one has to be removed, or another added.

TIGER WOODS had stuttering problems as a child, and got over it through hard work and persistence. he would even talk to his dog until he fell asleep!

nepalese poet and writer JHAMAK GHIMIRE, 28, has won many awards for her writing, and is one of the leading literary figures in her country. she was born with cerebral palsy, and cannot use her arms, and therefore writes with her feet.

TOM CRUISE was labelled stupid and bullied in school because he had dyslexia. he overcame this by throwing himself into sports and eventually broke into acting

taken from STUFF @ SCHOOL, the STAR

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wake up your brain!

QUESTION: what do the government hospitals in malaysia have?

ANSWER: 100% show, 0% performance (literally.....)

i can't quite remember in which ward i saw a photocopy of a newspaper cutting from BERITA HARIAN stating that this hospital (the one that i am currently posting in), is, i quote, "hospital tercanggih". by "canggih" it means that this hospital is well equipped, has the latest ventilating system to decrease the rate of nosocomial infection, has a congregation of staffs that are friendly, knowledgable, high performance (as you have read my previous posts, i don't think this is anywhere near true), and loads more that contribute in the tagging of this hospital as HOSPITAL CANGGIH.

i BEG to differ......

i have never mentioned this, but a few weeks back, while we were having a discussion in the counselling room that is supposed to be used as a place for doctors to talk to family members (but we used it because there were insufficient seminar rooms to discuss in, so much so for the canggihness), we noticed that there was a pail in the middle of the room. we also saw that a part of the ceiling was taken off. initially, we disregard it and passed it off as a minor leakage. but as the discussion progresses, the most unthinkable happened, water was practically gushing out from the hole in the ceiling. GOD knows where did the water came from. from what we saw, it looked like it came from some washing area (prolly the toilet?) because we could see soap bubbles and the colour of the water was murky. i was the first to run out from the room, in fear of contracting somekind of GOD forsaken waterborne disease.

due to the canggihness of this hospital, they can't even afford to change the broken locks of the cubicle doors in the toilets. they also can't fix the head of a pipe that has come off and because of this, water wastage is happening every single second (even now!!). maybe, just maybe, this is all just trivial to them. they only deal with canggih matters.

so much so for being TERCANGGIH, today (i have never experienced this in ANY hospitals that i have been to and in) there was a MAJOR blackout, like the WHOLE hospital. gawsshhh!!! imagine how canggih is that??

we were just about done examining a MALE patient who has BREAST CANCER (i was like so blahdy excited! this is my first time ever to have this patient. and the surgeon chose me to examine the patient!! woot! woot!), when all of a sudden....poof*...... the whole ward went dark. we thought maybe it was just the room that we were in. we went out and saw that the whole place was dark, the only light sources that were available were from outside and from the emergency lights.

lucky for us, the main door that is electronically locked was unlocked during the blackout. if not, we were gonna be stuck in the ward till the power comes up!!

after making the great escape from the ward, it was time to rush back to campus for the 2nd part of the day. as i am carpooling with mr. pooh, we went to his car in the lot. and this was what we saw.....

waaaahhhhh~~~ so tere want this driver. he could squeeze his car lidis one!! maybe his car is a hybrid and it turned out to be a 4-wheel drive old skool proton saga! (-_-") can you imagine? such a big ass hospital with a nursing college and hostel blocks in its compound to boot, has not enough parking space to accomodate the number of visitors or patients that come by to the hospital.

if this driver's car jahanam, i don't know la what to say. dah la he/she has to go to the hospital. then, out of desperation, has to park lidis. then, if the car is damaged in any way possible, that will be such a misfortune for the driver.

so much so for HOSPITAL TERCANGGIH.....