Tuesday, April 22, 2008


my reader, mr. djambu, came over to my blog and has tagged me for the duration of 4 days. i did not notice the tag, until it was apparent when he told me.

these are the management of the tag.

(ceyyy... macam case persentation kat ward jek :P)

-Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented:
1) doraemon bread: where you just place the fat-free, 0-calorie, filling, delicious piece of bread over the pages where you could find informations of the materials that you need to know (webpages or paper pages), then, the info is transferred to the bread, then, you eat the bread and the info are permanently in your head. no more reading required and you need not worry about your waistline! PERFECT!

2) a portal transporter (pintu suka hati mak ko): that could transport you to anywhere and anytime you want. good for emergency situations. as for me, good for going home ALL THE TIME!

3) hologram communicator: this deviced could be used when you want to talk "face-to-face" with the other person. break-ups, marriage proposals, divorces, anything that is personal, can be done over the communication space, and yet, you don't have to be there physically. this could avoid further embarassments for people who are shy or can't except rejection. violence could also be avoided in case of bad news (ie break-ups).

4) personal currency machine: so that you can use the money la, what else!

-Name 4 Things That Should Never Have Been Invented:
1) weapons (i am against violence!)
2) plastic (i can't stand the pollution anymore. how severe does the pollution need to be for you to realize?!?!)
3) weighing machine
4) power (ppl can just loose themselves when they are given even the lowest position...)

-Name 3 Things I do not know about you:
1) i am not THAT emotionless!! i DO have feelings.
2) i suffer from PANIC ATTACKS when the situation is not to my liking (ie turbulance)
3) i am a very flatulent person (kakakakkakak)

-Name 5 Snacks you enjoy:
2) baked, low-fat crackers
3) roasted soy beans (any beans actually, that is why i am flatulent :P)
4) steamboat (kira snacks tak?? kira la... kira la...)
5) any form of low-fat, sugar-free CEREALS!!

now, i wanna tag...hmmmm.....abeming....


Jun said...

yesss!!! that doraemon bread is a must for dorks like us ;p but seriously, do u remember wat happened to nobita after he ate too many slices? yeah, he poo-ed everything out o_O

redSeptember said...

he did??
means he became himself back (stupid) after that?
aiiiyaaa...susah la lidis. i tot permanent info one kekekekek

i think we shud find out how to plant a chip that we could update into our brains kan...

djambu puadovich said...

are u d SILENT KILLER type or LOUD N PROUD type? hehehe

redSeptember said...

eh, at least i am not pretentious....i am a loud killer kkekekekekke

kira my bowels sehat kan? :)