Tuesday, April 22, 2008

under the microscope

.....that is where i have been placed (other than being under pressure as well). if any of you have read my post "Professionalism redefined", you would remember that i have mentioned there regarding mr. pelik "passing" a warning to me through my groupmates. he even said that he will be posting a spy in the ward to monitor the way i dress to the hospital.

seriously, i thought that this was a JOKE. i mean, where would he find time to actually recruit a person to spy on me. maybe he thought that by putting a threat like this, i'd be afraid. it does not affect me, really.

the most retarded thing that i just found out today while i was on call is that, there IS actually a SPY especially for me. and the spy is non other than the HO that is under him!!

waaahhhh!!! i am THAT significant to him that he actually has a REAL spy for me? i really can't believe that he thinks of me so much that he has time to go through all these troubles. gawshhh... now i feel so damn IMPORTANT......not......

but seriously, does a specialist, who is holding a job position that i hope to be in one day, really act like this? i don't think the kids nowadays are down to this level of thinking.

although, the HO is very simple. he doesn't even care to monitor me or scan me up and down. he's so into his work and we'll be trailing after him to join in his on call rounds. like a normal cat, he was just curious to know who is this FAMOUS girl that he was supposed to spy on. i could see that he was excited to finally know who is ALIA (gaawwwssshhhh.... mr. pelik KNOWS my name! uisssshhhh..... melampaui batas dah ni!).

whatever la. if mr. pelik wants to be like an idiot, let him be. it IS his right.

next time when mr. pelik is picking out every single detail about me just to make sure that my life is a living hell, i hope he sees this.


Adzrul Ariff said...

Wah you is famous!! (grammar mistake intentional :P)

serius dia ada masa for this. nasib the HO ok je, klu dia skali dgn mr pelik and SN batu api buat susah je. mana ade masa HO nak work part time as paparazzi. mintak2 when we all jadi HO tak diperalatkan oleh unprofessional people for this kind of thing.

Munira said...

Isn't that considered a harassment? More importantly, sexual harassment? Obsessing about the way you're dressed... that is sexual harassment in my book. Where's his code of conduct? And him recruiting a HO to spy on you... despicable!

Geez, if I were you I'd probably write to the newspapers. A little publicity might give him a nice shock.

redSeptember said...

munira, why don't you help me out in writing it to the papers? that'll be loads of heap off me mind. you pun ada experience kan??

adz, i hope oso kalau you all kena macam ni, cepat2 report so that we can eliminate these ppl from our profession ASAP

UncleJosh said...

it's so nice ler... ~!
well... if he has all the time to check out every single detail... let him be... it won't hurt unless he's disturb the peace of your life... kick him in his nuts and scream "this guy tried to harass me~!"


redSeptember said...

does he even have them nuts in the first place?

tak berani to tell me personally, have to pass pass msg. what? he thinks like budak2 only.

latest: another pakar said that if this particular patient wants to sue mr.pelik, he can, because mr.pelik has performed a malpractice to the patient that caused the patient to permanently loose a section of his bowels!!

buat kerja also like gampang, tapi sibuk nak jaga tepi kain orang.