Monday, April 21, 2008

No, your eyes DID NOT deceive you.

haaa.... see the SWEAT (i SWEAR that is MY SWEAT!! just cause i took the pic in the loo, does not mean that i splashed myseld with water right before the pic was taken. i SWEAT all that out in the gym today by doing my NORDIC -jo-ee babes, i know kau rindu nak naik menatang ni kan? hehehehe -)?? believe it, cause it is true. i work out this much when i feel like (that means, ONCE in a year :P). anyway, this post is for a certain reader who says that he didn't see my muscles making their debut (finally la my mm nak tumbuh (grow) dan membesar (develope) hehehe). all the effort today, is so that my muscle bulk up today. heheheh

NOW, do you SEE? got or not the muscle?? (aiyaahhhh.... if not convinced oso, at least gimme some face and buat2 nampak la. nak kena heart attack dah red tadi gi work out kat gym....-_-" )
but seriously, ada kan?? kan??


djambu puadovich said...

i think i know sape yg seludup steroid kuar dr hospital...hehehe :P
nway, kalo rajin, sila la ke blog djambu...anda telah di tag


redSeptember said... kira encik djambu ingin mengatakan yang musle red ni mmd ada develope la ni???

sorry arr, steroid2 ni tak elok tau. main tipu namanya, dosa.... :P

miao_jo said...

walao~~ ur muscles dah besar giler~~
i miz de nordic.. can't sweat that much without it~~ ARRGGHHH!!!! i miz de gym so much!!!!!

redSeptember said...

pretty ain't it?

Munira said...

Omigod! She's body beautiful, baby, work it work it!

djambu puadovich said...

errr...i won't flatter u dat much by saying 'ur muscles are a wee bit smaller than mine'. hehehe
but it's there. let it stay there

redSeptember said...

alah....janji ada. kira kalau dah perasan tu, red pun happy la hehehe

blom body beautiful lagi la babes munira ;(

Mas said...

awww... jeles nyer daku.... huhuuu~~~

xleh jadik nih... lepas exam i abis, i nak all out gak. hehe~


redSeptember said...

semangat mas! semangat! ehehhe