Sunday, April 6, 2008

Professionalism redefined

today, i went to the hospital wearing this.....

and then, LITERALLY......

i got this kind of reactions from almost everyone (even the people that i don't even know but have frequently seen in the hospital as well as my campus).

in campus: "la...saya ingatkan orang lain tadi", the guard.

my group mates: "wahhh.... alia pakai baju kurung"
"what did mr. pelik said today?"
"eh, eh, awak mari sini. kenapa awak tinggi sangat ni? awak keluar dari ward
saya sekarang. heheheheh"
"if after this he wants to halau you, i really don't know what to say la"

myself: "oiiiissshhhh..... panasnya" *sweat sweat sweat*

mr. pelik was not in the ward today, he was in the operation theater. S/N batuapi however, was there. i was hoping that she did not see me as looked fairly busy with her work (but then again, her work is actually to taunt and pick on me kan?). we were attending the bedside discussion with colonel when i was told to get the case sheet from the nurses' station. at that exact moment, S/N batuapi was there, on the phone. i passed her and then i heard:

"dik, dik, dik"

*buat bo alia, just ignore. prolly she wasn't even talking to you*, said my heart.

i had to pass her again to go back to my patient. i heard it again:

"dik, dik. oooooo..... cik adik, meh sini kejap"

*shaites.... apa lagi kau nak?*, said my heart

"nama siapa?"


"haaa....macam ni la baru cantik. baru la orang tua tu (mr.pelik) tak marah. kan ke cantik macam ni"


"nama siapa tadi?" <~clearly she has amnesia


i walked away with this feeling.....

S.H.O.C.K.E.D! at 9.8 richter scale!

ok... so the day went rather well (too well actually) which made me a little uncomfy (not that i am asking for bad things to happen). i felt something really heavy in my heart. i knew something was coming, somehow. it was back to the campus when.....

April 6, 2008: At approximately 1400 hours, Mr. pooh, my group mate, has told me that Mr. pelik has passed a message to the students that attended the Operation Theatre session, to be told to me. The message was:

§ This is the last warning for me regarding my dressing
§ I must change my shoes. Get the black covered ones.
§ I must not wear jeans to the wards (the black pants).
§ I must wear formal clothes only.
§ That he knew I had met with the godfather, regarding the situation that Mr.pelik had had with me.
§ If I do not comply to his warning, he will write a letter to my dean, regarding my behaviour.
§ He will be asking the doctors that are in the ward that I am in to monitor my dressing and to report to him promptly if I do not dress according to his criteria.

see.... i fecking knew that something fishy was going on. haiisshhhh.... mr. pelik, mr. pelik. if you are really a professional person, or the least, an ADULT, call me la. talk to me personally. why you want to pass pass msg one? you think this is high skool isit? aiiyaaahhhh.... malu la lidat.


seweng said...

hehe..waaa baju kurung tuuu..

ala...pengecut,biasak la...

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

Gosh...dat Mr.pelik really need to chill...
Hang on there... dun let dat freak ruin your day aite...

Amira said...

lol kaklin i like this, very the funny one!!! :D

Karma gona bite his sorry (and probably full of bisul) ass soon haha!!!

redSeptember said...

i think so la his @$$ got loads of bistol. no wonder la rupa muka dia macam bermasalah negara je...

kesian dia kan?

*snicker snicker snicker*