Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sah sah menyuSAHkan betul! (how HSAH works)

i arrived at the hosp today at 0742 hours because i was told to come early for my ortho appointment today. the registration counter opens its doors at 0730 hours, unlike what is stated on my ticket here. see, i was just 12mins late and my tkt is number 087!! CRAZY!! what time does the first person come to get tkt number 001? maybe he/she camped outside the hosp like how ppl camped on the streets to go for american idol audition?

i tot my eyes were deceiving me when i saw that they were only serving number 029! haiisshh... what to do, might as well sit down and wait kan? good thing that i brought along my notes to read for friday's continuous assesment. haisshh... stupid arr, why can't they have it today or next week or on sunday?? because of this blahdy CA, we can't go back for a long weekend in regards to labour day. siott betul arr....

*read read read*

*wait like tunggul kayu*

then, finally, my number was called. went to the counter and was given a personal data booklet for all my hospital affairs. i tot i no need to pay cause i am a student and i was seen by the ortho in that same hospital, see see, they say must pay. aiyaaahhh... whatev la. so long that i get my knees checked, i don't care leyy...

*walked upstairs to the ortho outpatient clinic*

*gave my booklet to the counter and in exchange to that, i was given another number*

"haaa....adik dok sana dulu na. tunggu dr. hensem mai. dia mungkin lambat sikit kot sebab dia oncall hari ni, dia tgh buat round"

haiyaaa.... must wait some more. aku dah la ada discussion hari ni and i don't want to miss that.

-after some minutes of waiting, the nurse called me to see another doc so that he could order an x-ray for me. agaknya, the nurse kesian tgk me lidat, waiting like batu lesung sambil reading my notes. nasib la she observant-

i went to see the other doc and he asked me of my complaints. so i said the same damn thing that i said to 2 other docs that i have seen earlier. entah macam mana, dr. hensem has written in the reference letter that i complained of both knees instability, padahal only my left knee is bothering me. so, this doc cancelled the complain and wrote there that he is ordering for only one knee x-ray.

*went downstairs, walked round the lobby to go to the x-ray dept*

*gave my booklet to the counter, i was given another number*

aiyaahhh.... ni kalau kumpul kumpul, boleh cuba beli nombor lottery ni. mana tau sekali kena, terus baik kott lutut aku. hehehehehe

see, my number was 017, and there were only serving number 004. another episode of waiting. dah kematu (corny la bak diajar djambu) dah my ass. i sat and read my notes again until about 20mins later that i decided to ask the ppl at the counter how long was it gonna take to be my turn. he said, about 20 more mins. hmmmm.... malas la i want to wait. i know that for sure mesti terlajak punya. biasa la government institution, mana pernah on time. eh kejap kejap, ada masa they mmg really on time: masa makan, masa balik, masa amik gaji. konpem!

so, to fill my time with productive things this was what i did:

*run run run..... gi masuk ward nak tengok kalau ada interesting case*

*sampai ward: "alia, did you just ran from the campus to here?". soalan bodo yang aku malas nak jawap sebab jawapan dia takde dalam skema semakan jawapan SPM 2020*

*cari saras, nak wish dia "happy 58th" birthday hehehehe.... takde arr, dia baru 24 tahun"

*no interesting case, infact, no patient!! this is a hospital kan? the last time i checked, i am in the hospital.... ke aku tersalah ni?? rasanya dalam penjara lagi ramai orang. pelik.... *

*nevermind la... at least boleh cuci mata see the student male nurses.... ahhhhh, eye candies!! ;P*

*alamak! look at the time! run run run.... turun balik to the x-ray lab*

see see.... blom sampai number 010 pun. hampeh sial, tunggu je la lagi. nak buat apa kan. at least boleh study sambil tunggu.

when my number was up, i went to do the x-ray. guess what? the doc ordered for x-ray to be done on my RIGHT KNEE!!! eh, aku sakit KIRI la, KIRI!! kenapa la want to do the right knee? haiishh.... this shows how good they are.

after all have been done, i even met with the ortho HOD, he said that there is nothing wrong with my knee, but he could see that the right knee has some degree of volvulus (lari allignment) when i walk. the x-ray looks good he says. the pain and discomfort that i feel may be due to the fact that i had surgery done on my leg before. he says that i should put on my knee guard whenever possible.

ok, so he says that my knee is ok. but why the hell do i still feel the pain and the disability? hmm... kalau macam ni, baik aku tak check je kan. aku takut DVT je cause i had varicose veins. takde pula they do doppler study on me.

doc ordered to do bandaging of the knee which i didn't go to have it done because it requires more WAITING ( i totally lost my ability to wait already). he also presrcribed some meds which i did not take also because i need to take number la, wait la, this la, that la.... baik takyah. i'd rather be in pain than take the meds. so, lepas doc dah cakap like this, aku terus blah. bye bye bye (tune to n'sync).

ni dua buah lutut yang mmg kawan rapat sejak lahir. derang kena conteng tadi sebab HOD made me (with my consent), the subject for other medical students to learn. i was glad that i could help.

ni KANAN, dia tak sakit. dia lah yang tolong jadi support group selama ni masa kawan baik dia sakit. dia pun cool aja, tak sakit, tak demam. tu sebab dia ada pingat (anklet) kat ankle dia.

ni LEFTY. sian dia. dia tgh sakit. dia pernah kena operation. walau dia sakit, dia tetap menjalankan tugas dia masa red pergi gym ke, jogging ke. dia tahan sakit woo.... very the brave one.

haa... since the doc said nothing is wrong kan, aku malas nak fikir byk. sakit mmg la sakit kan, tapi tahan je la. untuk take my mind of this matter, i went to the gym. lagi happy.

ni dia my nordic reading after 50mins on level 9. tgk the CALORIES i burned :8) . but i don't think i burned that much la. macam illogical gila. prolly i burned like 100 cals je but the mesin want to tipu me and make me feel better kott hehehehe.....

whatever la, as long as i exercised kan?


djambu puadovich said...

thanx for highlighting me. hehehe.
corns at ur soles, imaginable...corny ass? [tersedak!!!]
quote "derang kena conteng tadi sebab HOD made me (with my consent), the subject for other medical students to learn."
wut was d lesson of d day?

redSeptember said...

masa tu, the other batch was having dia posting kat ortho outpatient department.

when you are posted at OPD, you will learn from patients yang datang for follow up.

takde speific lesson la.

but he demonstrated that both my patella were symmetrical, cuma ada volvulus on the left one masa i am walking, but very insignificant according to him.

Izham Miyake said...


what's with the sexy legs? i didn;t realize my saliva came out hehehe..

Kidding. thanx for your visit to my blog.

Well, it's become a nature now, the government works really slow now.

So change la the govt. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Nice legs!

How come govt work slow now... thought got new faces already?

Sigh... same old same old...

Peeps said...

ala..saya terlambat mahu mengatakan yang kaki anda sangat seksi tetapi saya tahu kuasa akan adobe photoshop! jangan perdayakan rakyat umum! bahaya nanti tiba!

hahahahahahahah :P

redSeptember said...

hey... those are REAL ok!!

red tak photoshop, tak picasa, tak paint, tak irfanview, to microsoft picture viewer.... semua tak...

i took them like that, they came out like that.

tak tgk entry bebetul ke? kan ke i do the nordic walking? haaa... tu la rahsianya, beside walking everyday and jogging when i feel like!

tak tipu tau.

Mas said...

heyy girl. me wondering... ur left knee hurt, rite? was it underneath ur knee?

i hurt my rite knee and for few years i suffered the pain. but now not anymore (nowadays the pain only comes when i am under-stress) after i met the best physiotherapist... unfortunately he is now furthering his studies in aus.... he is really damn good. klu dier ade kat sini, mmg i akan recommend dier kat u...

nway, if ur knee hurt at the back area, u shouldnt be doing the jogging thingy anymore... you should concentrate on your thighs muscles. and thats what i am doing... you should not put pressure on your knee so much... especially when its hurt and got old scars... (i have)...

bcs according to this doc, if we (ladies) keep on putting pressure right now, we are going to suffer like hell if we are going to get pregnant later on... huhu~

so girl, take care! :~)

p.s.: btw, u did what kind of x-ray? normal one? thats total ridiculous. u should be doing the Magnetic resonance imaging...

Lover said...

Hi there,

Just read bout ur story bout HSAH... I had bad experience there too... There were to many cases being reported bout HSAH...
Just hope they will do something to change!


redSeptember said...

tell me about it. they will not change if their mentality is stagnant.