Thursday, April 3, 2008

from CHENNAI, with love

it has been almost 5 months since i last saw my complimentary base pair. we have so many times planned to see each other but it never worked out the way we planned as our bz schedules seem to always run perpendicular to each other, instead of parallel to each other.

finally, today we met.

like a pair of wings, we immediately got attached to each other.

i am so glad to see jo-ee (especially) and her parents waiting eagerly at the fly-infested cafeteria of our uni. i just finished hospital duty and was so happy to hear that i could spend the evening with them as i can't seem to tomorrow. the short moment that we had just now were mostly spent on catching up and down on each others lives.

we decided to do the catching up over lunch. we have no idea as to where to have our lunch. i was actually very very hungry already cause the last time i had a meal was at 0630hours. it was almost 1330 hours when we finally stopped at CHENNAI CURRY HOUSE.

i really [heart] the setting of this place. very sheek and classy, but yet very inviting and definitely not at all intimidating. we were greeted promptly (prolly cause they were not too many people) and were seated at an almost secluded area (actually, that was the only table that could accomodate 5 people). they had the counter similar to the other mamak outlets, but more classy. they also have this kitchen where you can see the chef (in proper chef attire and chef hat) behind a glass pane, preparing your order (whatever that is). the place is spotless and free of the flying devils (read: flies). one more thing that made me so impressed was the toilet. waaahhh!!! i tell you, so blahdy clean one. i got shocked. even the hospital toilet ain't that clean you know. i am dead serious!!

our waiter came and distributed the menu.

it was a simple A3-sized, front-and-back type of open menu. nothing fancy schmancy. the choices are not as abundant as other mamak outlet. it was concised and clear. i guess they believe in quality more than quantity. i was surprised to see the prices as they were rather affordable as compared to the set up that they have. i was expecting sky-high prices, but i guess assumption only makes an ASS out of U and ME huh? we placed our orders......wait....wait....wait... tak sampai 10mins, our orders started to come.

uncle had the banana leaf set (RM3.90). the rice that they put can be as much as you want but the price still remains the same.

came in with (ceyyy....sound so medical one???): vegies, acar, cili, papadom, gravy, tonnes of rice (you'd actually have to tell them to stop!).

since the banana leaf rice did not come with any meat, uncle ordered some sides to go with it. here is the chicken pepper, stir fry indian-style (RM4.00). this portion can be shared by 2 people, yet, they can't even finish it. i didn't try it. claimed to be delish! eaten by champagne and uncle.

he also ordered the fish curry as another side order (RM6.00). i believe the fish is tuna if not tenggiri (sorry, i really don't know what is the english equi for this one). looks rather healthy as it does not contain the artery-clogging, heart-stopping, creamy-yet-harmful coconut milk. shared by 2 peeps, uncle and champagne again.

jo-ee's (she is so HAWT now! but then, me no likeys so much that she like papan lapis yang menjadi dinding campus ni. hugging her felt so empty....:~( ) drink came last. but it was worth the wait. i like the presentation of it. very high-end look. she had the FRESH mango juice (RM3.00).

i ordered the plain naan (RM2.20). it was not as puffy as the ones that you get from the mamak outlets. but nevertheless, it wasn't laden with butter and was presented in a basket, fresh from behind-the-glass-pane kitchen. it was crispy but thin. really nice tho.....

jo-ee and aunty ordered garlic naan (RM2.50 each). they said that it was nice. the dip that came with the naans was really unique. they said that it is the spicy dhal. i've never tasted this variation of dhal but simply [heart] it. jo-ee also loved it. we also ordered tandoori chicken (RM6.50, which i believe is the standard price) that came still very juicy as compared to the ones that you get from other mamak outlets that are so damn dry that you could have mistaken it for tissue paper or worst, sand paper. the tandoori chicken from CHENNAI CURRY HOUSE was crispy outside, very tender inside. the smell of burnt spices that was the marinade for the tandoori chicken made another plus point to have this dish.

other things that we ordered were:
  • plain rice (good serving size) RM0.80
  • teh hALIA (as what champagne is calling me from now on....haiiisshhh) RM1.70
  • fresh lime juice (aunty had this) RM1.50
  • iced white coffee (looked really tempting) RM2.00
  • coke lite (who else right??? i am an addict. i am not ashamed to say this) RM1.80

for 5 peeps, the bill came up to RM38.40, without any GST or SERVICE CHARGE. how super uber cool is that. i would rate the service a 4.5 / 5. and yet, they don't charge us!


141 - 143, Jalan Legenda 5, Legenda Heights, 08000 SP.

would i come again? HELL, YEAH!

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