Saturday, April 12, 2008

4 hangouts and a big fat smile

i wanted so much to wake up late today (by late, i mean, 0700hours). but this did not happen as i was awaken by some chitty chatters that were coming from the kitchen (see, the KITCHEN in this house is like a meeting point, or shall i say, a confessional booth. almost everything under the sun that occured in someone's life in this family, will be told there, in the KITCHEN). i deciphered the voices belonging to mama and yah. wahhhh!!! how come they wake up earlier than me one? try alia.....try your best to go back to sleep. as everyone already know, i suffer from insomnia, MAJOR! i couldn't go back to sleep no matter how tired or sleepy i was. oh yeah! today is supposed to be national cancer centre day, and of course, meeting up with jo-ee!! so, i pulled myself out of bed, said my prayers, and headed for the KITCHEN.

chicken risolles: these are the oh-so-blahdy-tempting finger food that yah was preparing.
i was welcomed by the smell that only heaven could compare (ok, i like to be a little dramatic, so excuse me). i was practically holding my own hand, forcing it to stop from taking one of these mouthwatering risolles. and then, like this was not enough, mama had to torture me by making mini muffs that has the fragrance that you could almost taste them in your mouth.

orange poppy mini muffs: temptation that turned into torture (for me).

after getting all the snacks done, as usual, we were fighting over who gets to get ready first. naturally, i am the in-wash-out kind of person. so, it does not really take me much time to spend in the shower. as for nana, she was told to go in first because she could take up to 40mins just to wash herself! aiiyaaa.... 40mins, i can cycle half way to tanjung dawai already leyy..... (-_-")
and off we went to the national cancer center to be volunteers for the day in helping people and patients to understand more about surviving cancer and how to make the best out of whatever time frame that still remains.

Dr. Katherine (i hope i got her name right...): the director of national cancer center malaysia giving a small greeting speech to the participants of today's awareness programme.

Adeline: the head coordinator of the awareness programme. a cancer survivor.

Master Qi Gong: an 11 years cancer survivor. suffered from colon CA and lymphoma. still strong.
"we were all born with one disease in us: LAZYNESS"
mama and i putting qi gong to good use: i was actually falling asleep as i am not good in concentrating in these kind of things. mama claims that she was SWEATING (but we were only doing the breathing exercise,how leyy?).
before the programme ended, jo-ee and i decided to do some hangout in KLCC. gawsh!! it has been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since we last hung out together and we had tonnes of (shortlived) fun! she wanted ice-cream so much, we ended up flirting with the ice-cream ppl (they started first k). did a spot of window shopping and of course, WALKING around as usual.
*snicker snicker snicker*

of course camwhorring was TOP on the agenda.

after KLCC, i was supposed to be meeting nana for a spot of badminton. turned out, we had to cancel that because the court wasn't available. so i ended up going around for a bit more and founf some odd stuffs. i really LOVE looking for weird stuffs in weird places because this is what a trendsetter does heheheh.....

finally, when i got home, it was not even 30mins later that we had to go out already for mama farida's b'day bash in nek pusing's place. it was an intimate gathering of super close family and friends. the food were flowing non-stop, one after the other. lucky i had some fruits before i went, or else, i would have taken and shove everything on the table, down my throat! delish looking, tempting food!

quarter of the food that were served. gawwsshh!!! you can never imagine what else that were served before and after this spread.

WARNING: never go to their houses on an empty stomach! you can never stop eating!

and now it is 2341hours. i just finished this blog. i woke up at 0645hours, i was out since 0915hours. my life is crazy hectic but it sure is FUN!


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