Wednesday, April 2, 2008


....medically, halitosis means bad breath or BAD MOUTH.

many people think that bad mouth occurs from bad oral hygiene. this is partly true. there are many causes of bad mouth actually. it could be due to some pathology in the nose, digestive tract, it can even indicate the presence of malignancy or some kind of pathology in the kidneys. these conditions are all medical.

however, there are non medical conditions that could cause someone to have BAD MOUTH. that is simply because that person is SELFISH.

this happened in the class. somehow in the 54-odd number of people in the batch, 3 of us has decided to become, how shall i put this, hmmm.....STUPID. they love to tell on people and they thought that their "innocence" are a blessing. well, lemme put this to your faces punks, you guys are more like a CURSE! all right, if you have a problem with anyone at all, go and face the person and talk it out. do not, i repeat DO NOT, go on and talk about it to the others. you are not finding a solution by doing this, infact, you are creating more PROBLEMS!!

so, this 3 idiots (oooohhh... i am being very mild here), has made the whole batch seems like a failure, after what they had told the registra. now, the faculty and most importantly the dean of school of medicine, who has helped our batch in so many ways, are looking down on us and do not want to participate in any way possible, if we are ever going to face any difficult undertakings in the future.

and the most retarded part is, this 3 "heroes" do not even want to 'fess up and explain as to why they had tell on the batch to the registra. weiiii..... come on la, if you are so blahdy tere to go and run like a spoiled child to tell on others, and because of your "heroic" (yet very DUMB) actions, the the school has a bad impression on the batch, the least you smarty pants could do is, EXPLAIN!

why you so skeeerrrrddd one?

this is no child's play la, come on. we are adults (well, you guys claimed to be. as for me, i am always 19), and definitely, we have responsibilities. if you think it was your responsibilty to bad mouth the batch and cause this mayhem, then i ASSUME it is also your responsibility to 'fess up and give an explaination.

don't be a chicken ass. it is so not helping.

we won't hate you, we will just DESPISE you.

makes me wonder why there are still this kind of people on planet earth....haiiiiyaaaa (-_-")

bolo punya olang. nang bu ti nang, kui bu ti kui!

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