Friday, April 4, 2008

the RECURRENCE rate is high (when i thought it was all over)

April 4, 2008: At 0830 hours, I entered ward K1 to start my on-call duty. At approximately 0915 hours, Mr. pelik came in, dressed in a bright orange t-shirt, a pair of brown slacks, and a pair of snickers, to attend the ward round session that was being held by the MOs and HOs. Since it is an off day, they were dressed casually. But the HOs were in their proper attire. I was dressed in the manner that a medical student should be wearing (or so i thought).

Mr. pelik looked at me when he arrived at the ward but did not say anything. I assume and hope that I am well dressed, up to his expectations, at least. My group mates and I joined the ward round session as we are eager to learn from the doctors. Everything went on well.

After the doctors left the first patient that they attended to, we went to the said patient and started talking to him about his condition. Mr. pelik and his team were attending to the other patients. At about 0940 hours, while we were still talking to the first patient, I heard Mr. pelik saying:

“eh, eh, panggil budak tu sini”

Naturally, I wanted to know who was he calling and so, I turned to look at the team (including Mr. pelik) that were standing around the bed opposite to my patient. He was addressing me to go to him. I went there and Mr. pelik said:

“awak pergi balik, tukar seluar awak, tukar kasut awak”

I did not want to face another session of him screaming at me. Reluctantly, I walked away from the bay and went out of the ward.

Due to my absence from the ward today, I have missed one very interesting case. This has made me lost the chance to learn from the patient.

I was wearing my lab coat (buttoned up), black pants, covered sand-coloured sandals.

The first day I saw Mr. pelik in the hospital, I was wearing the same pair of pants, and I have been wearing the same pair of shoes. He never commented anything on this particular pants and shoes. I have even met the godfather, and the Head of Department, Mr. GQ, with the same pair of shoes, and they did not make any comment about the shoes. So I assume that it was appropriate to wear them to the hospital.

According to my group mate, Mr. pelik even told one of the staff nurse that was on duty, to report to him immediately if I entered the ward again today. Therefore, I did not make any attempt to enter the ward again.

mr. pelik did not even comment on the pair of shoes that my friend was wearing, which to me, i thought was way to much for him to handle. so, which one of the above is more appropriate?
apa salah aku lagi kali ini?


Jonjenin said...

hai doktor...thanks singgah jap kat blog saya. erm...menarik juga blog ni.

syntheticsoul said...

mau singgah jugak!

Interesting stories... better than malay dramas.

Rajin nyer menulis :)

redSeptember said...

thanks jonjenin!

synthetic soul, bukan rajin menulis, tapi takde tempat nak lash out my emotions. so kira this is the best place to do it. mana biri2 red? hehehehe

singgah le selalu k!

Adzrul Ariff said...

Are those shoes Crocs?
Hehe...some people memang for no reason just are against Crocs rasanya. Maybe mr.pelik is one of them? Tak dapat figure out why dia against the dark pants too. Pink tak boleh, dark pun tak boleh. Maybe dia nak u wear baju kurung kot?

Its official. He's out to get you.

tung-sun said...

aku peminat setia Crocs.apa hal la pulak dengan doc ni? adakah dia cemburu juling2 air kerana tidak memiliki satu pasang Crocs? hai, pasal kasut pun nak riuh macam perang di bosnia.

rilek arr brader.

seweng said...

hahaha..bler bday c pelik tu?blikan je dia crocs...klu tak bli je yg asadi,tampal lambang crocs...wakakaak...

redSeptember said...

tak sanggup arr...

baik buang duit tu kat tempat atau orang yang lebih berfaedah. lagi la puas hati!

patut la nama dia mr. pelik kan. mmg ye pun pelik.

Anonymous said...

so mr GQ is mr haridass n mr pelik is mr rashidi..xkan mr tan kot...
hmm..actually i was there 1 year ago..department tu mmg strict pasal attitude..S/N mmg jaga kitorg la..(tapi mcm terigt la sorg dua S/N yg kerek).1st day lg diorg dah nasihat awl2 greet surgeon..introduce, jgn main follow round jer..ok la bile join clinic n OT mr rashidi..tapi tidak dgn mr haridass..psl dressing pon, pernah tgk la AIMST student kena tegur..

redSeptember said...

i prefer mr.GQ anytime of the day babe, anytime....

mr.pelik can go roll over and do what he wants. lantak dia la.

kari said...

wah.. pakai camtu pun xleh ye.. fenin la kalau mcm ni. kalau pakai snickers boleh ke? its more comfortable. i would think..

redSeptember said...

nope dear. so long you work in the gov, appearance is above all. even if your brains are empty, at least look the part.

no snickers. just salvatore ferragamos.