Monday, April 14, 2008

Journey in the firecar (haiku)

in the firecar we went
all four of us
to go back to fill my empty vessel with knowledge.
journey started at 2055
but paper said 2045
biasak la, malaysian time.
although we had late lunch
the kugiran bands in our stomachs played their tunes
"aku lapar" is the number 1 in the charts.

before the firecar moved
we made our moves
dived, nose first, into our bentos (bekalan la bak kata jepun).
after our bento dinner
the eyes were automatically sleepy
so apa lagi, membuta time la.
althought it is a firecar
it felt like the north most part of alaska
we were all frozen in our sleep.
we looked like we were sleeping
but we were fighting a war
against the uncomfortable seats (damn it!).
"are we there yet?"
a question that no one likes to hear
but i sure like to ask.
around 0500, i woke up and went out of the cabin
tak tahan dowh sejuk
warmed myself (tapi macam takde effect je).
jalan-jalan cari kantin (macam bangang je kantin)
dreaming of super hot drink
last-last, diri sendiri yang hot sebab kantin tutup (tapi workers ada sana??!!?).

upon arriving
with face without shame
i changed my pants discreetly in the cabin itself (sebab nak terus gi hospital).
finally, the land that we were waiting for (mainly sebab nak naik katil la)
i go hospital
3 angels go zzzzzzz in hotel suite.
my advice:
firecar no good for long journey if your seat cannot recline 180degree
firecar can be fun or nightmare, GOOD LUCK!


abeming said...

firecar?heheh...i dig my head into deepest to find out what firecar is...finally I know what it is, "KERETA API"...hehehe...

thanks menyinggah di blog hamba...=)

redSeptember said...

lohhh abe,
ku sangka firecar tu dah kire direct trans dah tu kekekek....

neways, thanks to you too for coming over.

red dedicate lagu "come on over" fr christina aguilera utk abe supaya nyinggah2 lah lagi ye ;)

freakmie said...

hehehe..ehh..tuh keter api nak pergi mana tuh? it in malaysia??

gosh..dah lama aku tak naik keter api nih..

redSeptember said...

iye saye, it is in malaysia
keretapi yang kat russia pun lagi best la.... kata malaysia ni canggih naa...


djambu puadovich said...

alwiz luved KTM for long distance trips. esp wit luved ones :)

tp kene bersedia la dgn baju sejuk. atau pun kene a duduk rapat2 sket. kui3 :P
naik ketapi dr mane ke mane tu?

redSeptember said...

hari tu masa red balik KL, tak la terasa sejuknya. so tak bawa jaket. ngan t-shirt selai, naik firecar. sekali tgk, firecar tu transformer sebenarnya, dia transform jadi peti beku daging kat tesco tu lak. aiiiyyaaahhh....

route: south - north

miao_jo said...

KTM Berhad = Kura-kura Tanah Melayu Berhad


redSeptember said...

hey babes. ada nampak muka cute you kat my blog?? hehehe mira said you looked totally diff!!

i loved your new fs pix. so modelesque...

KTM berhad = kami tak mampu berhad

...more like...