Saturday, April 26, 2008

what do you think?

i HAD to snap this picture from the papers today and i FEEL STRONGLY that i HAD to post this up.

the headline for this was:

"WINGS to perform in planet hollywood"

after seeing this, do you think....:

  • that this member of the famous rocker band is really living up to his title as a rocker that he has to wear holed-up clothes to look the part?

  • that it is true what they said, artists/celebrities don't actually earn that much, he can't afford to buy a new pair of jeans? it is just us, the lay-people who think that they are living THE life as potrayed by the mass media.

  • that he did not realize there is a hole in his pants, especially there in the groin area?

  • that i am observant to the things that are insignificant?

  • that this hole came to happen while he sat for the picture?

  • that maybe, just maybe, he forgot that needles and threads DO exist?

ieee....malu malu.....*>.<*


Ji Yuan said...


Anonymous said...

You are just too observant for your own good, even for humanity's own good :P

redSeptember said...


what can i do, i am a VIRGO. i live on details.

tapi ni kira nak selamatkan dunia dari buta la ni.


Anonymous said...

Cuba kalau seluar kao yang koyak...

Do you:
Want people to point and laugh at you behind your back?

Want someone to tell you that you have a hole in your pants where the sun don't shine so that you can do something about it?

Fikir-fikirkan lah *-*

Anonymous said...

I think the editor should have had the discretion for details like this and photoshop this eyesore.

Guess *they* weren't observant enough.

redSeptember said...

siapa la nak kan?

this is about the same as finding a blooper in the papers. the editor should have seen this first because it was pretty obvious.

but then again, we point out people's mistake all the time.

Anonymous said...

Then don't you think you should write to the editor and tell him to be more careful when selecting snaps for his paper?

redSeptember said...

hmmm.... it is the editor's job to be more meticulous, eh?

plus, to each his own.

maybe aku offended kau in so many ways....maybe ko ni secretely peminat setia wings kott....apa2 pun, sorry k ;)

it takes a brave to apologize.

Anonymous said...

Takdelah you didn't offend me, not one bit.

I'm just voicing my opinion. You can make a difference by writing to the editor. Who knows, maybe they will even publish it in the "Letters to the Editors" section :)

By the way...anyone can apologize. It takes a brave person to admit to one's mistake and apologize when one knows one is in the wrong.

Oklah, kita hentikan disini saja :)

Mas said...

i hope the editor read your blog... :~p

ahh... news people... sometimes they are like that... didnt you realize it? i mean... sometimes they took shot of girls only... while so many guys around...

whatever it is... damn funny leh... :~D

keep it up!

athena said...

such a sharp eye u have! hahaha....