Friday, April 25, 2008

LOVE all around us

i just (not really la... almost an hour and 15 mins already) came back from a movie screening right here in the campus. we have an international movie club here in our uni (thank GOD!). if not, ok, i am no racist k, the only movie that they will air here are indian movies. please la, think of the others and widen your horizon. ok i understand that you are proud of your culture and shaites, but there is such thing as BORING. i am pretty sure that they (the indians) also want to watch something else other than indian movies. exposure is the key to knowledge (yes, you can quote me, and keep that in mind!).

so, back to the screening today. LOVE ACTUALLY was on and i was really looking forward to it. i remembered vaguely watching it somewhere before. but as soon as the movie starts, i can't quite remember the scenes. so, i guess it must have been a dejavu for me.

LOVE ACTUALLY is like the english version of CINTA (malaysian movie which i think was very well done and of good standards, could be in the same line with movies from yasmin ahmad -i regard her as good standard movis maker-), which now has an indonesian version entitled LOVE. all these 3 movies revolve around how love may be potrayed in everyday lives. be it among lovers, friends, families, across the nations, gays, straights..... anything at all that reminds you and me of love.

i can't shake the emotional feeling that overcame me while (and still is overcoming me) i was watching the movie just now. i feel sick....really....LOVE SICK. iewwwww...... what is happening to me? i mean, the most cacat part of all, i have all the feeling of love, but i don't have someone to share with (ie i am single). of course, i love my family and friends, but i am sure you understand what category of love i am babbling about here. this feeling seems really odd for me because i have been out of it for 3 years now and i think i totally forgot how to get into one. does it come with a manual?

seriously, after being single, yeah, i tend to be shy with the person who i think i might like. then, i either screw it up or let the moment pass, and then, i am back to square one, being single. i enjoy it actually but sometimes, no matter how much i hate to admit it, it gets a little lonely.

if love is so sweet, i'd be ready with insulin. (by all means, quote me)


Munira said...

*omniscient narrator with dramatic flair and overtone*

Is it finally happening? Is it true? Is Alia... in lurve?

Tee hee!

redSeptember said...

wat tokking you?

babe, feeling je. in love? with who? if i say i am in love with myself, nnt kena label as narcissistic pulak...

what will be, will be ;)

nak recommend ke?

ILA said...

(psstt..pls pick up d phone)


about love??
hmm...dont push yrself k;)

Mas said...


Alia... Alia... heh.

ehh... true la wheyy... yesterday also... suddenly there was this rush of love in me... then its just... ermmm... being suppressed again. hehe.

i am single too right now... single and not available (dont believe my status at friendster... thats just cover up for some monsters out there... hehe~). too many heartbreaks before this... still not healing properly yet... huhu~

but its true... being single is actually much more better lah... bcs we have more time to pamper ourselves... hehehe~~~ dont you think so? heee~


redSeptember said...

tu la.. rasa macam free gila and tak terpk pasal byk benda.

lagi pun, less stress kan...

(ceyy... tgh console diri sendiri with the pros of being single... aiiyaaa....)