Thursday, April 3, 2008

the aftermath of hurricane C2R

although in reality, there is no such hurricane that hit this part of the planet, yet, this is how my apartment that is shared by 7 GIRLS (including me) look like. seriously, i AM the only one that cares about the cleanliness of this place. i don't mean to say this like as if i am boasting, but if you see how these other girls live, you can just go insane! everytime that seems possible for me to do a spot of tidying up, i will. no matter how tired or bz i am, i will try to clean up the place a little. i tell you, sometimes, i couldn't be bothered cause most of the time, i am not in, i am in school or hosp.

please laaa.... they don't feel ashamed is it? clean up after yourselves la. even i, who is always on the run to catch up with studies and posting, i still could find time to clean up abit.

haiisshhh.....dah berbuih dah mulut aku ni. dah rupa macam orang kena sawan pun ada. tgk arr.... kalau aku dah tak tahan nnt, aku buang je mana yang tak di claim.

they are so dirty that they can discard choc wrappers, leave their dirty dishes, anywhere and how long they wish.

gila pengotor. tak tau malu ke deyy?

i am sure EVERYONE can see the shoerack, right? to them, it is INVINSIBLE. they can't even pick up their shoes and it there nicely.

can't even arrange or keep their dried umbrellas. shoes are everywhere! ehh... this ain't no shoe shop la weii....

lookey here: one of the tin of biscuits is EMPTY. tu pun takleh nak buang. i just discovered this just now. so, i put it in the recycling corner. see the white matter in the container? that is somekind of facial wash that is used by one of the MEDICAL girls. if she use it, surely she'll make a mess by dirtying the counter top. she won't wipe it, i HAVE to! look at the books, this is a pantry area, what the hell are the books doing there?

see how many kettles? well, i don't really mind. if only they'd put them properly. this also they can't do, eh?

they love to study in the hall. they hate to tidy up after themselves. eraser dusts, used scrap paper, snack containers, all over the place. if you want to do like this, blahdy do it in your fecking room la. don't do it in the common area. bangang siot!

need i say nething? this is how they live. but the thing is, they have more time on their hands than me.

ok, i am no miss squeaky clean. this is how my bed looks like. even though i am always rushing, don't you agree with me that this look rather decent?
lemme out!!!!


Jonjenin said...

ini umah korang ke? hihihii...
no komen. ngee...

redSeptember said...

rasa rasanya rumah orang.

mungkin derang ni biasa dok dalam keadaan macm ni kot.

rasanya reban ayam kat kampung nenek red tu lagi kemas la.

Anonymous said...

gile larhhh...
i pon ade mslh yg same kat sini..dulu i je yg rajin nk kmas umah hari2(bukan nak puji),coz i takle la tgk umah bersepah..tak larat,skt pale!!tp skrg dah upah bibik sbb i tak larat kemas sorg2 je..tu pon i yg cari..even dah ade bibik i still kmas katil sendiri..yg lain tu, HARAM!
lepas minum or mkn megi or mkn pape,bleh je biarkan atas lantai!!ade ke patut???!!