Monday, December 27, 2010

Defeated by Dim Sum

Youngest contender: just awoken from his slumber....

When we first arrived, we were all crazy hungry. The food came to the table and disappeared in mere seconds. To wait for the other course to arrive was like waiting for the sky to fall down. It took THAT long.

So we decided to outsmart the system by ordering everything and anything that were on the menu, by the twos. That way, we will never be short of the food supply on the table.

The orders started to come.....

....and then flowing non-stop.

Amal putting a smile to the challenge. I could hear her stomach expanding with food... don't you think she looks a little green? :P

Yayah and Pott: the professionals of this kind of game. But yet, they were keeling over laughing in pain when the food never stop coming to the table.

Narisha: deviating from the table and concentrating on Schnappi. Maybe Schnappi could help with the food :)

Schnappi: learning how to use the chopstick for the first time. Isn't he adorable?

In the end, we lost. Food 1 - Us 0.

Had to pay for the extras and we all vowed: NO MORE DIM SUM FOR THE NEXT YEAR!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My life goes tick tock

Yesterday started off with an SMS saying that the patient that I am following her progress has been admitted to Labour Room. Lets just call her Mrs B.

Actually, I wanted to sleep in yesterday and go to the hospital a little later than usual since I didn't get enough rest and sleep the day before. But as soon as my alarm went off and i put it to snooze, the SMS came in. So, as a true medical person, I dragged myself up and got ready as soon as possible to get to the hospital.

The day went on from labour room to cardiac resus room to medical wards. I was joining the other teams to gather more knowledge. Around noon, when I went back to LR to check on Mrs B, there was still no progress. She was still in latent phase of labour.

Since I had some other urgent matters to attend to, I left the hospital and went on to run some errands. As usual, banks are never lack of customers. Waiting is just another favourite pastime to be done in the bank. The hour moved on and it is already time to go for my aerobics.

After a who hour of aerobics, I went home thinking that OK, it is time to kick back and relax. Have a nice shower and have dinner. But even before my sweat could dry off, I got a call saying that Mrs B is going to be sent for emergency C-sect due to secondary labour arrest. Oh God!

I changed into my hospital clothes without even taking a shower,wiped my face and made a move. At the hospital, it was another episode of waiting as the emergency OT was busy at that moment. At that time, I was hungry, I was tired. But I couldn't show that to her because she needs my smiley face to reassure her that everything will be fine.

Finally into the OT. Everything went on smoothly, Alhamdulillah. She delivered a baby boy and when I showed her the baby, the smile on her face just took all that I had in my head at that moment, away. I didn't feel tired, I didn't feel hungry. I just felt elated that I could see her smile. All her anxiety and worries are gone.

Went home, cooked dinner, had dinner and cleaned up. I sat on the lazy chair, putting Dexter on my notebook. I didn't realized that I fell asleep on the lazy chair. I actually moved myself to the bed only in the wee hours of the morning. That was how exhausted I was.

This will be the rest of my life.


Sunday, December 19, 2010


So, it has been another 4 months before i braved myself to go to the hairstylist. I have decided to change my stylists to a new one since I saw this saloon along Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah.

I came with some pictures in my BBdevil as ideas of how i want my hair to be this time. We discussed and she went on to do her job. The way her hands move, the detail that she goes through, I'd say that she is a good stylist.

Apart from giving me a killer hairstyle now, she is such a doll and friendly. I would highly recommend her and would go again there anytime soon to retouch my hair :)

Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar

Tell Rina that Alia from HSB recommended her :)

No farking

When they say "No parking zone" but yet they are some who are so damn adamant that that is a bloody parking space, this is how they teach the ignorant.

Good job securities!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I haz the bug

It has been a long week for me, what with my travelling and arranging and being with my lovely sisters, and supposedly getting ready for my exams, which by the way, I didn't manage to do because I was so caught up with things.

Sunday was supposed to be a work day. But I was so sleepy I only managed to arrange some stuffs with my colleagues and doctors, then I knew I had to sleep. I was definitely deprived of it for the past week. So, I decided to stay home and catch some snooze. I didn't even manage to find a patient for my clinical assessment the following day.

Monday came around and I was as calm as sea. I waltz into the wards and started looking for a patient. I had only a an hour to clerk my patient and present her for my assessment. I did it as quick as I can and waited for my professor to come and assess me.

I was trying my level best to keep cool and calm down during the assessment. With my friends in tow, it was like I was on stage, performing for them. But what threw me off the spotlight was when the questions keep on coming in without letting me think for even a second. I started to tie myself up and ended up in a knot, which I slowly tried to get out of. I pulled through the assessment.

Then, the next person, a friend whom I didn't know was sick. She is an A student. She can answer any questions at all. But at one point, she had to sit and she looked terrible. I found out that she was sick. And I was standing near her.

Monday evening, I started to cough. Thinking it was just a reflex, I shoved the thought of being sick, away. Cough.... cough.... cough... I finally got it. I haz the bug..... X_x

Only on Tuesday, I started taking medicine for my illness. Within 30mins of the meds, I was already in deep sleep. I didn't even have dinner, I didn't even hear people knocking on my door.

Wednesday: I got sick in my mouth. Had to endure the long hour in the OT but I pulled through. In the evening, I decided that I had to fight this. I had to go out. I went for my aerobics which I haven't attended for one whole week. Towards the end, I passed out because the bug really got me.

Being sick is terrible... X_x

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sabar itu separuh dari Iman

Lepas oncall Rabu lepas, perut aku memang lapar tak ingat punya. Aku punya tahap lapar, sampai aku boleh convince Saras and Arul yang dua2 berjanji tak nak makan, sebab kononnya on "fluid diet", untuk makan sama ngan aku.

Kami decided untuk try makan kat Iman Koeyteow Kerang (somewhere along Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah). Tengok tempat tu memang malam2 penuh orang melepak and enjoying their Koeyteow Kerang (oh, yes, aku actually MAKAN koeyteow goreng tu ok).

Macam biasa, we all have different tastes. Aku nak kerang + taugeh + pedas. Saras nak kerang - taugeh + pedas. Arul nak taugeh - kerang + pedas + taugeh extra. Punya la lama kami tunggu because mainly they were confused with the order and also there were many patrons at that time.

So we all sabar....................

When the extra taugeh came, I almost fell into the drain, laughing. Dia boleh kasi taugeh fresh yang blom masak OK..... letak pinggan separate lagi. Buang tebiat ke apa??

Thursday, December 9, 2010

At this rate, I will come down

Fuel price: Just increased, yet again....

Food price: increased because of the fuel price....

Ticket price: remains stagnant....only for now....

Amenities price: increasing without your knowledge...

Everything is going up, high rises, prices, lifestyles. Sad thing is, mentality is the same. Stagnant as always.

Weird ain't it?

note: my allowance price???? errkkk.... X_x

Friday, December 3, 2010

Calm turbulence

I hate flying. I really do. Simoly because, I suffer from panic attacks when there is turbulence. It's really bad.

It started when I was 12. It was the first time ever for me to be travelling long hours on flight. I was on the way to the USA, after a lay over in London. I was calmly sitting beside my mother in the plane. Nothing was going on except for us watching whatever that was showing then.

Suddenly, there was turbulence. It wasn't really a bad one. But I don't know why, at that moment, I started panicking, REAL bad. I was restless, I couldn't breath properly, I wanted to get under my seat for safety (that was what I was thinking then). My mother was shocked to see me that way but she didn't know I was panicking. So she let me be.

After that incident, it didn't hinder me from flying. I had to fly for my studies, I flew for my holidays, and many more. But whenever turbulence happens, the panic starts. And I have no control over my panic state.

But as panic as I can get, I can remain really calm too. I can remain so calm that I surprise myself sometimes.

Like very recently when I got back from Wien and I had to travel back to Alor Setar, I was on the highway, in the car alone. I was driving between 90-110km/h. I had my seatbelt on, my earphones plug into my BBDevil. I was a sight for safety on the road. Suddenly the trafic became slow. It could only mean 2 things: an accident or a road block.

I drove on, thinking nothing but to pass the hurdle ahead. As I got nearer, I saw what was making the traffic slow: road block. The police was really on a roll. I could see many cars parked by the side and the drivers being summoned. I drove on and the police looked at his list and signalled me to join the rest of the drivers by the side.


I was panicking beyond belief as I really did not know what I did wrong. The police asked for my lisence and I gave it to him without questioning what I did wrong. I was just waiting in the car, when all of a sudden, the police looked at me and started asking me things that are not related to why I was even parked by the road side. He was actually chatting me up!!

I was like: WTH?!?!?. He gave me back my lisence and I drove off still flabbergasted by the whole situation. But the most important thing was that, I did not show him that I was panicking inside, I had such a calm tone and face, I think he feels wrong to even stop me in the first place.

I can be as calm as the sea and also raging mad as a tornado...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Words cannot convey

I was jogging just now with the earplugs in my ears. Wasn't any song in particular but suddenly I started snickering. I risked being called a weirdo, and almost laughed my heart out when songs, other than the ones that I was actually listening to, was playing in my head.

And these songs (Can't touch this, Airplane, Rojak) remind me so much of my dear sisters. I miss being with them, laughing our hearts out at nothing and everything. There is not a dull moment between us. The only time that we are quiet is when one of us falls asleep, and that will be me, as I am the first to fall asleep all the time especially during movie nights.

Life is funny when we are near, we drive each other crazy with our own uniqueness. But when we are apart, we can't stand the distance.

I always go through the pictures in my phone which is mostly of my family. And I found this picture that fits perfectly in my homescreen. My Mamak and the love of her life, Shadi.

We can never agree on one thing. But I am pretty sure that we can agreen on this: we miss each other like crazy and nothing can describe that feeling right now.

Gravida Para

Please find what is wrong in this proforma.

It does not really require a genius to see what is wrong with it. But I guess the REAL geniuses are those who actually came up with such a thing.

I am not naming names here.

Alor Setar

I can't believe my eyes when I saw Alor Setar on the roadmap of Vienna.

OMG, Alor Setar is so the very international.


This set that consists of a full meaty chicken piece, plus a bowl of soup, plus beancurd stirfry, plus rice, plus special sauce, costs RM9.40

This piece of bony chicken, smaller than the first picture and they claim that it is "QUARTER chicken", costs rm9.90

RasaMas, you are fucking kidding me right?

That will be the first and last time that I will be eating from RasaMas.

Fyi, we ate at RasaMas Tesco Alor Setar branch.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Because talk is cheap

Why do we talk to each other? To make opinions, thoughts, feelings, and almost everything transfer from a whole brain to the other, without we realizing the whole amazing complicated process of it. And because we didn't realize, this has made many a conversation defective ones as the messages that were supposed to go through did not meet its true purpose.

I wanted to talk to you as how we did before, but that could never happen now. Tried my level best all the time to be diplomatic, but still, nothing. You were angry with me when I wrote about our failing relationship. Said that I shouuld have gone to you straight. Well, FYI, let me make this easy for you, I F**Ki*G DID. And guess what I got for that? Oh, you need not to guess cause you are on the giving end, and me on the receiving end of your very hostile personality, only with ME.

You know what, I always tell myself (because my mother has brought me up nicely so), that no matter how much mean the world can be, all I need to do is brush it off and smile, and that automatically makes me the better person. So, I did. And yeah, that does make me the better person in so many ways.

Don't think that I am confused. That I don't understand what you mean. I do. Actually, I think that you are kinda confused yourself when you told me to get to you on a personal level to talk if I had anything going on about you that I needed to say. Hey, I did OK, and you bloody well knew it.

And what did I get in return for conforming to your suggestion?


Thanks alot for nothing.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The first night when I clocked in for my oncall in the Labour Room, I thought to myself: "owhhh.... this is gonna be a long one". Since this is all about waiting, and waiting, and more waiting.

Then I went to my first room because the mother has already been screaming in the room due to labour pain. So I assume some action is going on in there to deliver the child.

As I flipped the curtain, immediately, I saw a baby's head in between the mother's leg. I saw her face that showed indescribable agony. And all I could think of at that precise moment was: Mamak.

I replaced everyone in the Labour Room with my life. The mother is Mamak, the baby is me, the staffs were all from UHKL instead from HSB.

I love my Mamak. That is all that I wanted to say actually.

You come again, and please, can you go again?

I didn't want to write about this because it seems that it didn't matter at all. But as much as I tried to sweep it to the side, as adamant, it comes back to the center of my thoughts. Why must it be that way? God, this sucks.

After a good 4 years, you suddenly called me back. At first I did not recognize your voice, but after a few minutes, you sound so damn familiar. I know you, and by the sound of it, I knew you well. But still, I couldn't process my thought long enough to figure out who you are.

And then you told me. I was shocked. Flabbergaster. Awestrucked. There could be many more words to describe my stunted moment at that time but you took all the words away. How could you have done that?

The history that was between us made me think. Made me cut off all the ties that we had between us, as friends, as close friends, as whatever. After that one moment when we were on the phone way back when, I said to myself: "never again". And now you call me back? As Adam Lambert would say: "what do you want from me?"

I asked, and asked, and asked some more. So you finally said that you missed me, some way or the other other. But I didn't want to accept that answer cause it was wrong. So I probe some more and you finally came out with the whole truth. You needed a REAL friend to talk to because you are having trouble in paradise.

I knew it.

I already told you and told myself that whatever feelings that I had for you, I don't want it to come back and I won't allowed it to come back. We can be friends, and it ends there, FRIENDS.

So, friend, lets not hurt each other like how we did before.

We are each others' past and let it be.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Worth the wait.

I didn't expected this at all. I was so tired and sleepy that even when I heard a blasting honking postman outside, I couldn't be bothered. Thank God my housemate got down and attended to the postman.

The package was for me.

It was wrapped and packed in so many layers that I almost gave up opening it. But once I saw what was inside, I was all smiles.... if only I could picture my expression.

Thanks so much tay-wo-wais!

Friday, November 5, 2010

To the bank!

Mamak told me the story of her and Amal looking for the local bank when they arrived in Vienna in the early days. With no knowledge of the German language, they marched to the streets and start looking for a bank to start their lives in Vienna.

Mamak being a very confident woman, started seeing the sign that reads "EINBAHN". She knows for sure that that sounds like it is pointing to the bank. So, with Amal in tow, they followed the sign. And kept on following, and following and following.....

But after 30 minutes of walking, there are no banks in sight.

No wonder.

"EINBAHN" means "ONE WAY".

My Mamak is very the clever.

Fitness Second (Only in Istanbul)

Being ardent gym-goers, Yayah and I decided to take a look at the gym that was in the Azuyade Hotel that we stayed in while we were in Istanbul. We know for sure that we will be piling up on the food, especially me as I love the rustic taste of the food here. From kebabs to turkish coffees to sweet delicacies, I downed them all without minding the calorie count.

But after seeing the gym, I was worried as the equipments look like they were from 1948 and I guess if I were to take a run on the threadmill, I am pretty sure I'll break it in the first 5 mins.

So, in the end, I still ate like there was no tomorrow but killed the calories with 10,000 steps on heels, up hill!

You caught me by surprise

I was all wrong about the riddle that I was supposed to solve. I did put in my list Paris or Italy, but I never mentioned Istanbul, the one place that I really wanted to go since early this year.

I wanted to go there because of the rustic feel of the place. The history, the cheap stuffs that you can get (we got this wrong actually as most of the stuffs are expensive as we stayed in a tourist area), the lovely variety of food (but of course no place beats Malaysia for this), the hot guys (some of them), and of course the view of the sea.

It was a short-lived trip but it was all worth it. We had a great time and I survived the whole trip wearing 4-inch heels! Half of the time, I had to walk with only my socks on because my feet were killing me as the alleys there are made of uneven bricks. Although my feet hurts, I keep on forgetting about it as I was too buzy enjoying the wonderful trip.

Thanks Mamak and Shadi for the lovely trip and thanks to my lovely sisters for putting up with my crazies :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The riddle

For weeks I was given a riddle to solve:

-Something that I have been asking for
-It is a surprise
-I will definitely love it

And I think I solved it already. So Paris, here we come!!

(To be confirmed if my answer was right or not only on this Friday)

Facebook for kids and things

So lately I heard about the CNN newscaster who actually created a facebook account for her 1 year old child because she fears that the social network will be too congested when her child is elgal enough to make its own facebook account. I thought that was fairly absurd and also very stupid, as what does the child know about social networking?

And I thought that this kind of extravagance will only happen in the Hollywood and celebs world, not knowing that everyday people are also doing it: creating a facebook account for their children who are not at the legal age of owning an account.

Personally, I have no idea why do they do this? Are they too free? Do they want to expose their children so much? Are they bored with their social network that they want to get attention from their childrens' social networking? What is it that goes through their lonesome mind?

You know, since I have no children on my own, I, as a trend observer, would like to hop into the band wagon and start a facebook account for something near and dear to me: I want to start an account for my inanimate objects such as my BB, my netbook, etc....

I am pretty sure people will follow this cool trend of mine.

That is how jobless I can get.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The bus stand

As I was waiting at the bus stand for our ride home, I saw this young lady, all clad in fall clothing and holding a McD's take away drink. She looks unstable. Clearly she is high on something. But in her condition, she still managed to light up a cigarette and balanced herself on her toes while she squatted on the ground, because there were no seats for her.

After an elderly lady left, the young lady managed to pull herself up and sat on the bench, right beside someone. She positioned herself well that it almost looked like an editorial shot for a fashion magazine....

This was the other person beside her that suddenly covered her body up with her scarf and started making squawking sounds like a raven (did she mistaken herself as That's So Raven? hahahha), with the intention of scaring the high young lady.

It was a funny sight as the young lady didn't even bat an eyelid to the person next to her.


Malaysia ku....

Found this sign in the heart of Vienna.

And MAS was supposed to be internationally known for it's quality? Awww.... come on! Can someone explain this to me??

Monday, October 18, 2010

I had the BEST day of my life. No one can beat it. Seriously

I woke up today at 0550h, thinking that there was class at 0630h. i got the message and the class was cancelled. fine, back to bed. But when I woke up, I realized that I was sleeping underneath my mattress instead of on top of it. Wow, I must be that tired.

The day went on. I had to send my car to the foreman because it couldn't start. When it did start, it died immediately after a few kilometres. 3 times the foremen had to come to fix the car and they finally found the REAL problem. Now my car is in the workshop.

When I was waiting by the roadside for the foremen to fix my car, I left my file on top of his car. Didn't know that the wind was strong enough to blow away my file and the papers inside it. I managed to rescue all of the papers except for one: the most important one, my class' ORIGINAL attendance.

Then in the heat of the day, I tried to tie my hair up with my birthday present that was given to me by my classmate. While I was trying to do that, it broke. Great. Just great.

I had a call from a guy with double pangkat saying that I MUST be there for the meeting. But I told him that I can't make it due to some problems. But he claimed that it was an ORDER. I tried to explain to him in my nicest way that I can't meet him and he said that I was doing things all up to my convenience. He really does not know how much I tried to be responsible in my professional life and also in my personal life. He thinks that I am lying on my back all the time doing nothing? Well, everyone can go ahead and believe that. I have no comments.

And I have continuos assessment tomorrow.

Anyone had a better day than mine?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Caught in the middle

There are countless times when I get caught in the middle between this side of the story and that side of the story. Let me tell you that it ain't easy to please both sides when you are caught in the middle.

You will hear stories from both sides. Sometimes, you tend to be siding one party form the other. But when you sit and analyze, you finally realize that they is always one party better than the other.

When in the middle, you are bound to keep secrets. They tell you everything that you don't even want to know in the first place. But a wise woman once told me that: "information in power. Do not offer any unless asked". So right now, with all the informations that I have on so many parties, does that make me a powerful person? Does that make me more advantageous that I could manipulate the situation to make me the winner in the whole story?

I don't think so because I am not like that.

Yes, I am almost like a sponge, I absorb all the stories and keep it in me for sometime, and then, it just evaporates into thin air. Why would I tell on you? I wasn't brought up that way.

This morning, I was put on the ultimate test of being caught in the middle. I don't want one party to hate me for going to the other party. But I am doing that because I want to make myself happy. I mean, come on, if I try too much to please everyone else, then, what about me, myself, and I?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I can see BUBBLES!

See how happy my face is? I LOVE bubble tea. I really do. The best bubble tea that I have tasted is in Penang. Last time, when I had to travel there frequently, I must make sure that I have my bubble tea fix in Komtar Mall. But now that I don't need to travel there that often, it is kinda hard for me to get my fix.

I have been in Alor Setar for almost a year now. But last wednesday, Saras accidentally made my dream come true. We went to Sentosa Mall to get her phone fixed. And there, tucked in a little corner was a shoplot that sells tidbits and yes, BUBBLE TEA WITH PEARLS!!!!

OMG... was I excited.

Best part is, it is only rm2.80. No need to go to Penang anymore now that my life is complete here.... ^_^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plastic surgery

Can you see the results or do I still look the same?

*Elianto Aloe Vera mask.

I don't need to be skinny to buy a skinny pair of pants.....

..... or maybe I do? hmmmmm.....

I saw this pants yesterday while window shopping. I thought I kinda like it. What do you think? Do you think I can pull it off?

Then I saw this pair of aviators. I've tried aviators before, many times, but I never looked good in them. But somehow, this kinda fits my look, don't you think?

Need some feedbacks, STAT!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Almost blacked out

Today is the last day of my Syawal month fating. I was determined to do it because it is almost the end of Syawal and I have yet to complete my 6 days. At the same time, today is the first ever day after Ramadhan that it doesn't rain on Monday evenings, which means, the aerobics session that I regularly go to, is definitely on.

At first I was abit reluctant to go as I am afraid that I might overwork myself during the session (as I am well known to give it my all during the sessions), but then again, I used to go jogging in the evenings in the month of Ramadhan, so I guess this wouldn't make a difference.

Initially, I started the session with slow steps, not increasing my intensity. But I can't control myself, it is just natural that i increase my intensity as the session goes on further. I was ok even after the cardio part of the session. I was ok during the dance part. But it was the muscle conditioning part that challenged me the most.

I almost fainted.

I was doing all kind of stretches and pumps, holding my muscles in strained positions to get the right workout. Towards the last 5 mins of the session, my head started to hurt due to the hypoglycaemia. My vision started to blur and darkened. I knew what was going to happen next. I staggered my way to the corner and sat down with my head down to get whatever remaining sugar in my body, to my brain.

I used to get this hypoglycaemic episodes when I was on meds for my obesity when I was 12 years old. But I stopped the meds because it was really dangerous.

Thank God I knew the signs that I might faint. Or else, I would be in A & E right now....

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take a look inside of me

I honestly and truly hope that none of you will ever have to go through a colonoscope. It is the most torturing 10-15mins of your life. An endoscope is almost the same thing too.

I had to go through my second scope today, endo and colono. Even before the scope starts, the torture starts already: bowel prep. This is so that the bowels are clear and empty so that it can be viewed thoroughly. A 90ml bottle of FLEET will be given and a strict program of bowel prep have to be followed: absolute liquid diet (no dairy products or creamer) the whole day prior. I can still withstand all that. But what I can't stand is the taste of FLEET. It makes me gag and it gives me headache. The taste will stay in my mouth even when I wake up in the morning, despite drinking alot of plain water and brushing my teeth. Seriously, the taste is THAT bad.

Then come the scope part. Yes, they do give me some sedatives (domicum) but it just makes me drowsy. No matter what, having a scope done on you is painful. Endoscope makes me gag like mad and my throat hurts like hell. Colonoscope was the worst. I don't remember the scope going into me as I was already out at that time. But when they start pushing it further into my bowel and introducing gas to dilate my bowel, I was fighting it. I tried to pull the scope out of me until 3 people had to hold me down. At one point, because the scope can't get through, the medical assistant had to press my abdomen, more intense pain. I was basically crying for them to take the scope out because I can't stand it. I think I passed out again because I was too tired fighting against the pain.

There were some findings from the scope. So far, nothing exact is confirmed yet. Waiting for my histopathological results in a month's time.

Please, I hope I don't need for any more scope.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am watching you....

I totally get it that fashion is a statement of individuality. To each, his own. Or whatever that means.

But what I don't get is, this.

When I saw this gentleman in the Klinik Kesihatan the other day, I wonder to myself: 'Is this a fashion statement (HIS fashion statement), or does this gentleman suffer from cerebellar lesions?'

Why do I say that this gentleman might suffer from cerebellar lesions? This is because, in cerebellar lesions, there is a sign that we call 'past pointing'. This means that the patient cannot poiont to the target without wobbling his way through. Similarly, past pointing in this gentleman, he wanted to put his sunnies, perched on his head, but instead, he passed the targeted point (i.e. top of his head) and went all the way to the back of his head. Like as if he doesn't know where the top of his head is.


What an irony

As I was getting out of my car in the parking lot near the staffs' quarters, I saw this discarded box right beside my door. I looked at it carefully and I can't believe my eyes. It is actually a box of candies that look like tooth brush and toothpaste.

But, don't candies cause caries in the first place, if the child does not clean his teeth regularly?

And also, say someone says that "Oh this will then eventually make the child want to use the REAL toothpaste and tooth brush more often", but too much consumption of sugary food will eventually cause obesity that leads to diabetes.

My question is, in what way does this box of candies benefit?

Monday, September 27, 2010

I don't want to be a vegetarian

why? because they have the weirdest menu on earth!

BITTER GROUP? OMG, if you were amongst the unlucky ones to be a member of bitter group, you'll be eaten by vegetarians. So, in essence, vegetarians are cannibals??

What on God's green earth is CUTTERFISHY? something that will cut your throat while you try to eat it? really, something FISHY is going on here. No pun intended.

I did not know that sharks have lips that are so botoxed that they can eaten? From what i know, sharks have no lips at all. they only have mouths. My question is: whose lips are we eating?