Sunday, October 24, 2010

The bus stand

As I was waiting at the bus stand for our ride home, I saw this young lady, all clad in fall clothing and holding a McD's take away drink. She looks unstable. Clearly she is high on something. But in her condition, she still managed to light up a cigarette and balanced herself on her toes while she squatted on the ground, because there were no seats for her.

After an elderly lady left, the young lady managed to pull herself up and sat on the bench, right beside someone. She positioned herself well that it almost looked like an editorial shot for a fashion magazine....

This was the other person beside her that suddenly covered her body up with her scarf and started making squawking sounds like a raven (did she mistaken herself as That's So Raven? hahahha), with the intention of scaring the high young lady.

It was a funny sight as the young lady didn't even bat an eyelid to the person next to her.


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