Friday, October 15, 2010

Caught in the middle

There are countless times when I get caught in the middle between this side of the story and that side of the story. Let me tell you that it ain't easy to please both sides when you are caught in the middle.

You will hear stories from both sides. Sometimes, you tend to be siding one party form the other. But when you sit and analyze, you finally realize that they is always one party better than the other.

When in the middle, you are bound to keep secrets. They tell you everything that you don't even want to know in the first place. But a wise woman once told me that: "information in power. Do not offer any unless asked". So right now, with all the informations that I have on so many parties, does that make me a powerful person? Does that make me more advantageous that I could manipulate the situation to make me the winner in the whole story?

I don't think so because I am not like that.

Yes, I am almost like a sponge, I absorb all the stories and keep it in me for sometime, and then, it just evaporates into thin air. Why would I tell on you? I wasn't brought up that way.

This morning, I was put on the ultimate test of being caught in the middle. I don't want one party to hate me for going to the other party. But I am doing that because I want to make myself happy. I mean, come on, if I try too much to please everyone else, then, what about me, myself, and I?

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