Monday, October 4, 2010

Almost blacked out

Today is the last day of my Syawal month fating. I was determined to do it because it is almost the end of Syawal and I have yet to complete my 6 days. At the same time, today is the first ever day after Ramadhan that it doesn't rain on Monday evenings, which means, the aerobics session that I regularly go to, is definitely on.

At first I was abit reluctant to go as I am afraid that I might overwork myself during the session (as I am well known to give it my all during the sessions), but then again, I used to go jogging in the evenings in the month of Ramadhan, so I guess this wouldn't make a difference.

Initially, I started the session with slow steps, not increasing my intensity. But I can't control myself, it is just natural that i increase my intensity as the session goes on further. I was ok even after the cardio part of the session. I was ok during the dance part. But it was the muscle conditioning part that challenged me the most.

I almost fainted.

I was doing all kind of stretches and pumps, holding my muscles in strained positions to get the right workout. Towards the last 5 mins of the session, my head started to hurt due to the hypoglycaemia. My vision started to blur and darkened. I knew what was going to happen next. I staggered my way to the corner and sat down with my head down to get whatever remaining sugar in my body, to my brain.

I used to get this hypoglycaemic episodes when I was on meds for my obesity when I was 12 years old. But I stopped the meds because it was really dangerous.

Thank God I knew the signs that I might faint. Or else, I would be in A & E right now....

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