Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take a look inside of me

I honestly and truly hope that none of you will ever have to go through a colonoscope. It is the most torturing 10-15mins of your life. An endoscope is almost the same thing too.

I had to go through my second scope today, endo and colono. Even before the scope starts, the torture starts already: bowel prep. This is so that the bowels are clear and empty so that it can be viewed thoroughly. A 90ml bottle of FLEET will be given and a strict program of bowel prep have to be followed: absolute liquid diet (no dairy products or creamer) the whole day prior. I can still withstand all that. But what I can't stand is the taste of FLEET. It makes me gag and it gives me headache. The taste will stay in my mouth even when I wake up in the morning, despite drinking alot of plain water and brushing my teeth. Seriously, the taste is THAT bad.

Then come the scope part. Yes, they do give me some sedatives (domicum) but it just makes me drowsy. No matter what, having a scope done on you is painful. Endoscope makes me gag like mad and my throat hurts like hell. Colonoscope was the worst. I don't remember the scope going into me as I was already out at that time. But when they start pushing it further into my bowel and introducing gas to dilate my bowel, I was fighting it. I tried to pull the scope out of me until 3 people had to hold me down. At one point, because the scope can't get through, the medical assistant had to press my abdomen, more intense pain. I was basically crying for them to take the scope out because I can't stand it. I think I passed out again because I was too tired fighting against the pain.

There were some findings from the scope. So far, nothing exact is confirmed yet. Waiting for my histopathological results in a month's time.

Please, I hope I don't need for any more scope.

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