Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am watching you....

I totally get it that fashion is a statement of individuality. To each, his own. Or whatever that means.

But what I don't get is, this.

When I saw this gentleman in the Klinik Kesihatan the other day, I wonder to myself: 'Is this a fashion statement (HIS fashion statement), or does this gentleman suffer from cerebellar lesions?'

Why do I say that this gentleman might suffer from cerebellar lesions? This is because, in cerebellar lesions, there is a sign that we call 'past pointing'. This means that the patient cannot poiont to the target without wobbling his way through. Similarly, past pointing in this gentleman, he wanted to put his sunnies, perched on his head, but instead, he passed the targeted point (i.e. top of his head) and went all the way to the back of his head. Like as if he doesn't know where the top of his head is.


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