Thursday, December 29, 2011

The difference

I'm towards the end of my current posting now and oh yeah, it changed my views on Medicine, like seriously.

I used to be afraid and worried that I won't perform well in Medical posting as I am really not a medical person. I am a more hands-on person, more surgical. More, what is there, is there. Not a person that loves to solve puzzles, like the scenarios that usually occurs in medical departments.

But a whole lot of my views changed throughout this almost 4 months that I am here. Honestly, I am beginning to like medicine. Like yeah, seriously.

One of the many reasons that I like medicine is because of the bosses. Yeah, the bosses here are kinda cool and acceptable. What I meant by acceptable is that they (most of them, at least) really do appreciate your opinions and the things that you do. In fact, they love to hear your input so that they can teach you more if you are less knowledgeable in that field.

The bosses treat you like friends, that's nice. Really, it just boosts your confidence in so many ways possible. And yeah, no matter how friendly they are, you just know that they are still your boss, and you respect them, nevertheless.

The other thing in medicine that I like most is that you are allowed to be really hands on. Like for reals, I thought that surgical was procedures, procedures, and procedures, which is true by the way. But most of the procedures are done by the bosses and as a HO, you can't do much but assist. And only that, assist. But in medical, you are allowed to give it a try, of course under the supervision of the bosses. And yeah, once again, that pushes your confidence to a whole new level.

Well, I don't know. I still have a few more days left before I end this post, God willing.

Seriously, I am kinda missing it already.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Puteri Diyana

Puteri Diyana, nama mu indah sekali. Sering disebut-sebut teruna yang ingin menjadikan diri mu milik mereka. Suara mu bang buluh perindu, di mimpi-mimpi. Cerah gebu kulit mu, bagai sang puteri rembulan yang menghiasi bumi. Mata mu menambat jiwa yang menenungmu.

Bertudung litup, kamu ayu dipandang. Gerak geri mu lemah longlai walau kamu dalam kesibukan kerja. Kamu masih tetap mampu mengekalkan sifat kewanitaan kamu itu. Kamu menjadi idaman sang teruna dan menjadi contoh si dara.

Tapi bukan aku. Maaf Puteri Diyana,aku tak ingin langsung menjadi seperti kamu.


Kerana hati mu. Hati mu begitu hitam Puteri Diyana. Kamu tidak malu mengata benda yang kamu sendiri tidak tahu, tidak mengenali. Kamu mengata pasal aku. Tapi Allah itu Maha Adil dan Saksama. Kamu telah memberitahu kawan kamu tentang aku. Tetapi kamu tidak tahu bahawa kawan kamu itu, adalah kawan ku jua.

Kamu kata aku sombong? Kerana aku tidak menegur kamu sewaktu kamu baru masuk ke department itu sebagai seorang first poster. Puteri Diyana, aku tak semestinya perlu tegur semua orang. Itu bukan tugas aku. Tugas aku adalah menyelamatkan pesakit, bukan menegur kamu. Tapi aku tak salahkan kamu kerana memang ramai yang kata aku sombong. Kemudian, mereka mengaku bersalah dan meminta maaf kepada aku kerana apa yang mereka sangka, jauh berbeza dari diri ku yang sebenarnya.

Kamu kata aku malas. Puteri Diyana, aku tak pernah sama ward dengan kamu. Bagaimana kamu tahu aku malas? Tidak mengapa. Kamu sendiri pandai menilai. Jika aku malas, dalam mata mu, malaslah jadinya. Tapi aku cuma mahu kamu tahu bahawa, jikalau betul aku malas, mengapa boss2 dari department lain, amat percaya pada aku jika aku sendiri beritahu mereka bahawa aku akan attend patient dahulu atau buat procedure itu dahulu, tanpa perlu mereka datang. Kerana Puteri Diyana, mereka percaya pada aku. Kerana aku telah banyak melakukan procedures and attend to patients STAT. Malah, apa plan aku untuk patients sekarang, boss continue sahaja, tanda setuju.

Aku kesian pada kamu Puteri Diyana.

Amat kasihan pada kamu.

Friday, December 9, 2011

HO survival kit: There is no such thing as freedom of speech.

I believe that your own page/blog space is your own private territory. You are allowed to express anything that your heart feels. Things that you can't say outside the world wide web, as if you were to say those things out there, they will penalize you for sharing what you think.

Truth be told, there are people who likes to read your blog. Problem is, these people aren't happy that you are expressing your feelings here. Trouble will be on the way to find you once you say something bad (although it is the hardcore truth) about them. Aren't we supposed to be open to comments and make ourselves better based on the comments thrown to us?

Weird, once you are here, your voice and opinions are trapped. If you are daring enough, it is off with your head!

Sometimes, I hope there are more people like Tun M. He thinks far.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My second job

Wanna take a guess?

Apple pie my way. No recipes required.

Just core them apples and put them in the pan, +margarine, +cinnamon stix, +brown sugar. Cook.

Made from plain flour, margarine, H20. Made with L.O.V.E

Meantime, check on them apples. Eemmm.... smells fantabulous!

Put the baby to sleep for 30mins. But you have to stay awake. Lullaby not needed.

The first try: tastes great, looks wrong.

The second coming: P.E.R.F.E.C.T

I love things that come in packages (be it big or small)

I know this is long overdue to post this on the blog huhuhuh....

I almost wanted to count how many cats are in this card and categorize them as well X_x

Shadi, gimme pictures that you promised :P

Purely happy :)

Caught me off guard.

Owh yes, that is Papa Vellu !!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. Love Bite

I was on call the other day and of course being in the new department almost all the patients are eventful. It was considered a rather good call as in not many patients were were admitted during one time. They were spread out throughout the day.

But one particular patient, he was obviously very eventful. He apparently became desaturated twice in the same day about 3 hours apart. The first time, I was assisted by the MO on call and the patient revived, so all of us went away happy.

The second time however, the patient desaturated again and I was attending to him first. I ordered the staff nurses to call the MO that was on call with me. The MO on call was already in the ward at that time. Lets name the MO on call, Love Bite (LB). LB came and I was presenting the case to LB while at the same time trying to revive the patient. I guess LB wasn't listening to me as LB tried LB'e lever best to repeat each sentenced I said to LB, but most of the time, the sentences were wrong.

LB didn't even touch the patient. All LB did was ordered things and went away while the patient wasn't revived yet. Then LB came and rudely told me that I need to document all this, weird part is, LB didn't even touch the patient. So who was the one that was actually trying to help the patient?

With LB's neck at that time, full of fresh love bites, LB tried to cover the marks. But it was so obvious that as if LB was trying hard enough to show them off. And then LB just walked away, with the patient still not revived.

So, I did it all on my own with the help of the staff nurses. Even they were wondering how could the MO do that? Just leave and let go? When asked to help call the MO from other concurrent teams to help, LB didn't even want to do that. LB asked me to do it, while I was actually trying to revive the patient. Can you imagine?

So I called the other team's MO and told the MO what is going on. All the MO could do was asked me: "If I come down to see the patient, what do you want me to do?". Like, for reals? You are the MO, you should know better.

Finally, the patient revived, I was the one who did it with my staff nurses. The staff nurse even said: "Doc, I think you should be a junior MO. And show those other MOs that you are better than them."


As you go higher, your attitude deteriorates.

Insya'Allah, I will never do that.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My belated birthday diary

Woke up with a positive attitude although I was supposed to be assigned to a new department. That was my birthday present, to start my second posting :).

The rain greeted my day :)

Still very happy to get to the hospital (really?)

Wearing my killer platforms that I bought with Yayah on my trip back to KL. It hurts balls, but hey, I am a fashion slave.

My birthday breakfast: Yes, TEMPE!! I am jawa, so what?

Birthday friend: Pijoy.... always working (like mad)

Prolonging my stay in surgical department (Yes, I miss surgery)

Blogging on my birthday (sempat tu...)

Getting a surprise birthday cake and a sing-along no less :). Thanks so much.

My birthday snack: I was dead hungry by 5pm. My last meal was at 8am X_x

Papparazi shot: Told you, I am a celebrity :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

KL full throttle : Day 2 -tengok-

Tengok camera: SENYUM!!! ngeeeee.....

Tengok Lontong: MAKAN!!! nom... nom...nom.... Mamak sila jangan jealous :p

Tengok kueh: BELI!!!! mahal ok, 40sen sebiji.

Tengok muka Yayah excited kali pertama naik monorail.

Tengok pencak silat kat Berjaya Times Square.

Tengok Johnny English Reborn: gelak.... gelak.... gelak....

Tengok je, tak naik pun....

Tengok sizzling... LAPAR!!!

Tengok wan tan mee.... manis nyer....

Tengok dance battle. Sedih siott.... X_x

Tengok Ah Beng ni, syok sorang2

Tengok Yayah, bahagia dapat ice cream.

Tengok muka2 tersepit dalam LRT sardine.

Tengok sushi.... Oishi!!!! *burp*

Friday, September 16, 2011

KL full throttle : Day 1

When it has been ages since I went back to KL, this is what happens.... Making the most out of my stay :)

Watching a performance at One Utama was one of the last things that we did today

Trying out the new Food Republic food at One Utama, for lunch. Overpriced items. But the taste was good though.

Taking a nap in the ride back from KL to PJ. Crossing cities.

On the way to Masjid India area to look for some specific items.

Joining the road hog early in the morning in collaboration with Hari Malaysia.

HO survival kit: Konichiwa, Arigato, Sayonara

4 months has passed in my life as a HO. I have gone through many things in my first posting. Some of them happy memories, some of them I just let pass as another bad memory that should be forgotten.

I have pushed against the wall many times, and yet, as a first poster, I still survived. I never gave up when I can't meet up to their demands and expectations. I never felt that I could take all the unpleasant things that they say to me. It's ok. I take those harsh words and I turn them around to make something positive out of them.

I came into the department as a person that knew very little of that particular discipline. Now I move out, I am certain that I am able to manage cases as the first person to see the patient. I can manage the first steps before handing the patient over to the hands of the experts. I am certain of that now.

All I want to say to those who have given me all the challenges, thank you so much. Thank you for giving me hell. Because I know, that I work best under pressure.

I'll be back, after 2 years.....