Thursday, December 29, 2011

The difference

I'm towards the end of my current posting now and oh yeah, it changed my views on Medicine, like seriously.

I used to be afraid and worried that I won't perform well in Medical posting as I am really not a medical person. I am a more hands-on person, more surgical. More, what is there, is there. Not a person that loves to solve puzzles, like the scenarios that usually occurs in medical departments.

But a whole lot of my views changed throughout this almost 4 months that I am here. Honestly, I am beginning to like medicine. Like yeah, seriously.

One of the many reasons that I like medicine is because of the bosses. Yeah, the bosses here are kinda cool and acceptable. What I meant by acceptable is that they (most of them, at least) really do appreciate your opinions and the things that you do. In fact, they love to hear your input so that they can teach you more if you are less knowledgeable in that field.

The bosses treat you like friends, that's nice. Really, it just boosts your confidence in so many ways possible. And yeah, no matter how friendly they are, you just know that they are still your boss, and you respect them, nevertheless.

The other thing in medicine that I like most is that you are allowed to be really hands on. Like for reals, I thought that surgical was procedures, procedures, and procedures, which is true by the way. But most of the procedures are done by the bosses and as a HO, you can't do much but assist. And only that, assist. But in medical, you are allowed to give it a try, of course under the supervision of the bosses. And yeah, once again, that pushes your confidence to a whole new level.

Well, I don't know. I still have a few more days left before I end this post, God willing.

Seriously, I am kinda missing it already.


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