Friday, December 9, 2011

HO survival kit: There is no such thing as freedom of speech.

I believe that your own page/blog space is your own private territory. You are allowed to express anything that your heart feels. Things that you can't say outside the world wide web, as if you were to say those things out there, they will penalize you for sharing what you think.

Truth be told, there are people who likes to read your blog. Problem is, these people aren't happy that you are expressing your feelings here. Trouble will be on the way to find you once you say something bad (although it is the hardcore truth) about them. Aren't we supposed to be open to comments and make ourselves better based on the comments thrown to us?

Weird, once you are here, your voice and opinions are trapped. If you are daring enough, it is off with your head!

Sometimes, I hope there are more people like Tun M. He thinks far.

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kekasih misteri. said...

tidak mengapa. sedangkan semua yang kita buat di dunia realiti pasti ada yang tidak suka.

jadinya, di dunia virtual pun begitu kerana mereka juga bebas(malah lebih bebas kerana mereka tidak perlu takut kerana tiada siapa mengenali mereka)mengkritik/menghina.

persetankan saja walaupun kita tahu kita mempunya perasaan untuk dijaga.