Monday, September 19, 2011

KL full throttle : Day 2 -tengok-

Tengok camera: SENYUM!!! ngeeeee.....

Tengok Lontong: MAKAN!!! nom... nom...nom.... Mamak sila jangan jealous :p

Tengok kueh: BELI!!!! mahal ok, 40sen sebiji.

Tengok muka Yayah excited kali pertama naik monorail.

Tengok pencak silat kat Berjaya Times Square.

Tengok Johnny English Reborn: gelak.... gelak.... gelak....

Tengok je, tak naik pun....

Tengok sizzling... LAPAR!!!

Tengok wan tan mee.... manis nyer....

Tengok dance battle. Sedih siott.... X_x

Tengok Ah Beng ni, syok sorang2

Tengok Yayah, bahagia dapat ice cream.

Tengok muka2 tersepit dalam LRT sardine.

Tengok sushi.... Oishi!!!! *burp*

Friday, September 16, 2011

KL full throttle : Day 1

When it has been ages since I went back to KL, this is what happens.... Making the most out of my stay :)

Watching a performance at One Utama was one of the last things that we did today

Trying out the new Food Republic food at One Utama, for lunch. Overpriced items. But the taste was good though.

Taking a nap in the ride back from KL to PJ. Crossing cities.

On the way to Masjid India area to look for some specific items.

Joining the road hog early in the morning in collaboration with Hari Malaysia.

HO survival kit: Konichiwa, Arigato, Sayonara

4 months has passed in my life as a HO. I have gone through many things in my first posting. Some of them happy memories, some of them I just let pass as another bad memory that should be forgotten.

I have pushed against the wall many times, and yet, as a first poster, I still survived. I never gave up when I can't meet up to their demands and expectations. I never felt that I could take all the unpleasant things that they say to me. It's ok. I take those harsh words and I turn them around to make something positive out of them.

I came into the department as a person that knew very little of that particular discipline. Now I move out, I am certain that I am able to manage cases as the first person to see the patient. I can manage the first steps before handing the patient over to the hands of the experts. I am certain of that now.

All I want to say to those who have given me all the challenges, thank you so much. Thank you for giving me hell. Because I know, that I work best under pressure.

I'll be back, after 2 years.....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smoking kills you and I

Kudos to who actually came up with this idea to make this public service announcement. IT speaks for itself. In 3 minutes, it shows all the impacts of smoking to you and I.

Just quit it.