Friday, September 16, 2011

HO survival kit: Konichiwa, Arigato, Sayonara

4 months has passed in my life as a HO. I have gone through many things in my first posting. Some of them happy memories, some of them I just let pass as another bad memory that should be forgotten.

I have pushed against the wall many times, and yet, as a first poster, I still survived. I never gave up when I can't meet up to their demands and expectations. I never felt that I could take all the unpleasant things that they say to me. It's ok. I take those harsh words and I turn them around to make something positive out of them.

I came into the department as a person that knew very little of that particular discipline. Now I move out, I am certain that I am able to manage cases as the first person to see the patient. I can manage the first steps before handing the patient over to the hands of the experts. I am certain of that now.

All I want to say to those who have given me all the challenges, thank you so much. Thank you for giving me hell. Because I know, that I work best under pressure.

I'll be back, after 2 years.....

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