Saturday, April 30, 2011

From brother with love

Thank you so much kakanda cik ropi for this graduation present. I was so happy to finally have redSeptember in my hands :)

nak minum starbucks?


Hush little darling, don't you cry

I was on the working floor when I received a call from Qatar airways to remind me to not forget that I am picking you up tomorrow. I was more than ecstatic. I told them, of course I won't forget, I have been waiting for her arrival since 3 weeks ago.....

I got myself ready, I bought the ingredients to make your favorite dish that only I can cook for you. I went to the grocers twice because I had not enough time as I am tied with work. But I do not mind because I want to prepare the best for you while we spend that short amount of time together.

When I finally got home and was just having a rest before I start preparing for your arrival, I had a call from Mamak. Immediately I knew, my sisterly instinct shouted at the back of my head: "something's gone wrong!"

After finally learning the whole situation, I realized that I am not going to see you anytime soon. Maybe a little later, but I don't mind waiting. I was so dead worried after getting all the information of the whole situation. I was worried that this is the first time you encounter such situation.

I know that you are still a little baby in everyone's eyes and I also do know that there is always the first time for everything from where you should learn. I understand that you are traumatized by the whole situation. But Allah will not give us any situation that we cannot get through. Thank Allah that you are ok, just a little shaken.

Hush little darling, no matter where you are, don't you cry. We are all here for you no matter how distant we are. We will give the best for you so that you will be safe, insya'Allah. But please promise that you will too give the best to yourself, do not doubt yourself that you can go through these situations as a strong Princess.

There is always me here for you.....

Waiting to see you soon :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I, too, am Malay

Dear Miss Haliza Misbun,
Thank you for your call today. It really opened my eyes to who you really are. In life, I was thought that, to be respected, I should earn it. Therefore I am sure that that applies to everyone else in this world, including you, no less.

Your first words when you called in today, you said, "Hi, I am Haliza Misbun". Why must you mention yourself like that. It is as if you were trying to tell me that you were a huge diva that I should know. I was excited at first, no doubt, but as soon as you started using all that vulgarities against me, demanded an explanation, and then said that "I don't want to hear your f**king excuses", I was by then, flabbergasted.

Most of your words over the phone consisted of the F word. I was beginning to think, hmmm.... maybe your vocabulary is not as vast, therefore you resulted to using vulgarities.

You see Miss Haliza Misbun, I do not know that you have dealt earlier with other people here, I didn't know that you were waiting for people to call you, and of course, I didn't know that you were that rude. But I kept my calm and said that I would try my level best to solve this matter for you since you sounded rather impatient.

Yes, Miss Haliza Misbun, I am not as famous as you, not as experienced as you, but what I am is Miss Haliza Misbun, I am so much better than you. Not once in our conversation did I raise my voice or became sarcastic towards you because my mother has thought me better than that.

Yes, you are the customer and customer is always right. But it does not give you the rights to disrespect another human being.

Miss Haliza Misbun, please do not think that you are better than me because though I am temporarily there to pass time, I hold a better certification than you, I have a more respectable life than you, and best of all, I know not to be rude to anyone who does not deserve it.

With this, I shall reuse your parting notes to me today: "You have a good day."

Please, I, too am Malay. Do not let others think that we are rude. Because we aren't. We have adat.