Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. Love Bite

I was on call the other day and of course being in the new department almost all the patients are eventful. It was considered a rather good call as in not many patients were were admitted during one time. They were spread out throughout the day.

But one particular patient, he was obviously very eventful. He apparently became desaturated twice in the same day about 3 hours apart. The first time, I was assisted by the MO on call and the patient revived, so all of us went away happy.

The second time however, the patient desaturated again and I was attending to him first. I ordered the staff nurses to call the MO that was on call with me. The MO on call was already in the ward at that time. Lets name the MO on call, Love Bite (LB). LB came and I was presenting the case to LB while at the same time trying to revive the patient. I guess LB wasn't listening to me as LB tried LB'e lever best to repeat each sentenced I said to LB, but most of the time, the sentences were wrong.

LB didn't even touch the patient. All LB did was ordered things and went away while the patient wasn't revived yet. Then LB came and rudely told me that I need to document all this, weird part is, LB didn't even touch the patient. So who was the one that was actually trying to help the patient?

With LB's neck at that time, full of fresh love bites, LB tried to cover the marks. But it was so obvious that as if LB was trying hard enough to show them off. And then LB just walked away, with the patient still not revived.

So, I did it all on my own with the help of the staff nurses. Even they were wondering how could the MO do that? Just leave and let go? When asked to help call the MO from other concurrent teams to help, LB didn't even want to do that. LB asked me to do it, while I was actually trying to revive the patient. Can you imagine?

So I called the other team's MO and told the MO what is going on. All the MO could do was asked me: "If I come down to see the patient, what do you want me to do?". Like, for reals? You are the MO, you should know better.

Finally, the patient revived, I was the one who did it with my staff nurses. The staff nurse even said: "Doc, I think you should be a junior MO. And show those other MOs that you are better than them."


As you go higher, your attitude deteriorates.

Insya'Allah, I will never do that.

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