Sunday, October 9, 2011

My belated birthday diary

Woke up with a positive attitude although I was supposed to be assigned to a new department. That was my birthday present, to start my second posting :).

The rain greeted my day :)

Still very happy to get to the hospital (really?)

Wearing my killer platforms that I bought with Yayah on my trip back to KL. It hurts balls, but hey, I am a fashion slave.

My birthday breakfast: Yes, TEMPE!! I am jawa, so what?

Birthday friend: Pijoy.... always working (like mad)

Prolonging my stay in surgical department (Yes, I miss surgery)

Blogging on my birthday (sempat tu...)

Getting a surprise birthday cake and a sing-along no less :). Thanks so much.

My birthday snack: I was dead hungry by 5pm. My last meal was at 8am X_x

Papparazi shot: Told you, I am a celebrity :)


djambu said...

hopefuly it wont rain on ur weddg day also. Happy grad day too!

hasni said...

hepi belated besday red
lama da x menjenguk kesini
dah jadi dr ya!

peminat rahsia awak said...

oh man awak sgt comel terutama gambar yang no. 7 itu.